Monday, October 18, 2010

Buenas y wow 11 months!!!‏

Well hello and time flies by so fast!

Well I honestly cant believe that I have 11 months and its going so fast! Well this last week went by flying and were good. Well this last week started normal and went good. Well this week there was a meeting with all the leaders and the president. So my comp went and was taught how to be a better missionary and things we can use in our areas. So while he was there we did divisiones with the elders in anouther area, Monteros. So I was with Elder Swenson for wendsday to friday. He is pretty cool and really new. He is from Spanish Fork and so we talked about things we did at home and everything. And we worked pretty hard during that time. I can totally tell how my spanish was when I had his time and boy has it changed. But it was a good time and we are also working a ton with the young men in the ward to get them ready to serve. So we have a ton of help about everyday so thats awesome. But ya things went good this but we only had two investigators in church yesterday and not a whole lot of kinda sucks when a there is a holiday on sunday and then nobody comes to church, but oh well. But it was a good week for us.

As for my comp and I things are going good. We didnt get a whole lot of time to work togeather but we are still getting along. As for weird things that happend. Well while we did divisions on thursday my comp was with Elder Hendrikson, comp of elder Swenson, and they tried to take a taxi to get home and ended up getting lost in the worst barrio, neighborhood, in our area. They were trying to find thier way and got lost until 11 at night. Then a little member kid found them and took them to his mom and she took them to our house. It was kinda funny but spooky because that are is really dangerous. But I think my comp is learning the area. Well my face is better and my hair is slowly growing back, like normal. Other than my eyelashes are still burnt along with my eyebrows. But it will come with time I guess. But I havent touched the dang thing since that happend. Other than that things are good. We had a ton of rain this last week and it made everything wet and muddy, so it wasnt to fun to work. But I think that this week is goinig to be hot. Its hot but it also has humidity to go with it. So being from a place were there is no humidity its kind of a challenge. I dont like being muggy and feeling sweaty all day but we study during the afternoon. So for most of the time we are in the pension. But things are going good and Im enjoying my time here. But other than that things are going good and Im improving each week.

Well it sounds like everything is going good for you all. Jake good job on running and keep it up and districts and run Hard! Run Forest Run!!! Mom have fun with Parent teacher confrence, as always should be fun. And you asked were is La Banda del Rio Sali well its here in Tucuman so give me the name and I´ll tell the missionaries to pass by. Dad good luck with the work and have fun as the DJ. And Brian I cant believe that you shaved you beard!! Thats weird. I love you guys and I wish you luck with everything. And one thing yesterday was Mothers Day in Argentina. So to all mothers Happy Mothers Day!!!! I love you all. And jake I want to see the pic of me of being bald!

Les amo y un abrazo grande,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, October 11, 2010

Buenas y fa its october and super hot!‏

Well greetings family and friends.

Well this week went super good. Well we had the baptism and his name is Franco Vega and is a stud. It was a hassel just to get it done. We did the interview there in Lules and we had to wait for the Zone leaders to come and do it. We didnt get it done until just after 9. So we didnt get back until late. But it was well worth it. Saturday was awesome. We worked in the morning before the baptism and we found a pretty cool family and a old man that was really interested. Then we left and had the baptism in Lules. It was super cool and really spiritual. It was amazing we had more people there than we ever had in Manantial for a baptism. So thats pretty sad when we basically had the whole branch there. But it was super awesome. But ya. Next saturday we should be having anouther baptism in Lules of a kid named Luigui and he is also a stud. All the people we teach there are refrences for us and they are usually really good. But things are going good here in Manantial. This week I think was the best week I have had in my mission. My comp and I worked a ton and completed with all the goals, so that was super cool. But things are going good and I hope they stay that way.

