Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow 20 years! y noticia de argentina‏

Buenas tardes de Argentina!

Well things were good this week and it was different all the same. Well we had a decent week its just crazy how fast it went by. Well as for the work it is going good and we have a couple more people progressing and thats awesome. So it looks like we are going to have a baptism on the 11th of september. His name is Pablo and he is the boyfriend of one of the members and loves listining to us and enjoys church, so thats always a good thing. Well yersterday we had 4 people in the church, that was nice. Its getting better and we have a kid who is 15 listening and came to church yersterday also and we have him involved with a lot of the youth so thats good and that he is involved. The work is going good and I enjoy it here. But ya we are finding new people and have the members helping us when ever so thats nice to have them. One of our members should be getting his call pretty soon so everyone is excited, even me. But everything is going good and I havent been yelled at as much this week, so thats good.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good. My spanish keeps improving and his english is improving also. We still get along and I enjoy my time with him. Well for things new. Well we might be moving into anouther apartment this week. The one that we have right now is good but the owner is now rasing the price on us from 500-800 and then by january it goes to 1000 so they the elders in the office asked to find a new pension. So most of last week we spent looking for a new one, and have had little luck but I think we found one. So the goal for the week is to find one and to move in. So this week should be fun. But things are going good. oh also we saw two dogs get hit while walking, thought I would tell you that. But things are going good and I learn something new everyday. Well my birthday was a blast but different. We celebrated it in two different houses and I ate so much food. But it was fun, and I will try to send some photos of it. Each house had food, mainly pizza, and empenadas and then a cake. But the last house we went to was my favorite. The cake was a vanilla cake with choacoalate frosting and with strawberries so I basically loved it. But it was a fun night and the members made me feel better about it. But things are going good and things keep on going here. Well we get to do divisions today with the zone leaders since my comp is district leader, so it should be fun. I love it here. I got the package, thanks and I am enjoying the candy and Im using the highlighters and jake nice quote. I loved it. I guess what I need is a knee brace becasue the one Im using now is presidents so it would be nice to have my own, and it needs to be one that covers the whole knee and can support. So that would be nice and then send what ever you want.

But it was nice to hear from you guys and that you are all good. I always love hearing from all of ya that you're all good. Dad I got the videos but none of the computers have sound so I just saw them without listening and Jayson's bed looks cool. And if you need help with spanish Im here. Mom have fun with shcool and with the REA and Jayson just because mom is in the same school doesnt meen you have speacial rights and have fun. jake have fun keeping up with everything, I cant believe that your a senior, wow. I love you all and I wish you luck with whatever thing you do. Te amo

Te amo y hasta el proximo

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 23, 2010

Buenas! y wow‏

Greetings my beloved family.

Well things are going good and boy has time gone by. I cant believe that I hit nine months and then this sunday I turn twenty. Wow! Well Im still in the same town good old Manantial and Im with Elder Rivera still so thats weird, but should be fun. Well this week was good and flu by. Our numbers were good but we didnt have anyone in church so that was not good. This last week we did divisions and I was with Elder Day and we had fun. He is from Arizona and loves to run so what do you think we talked about mostly, running. But it was a good time with him. And then I did a family home evening about missionary work, because it was with a family that one of the kids is getting ready to serve and that was fun. And on saturday we went to the hospital to give a blessing to on of the members nieces and when we got there we couldnt give the blessing because the hospital didnt allow. So we went down to the lobby and said a prayer and then right after that one of the nurses ran down and told the father that she woke up and started talking so that was cool. But it was a good week and this week sould be better.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good and looking forward to working once again this transfer again together. Well I didnt give my talk on sunday. I guess they forgot they had other people doing talks so they asked me not to give it, I was fine with that. But other than that Im doing good. My knee is fine but bugs me everyonce and a while. Well Im not sick anymore but Im plenty hot. The weather this last week has been hot. It has been around the 80s and I think winter is over here, so here comes more summer. But the thing with summer here in Tucuman is that its muggy and has a lot of humidity. So this sould be fun trying to work. But the good thing is that we are starting to work during the morning and then study in the afternoon. So it sould be a new fun experience. But its going good. So we started a new transfer today and boy did the other one fly by. Well a lot of people are gone from the zone and our district and my comp is district leader this transfer, so I get to do divisions with the zone leaders. But it should be fun to see what happens. My spanish is improving and my work ethic is improving also, so i guess thats good. I talked to Rodrigo the other day and sounds like he is good just a little bummed that he cant get surgery and that he spent the trip in Buenos Aires with his friends and all they did was party, but other than that he is good. But thats about it. The package is here and I should get it thursday and Grandma I got the card, thanks.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying the last bit of summer you have. I loved the pics dad and looks like the trip was fun. Jake get that ankle better and enjoy your senior year, wow thats not wierd at all. I love hearing from you guys every week and seeing what you have to say. I miss you guys but Im here , "working for Jesus" and I will enjoy my birthday with the members, they already have something planned. But I love you guys and wish the best for you. Te amo

Te amo y te extraño,

Elder Jarret Wade

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buenas y Feliz dia del Niño‏

Well greetings family.

Well things were good this last week. We had a baptism again! It was Manuel Dez... and he is 9 years old and boy was it a fight to finally get him in the water. But it was good. To get him baptised we had to do the interview twice and then wait anouther week and then finally we could do it. It was nice and small. But it was nice to finally get one and I did the baptism so that was even cooler. But as for work this week was kinda of tough. We couldnt get in alot of doors and the only new investigators we got are refrences from mombers. But its coming along. We have a couple of investigators that are progressing but its kinda tough to get them to make the commitment and come to church. But yesterday we had two in the church and they werent people we were expecting to come, so I guess thats good. But the work is good. But as always could be better.

Well for things that are going on down here in Argentina. Well for me things are going good. Elder Rivera and I are still working hard and we are starting to work with members that are about to leave for thier missions, so we have some help there. Well yesterday was Dia del Niño so everyone was celebrating, but it was more the parents celebrating than the kids. But its kinda like chrstmas and everyone gives a gift or toy to the kids. It was kinda cool but just different. It seems like down here they have a holiday for about everything. Dia del amigo, dia del vecino, and even dia de los animales. Its crazy how many holidays they have down here and its all about partying. But thats the life down here. Well my spanish is coming along and with help with the members its moving faster. The weather has been so weird down here. It changes about everyday and doesnt know if it wants to be cold or hot, so once again I have a cold. But oh well. But Im doing good and I love it down here. Well the dance club in front of the pension decided to upgrade the roof. It was a piece of tarp but know its sheet metal but its a domned shape and the sound goes out the sides so the sound of the music is even stronger now and I dont sleep at nights. But oh well thats my life. As for the fainting I think Ive got it under control and Im drinking more and eating more, sometimes. I cant believe how fast time passes and that this transfer is almost done. But Im doing good and I cant think of anything that you could send. And the members say Hola.

Well sounds like this week was a crazy week for you guys. Jayson again happy birthday and "dont shoot your eye out" with the bow and have fun in Iowa. Dad sounds like you stayed busy with everything and that finaly you got that kidney stone out and as for D&C 136 I dont know anything that would help. Safe traviling this thrusday and have fun. Mom sounds like your going to have fun in Utah and enjoy the garden for me. But I love ya guys and I look forward to writting you guys everyweek. I miss ya but I know Im here for a reason.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade