Monday, June 21, 2010

Hola de Tucuman‏

Well hello from good old Argentina.

Well things are going good down here. The work is going good and we are having some progress with some of the investigators. This week was actually tougher than the others. We didnt find a lot of new investigators and the investigators that we have now are slowly progressing. Yesterday we didnt have any investigators show up to church and then we knocked doors last night and everyone was either gone or they had visitors. Apparently they take fathers day pretty seriously. Everyone was partying and drunk so we couldnt really do anything so we went back to the pension early. It kidna sucked when none of our investigators wanted to come to church. We passed by all of them in the morning and then went back around to pick them up and none wanted to go. But we are going to try harder this week to get them to come. But other than that the week went good. The part-member family that we are teaching are doing good and the kid is nine years old, but they have tons of energy and wont settle down for anything. But we are working on that. But its going good.

But things are going good from me. Im still healthy and working hard. The talk I gave yesterday went well and everyone commented and said that they loved it. So Im happy with that. It was on the talk given by Russel T. Ogsthorpe in the last October confrence on Teaching helps save souls. It was good. Last night was rough because the dance club in front was having a megadisco and it was crazy and then at 1 in the morning everyone was leaving and then someone started a fight and it was so loud. It was tough to sleep last night but oh well its over until friday. The weather here has been ok. Its been cloudy and overcasty all week and it has rained three times this week. But its good weather other than the fact that there is mud everywhere. That sucks cause everything is dirty. Argentina is doing good in the world cup and thats a good thing but it also sucks. Because when there is a game on nobody wants to listen. And even when argentina isnt playing nobody still wants to listen cause they are watching fútbol. But its seems like the US is doing good also and everyone is surprised by that too. I just hope that the US and Argentina dont play against each other cause we wont get anything done. But oh well what happens happens. But Im good and my comps good also so thats good. we still get along and he says that my spanish is improving. So hey there´s something good. But its going good. oh and Hey 7 meses!!!!! Wow how time flies. But in a good way. Well we have zone confrence coming up and Im looking forward to that. But ya.

Well it sounds like you guys are having fun and staying busy. Dad it sounds like your having fun selling the pups and That you had fun at the campout and the new disign is different but cool, so why did they change it? Mom sounds like your doing well with your students and carefull with that one and ya talk with officer allen about that. Well have fun with the heat as we here get cooler. But I love it here. I love ya all and have fun and good luck with everything.

Os amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week number two in good old Tucuman‏

Well hello!

Greetings from good old Manantial. Well things are going good and are continuing to work hard, so thats good. Well the work here is going good and we have a couple of investigators that are progressing, but we still need to find more but we will eventually do that. Yesterday in the church we had 6 investigators and that was awesome.Two of investigators are a mom and daughter, Adriana and Gabriela. They are Seventh day Adventistas and they were are strougle to get them to church but they finally came so that was cool and then the saturday before we invited them to a baptism in the other area and they loved it and loved the design of the church so ya thats cool. And then we are teaching a part member families kids. Two of the kids havent been baptised and the family also is inactive so we are trying to do both teach and reactivate. But ya so thats basically it and I dont know what else to write. Other than the people here are good people you just have to find what they need or they will shut you down. But ya.

Well things for me are good. The dance club in front is no fun at all. Saturday night I didnt fall asleep until at least 1 in the morning because of the music, motos, and people fighting. So ya thats always fun. yes there are areas where we have to avoid at night because the are dark and you really cant see anything. But ya the Hermanas got robbed last week. Some guy jumped them and stole the cell phone and went and gave them a blessing. So ya. But dont worry we stay away from those areas at night. But ya Argentina won the other day and the city was dead during the game and we were the only ones in the street. But I hope that USA and Argentina dont play against each other, cause it would be dangerous for us to work. And also the people here are very pridefull and they love thier soccer, fútbol. But ya. But things are going good for me. I think today we are going to go to centro and look around. But things are good and I love it here. The weather here the last week was overcasty with a little rain, but its not so bad other than there is a ton of mud. And I got called on sunday to give a talk next week, at least they gave me a head start on it. So we will see how that goes.

So it sounds like you guys are doing good. Ralph good job on the Marathon thats a good time. Mom have fun in summer school and have fun. Jayson have fun with whatever you are doing and Jake sounds like you had fun a boys state and your loving the politic stuff. And Im super jealous of your pic with the Pres. How did you get so close? Grandma have fun with the garden and dont have too much rain. I love ya all and wish you the best of luck and tell everyone hi for me. Love ya

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, June 7, 2010

Holá familia‏

Well hello from the great Argentina.

Well things are going good here in Manantial and with my comp things are excelent. Well things are going good for me here. It was weird to work in anouther area thats not Perico but after a while I was fine. This area is huge about twice as big as my last. We try to plan citas close to each other so we dont have to walk everywhere but even then we are walking everywhere. But its good and I love it here. There area is nice even though there is a area that we have to avoid at night because its too dangouros, but oh well. The members here are really nice and always welcome with a hug, so Im loving that.The people here are good and the thing with them is that they are a little more blunt than people in Jujuy but its good. So ya the people look like they are more gringo than dark skin but still have a latin twist to them. But they are cool people and are very loving. So ya the area is just right out of the city but still in the city. And we have three soda companies that make soda in our area, Coke, Pepsi, and Torraso. So dad you would love it here. Torraso is an Argentinan brand and its not bad. Its weird that the number one flavor here is manzana, apple. And its a good flavor and its weird how you start liking it. But I love it here. For investigators we have Rode who is the daughter of one of the converts here and then we have Rita who we just started teaching this last week. Other than that things are going good. We are knocking to find new investigators by knocking Apartments, there is something new. Because there are blocks and blocks of apartments here. But ya so thats that and this place is good and Im loving it so far.

For me things are going good. We finally got hot water in the pencion. Elder Rivera says that they havent had hot water for at least 6-7 months, thats crazy. So thats good and then we started teaching our plumber who is Adventist, so thats cool. But ya Elder Rivera and I get a long fine and we are always joking around with each other. Yes my spanish is improving and I love it. Last night we had a full conversation in spanish. And he is trying to learn english, so we are helping each other out. Elder Rivera has about 18 months and goes home in December. So he still has time. But things are good here. The food is good, other than you might want to send some tums cause Im about out. Its cause whenever I eat anything from the street or somthing really greasy my stomach doesnt like it. But oh well. But things are good. Today for pday we played soccer with the other zone and then we went and ate at a shell gas station. So its different here with the gas stations. They acctually have nice things and a nice restoranat. Its usually the place were all the rich people go to hang out. So thats cool. We have a ward here and its a super nice church, its bigger than my last. The members are always willing to help. But Im good and yes Im taking more pics, I just didnt bring it with cause we came to the cyber right after we ate and I didnt bring my camera. So those girls you were asking about mom were members in Perico. so ya. Oh and we have a dance club right across the street from the house and its crazy everyweekend. Friday and Saturday it starts at eleven at night and doesnt end until four in the morning and then sundays its starts at eight and ends at eleven. So ya that keeps us up, but thats Argentina for ya.

Well its sounds like your all having fun and staying busy. Jayson good job at the track meet and keep running hard. Jake good luck at boys state and stay off the uni-cylce. Dad have fun with those puppys and with the float. Oh boy do I miss running. and Im jeolus of you guys running in the Pioner day race, I loved that race. But have fun anyways. thats cool to here that chantel is the teacher for RS. But it sounds like your all having fun there. Keep up the good life and always remember to keep a smile on your face. love ya all.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

PS. Dad and Jake I want you guys to read this talk that I read and do what it says. Its a talk by Elder M. Russel Ballard called Fathers and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship its from the last october confrence. I think that it will work with you guys I love ya!