But as for me and my comp things are going good. My comp is from Peru, so anouther one. But works really hard and I love it. He has been a member his whole life, but his parents are also divorced and lived mostly with his dad. But he is pretty cool. We got along togeather this whole week and we are comfortable with each other I think. It was weird without Rivera, because I was with him for so long, but Im happy.He has a pretty cool name Angel Moroni Remirez. So ya thats cool. And I think that this transfer is going to go well. Well as for me things are going good and improving. I am speaking better, so says every latino, and Im learning how to work better and harder also. So thats going good. Well the new pension is going good, other than one small little thing, the oven. The stove works but the oven doesnt, I learned the hard way. Lets just say that I went through a trial of fire, literaly. So as you can guess my hair is pretty short and I dont have to much eyebrows or eyelashes. So to just to say it I had the oven blow up in my face. Its a long story and I will tell it short. I tried to start the oven and I guess there was too much gas so when it lit it lit up everything. But I have recovered and will shortly grow the things that I am missing. But I need a haircut anyways. But other than that I am fine and working hard. Today we played soccer as zones and it was a blast. Im goalie the whole time becasue I cant run as I used to, but my blocking skills have improved and Im doing good as goalie. But ya things are good and are going to be better.

Well it sounds like you guys are good and enjoying your time. Sounds like the pumkins were a blast and that the baby blessing went well. Im glad to hear all of that. Jayson have fun with school and study hard. Mom Im sure that you did fine in your masters writting and things will turn out better. Jake have fun with potatoes and Im sure your dreaming of them constintly and keep running. Dad keep up the good work with your work, sounds like your having success. I love you guys and I wish you the best of luck with everything that you do!

Les amo y les deseo seurte!

Elder Jarret Wade

Close up - burned hair

Jarret's new look - the Shaved head

Monday, October 4, 2010

Buenas !! wow time goes by!‏

Well greetings family.

Well news on transfers. So what do you think did I stay or did I go. Well if you choose the first you were right. So I am here in Manantial for six more weeks. And I got a new comp. His name is Elder Ramirez and is also from Peru. So we will see how things turn out. Well this week was interesting and went by super fast. We worked when we had time. We moved in on saturday and got everything set up wendsday morning. And then we had the confrence saturday and sunday that was awesome. I love confrence and I look forward to it everytime. I loved listing to the choir and seeing the pics at the beging. It was amazing and I loved all the talks. They seemed to talk alot about the Holy Ghost and the dangers of sin. You could tell that all the talks were recieved under revetation and that its stuff that we need to know now. The talk I enjoyed most was the talk by Ballard the last session. He made it pretty clear about the dangers of sin and that we can not let it destroy our lifes. Its good each time and we had three investigators at the church and they seemed to love it. The stuff we learn during the confrence is not only for members but for all people. Well we should be having a baptism this saturday in Lules. One of the kids we are teaching decided to move his baptismal date to this saturday so all we need to do is have the interview and the service. It will be the first baptism there in about two years. But things are going good and we have a couple people progressing. The sister of the member is doing good and just needs to go to church to progress more but we will work with her on that. But ya so thats about it.

Well as for me and my comps. Things are going good. Its going to be different with out elder rivera but I will get a long. I cant believe that we were togeather for four and a half months. Thats a ton of time togeather. But I learned a lot from him. And mom by teaching without problems is like we dont have weird pauses and we each knew our part to each lesson. But I get to work with my new comp Elder Ramirez. Im looking forward to it and he seems like he is a good worker. and he speaks pretty good english. But ya we moved in tuesday and it was crazy. We woke up and started to pack everything and get everything ready. Then we dropped of the duffel bags and came back for the big stuff. We loaded everyting in the back of a truck that we found and then drove to the pench. Its a nice pension and is really quiet and peacefull. The thing is that we dont have any place to put our clothes so the stay in the bags. But things went good and sunday night we spent saying good by to people with Elder Rivera. But as for anything else things went good and I enjoyed every session of confrence.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your lifes. Jake congrates on the race and continue to practice hard and run hard in districts. I know that I set a high bar but do your best. and have fun working in the dirty potatoes. Mom have fun with the masters tests and good luck with everything, you'll do fine don't worry. Dad the floors look awesome and that you guys stayed busy. Grandma the pie sounds amazing and good luck with all the birthdays. I love you all and I wish you luck with everything you do. Les Amo y les deseo Suerte.

Elder Jarret Wade