Monday, May 31, 2010

¡Hola de Tucuman!

Well hello and greetings from my new area.

Well I got to my new area sooner than I thought. My area is called Manantial and its in the province of Tucuman. And things are good here. Oh and Im with a latino! He´s name is Elder Rivera and he is from Peru. He seems like a good guy and knows what he is doing. So Im glad and looking forward to this next transfer. SPANISH 24 HOURS! But things are good. So news on the baptisms. We had them I was so glad that we did. I feel that they needed to feel that. When Marisol was baptised she said that she felt happy and better. So that was good. Rodrigos mom didnt get baptised but she promised me before I left last night that she would get baptised in the following weeks. She said that she didnt feel that she was prepared enough to do it. But Im still happy for them and their decision to be baptised. Marcos showed up again at church and loved it even more. So he should be baptised on the 5th of june. but its kinda sad to leave that area behind and start up again somewhere else. But oh well I guess thats how the mission works.

But things are going good for me here in Argentina. This new area seems good and even bigger than my last. Im excited to work here. From what I have seen the people have more of a European look to them. So thats a change from bolivians to europeans. But its nice here. The pension is a bit of a down grade. We live above a dance studio and across from a dance club. And my comp said that it gets pretty load at nights sometimes. And the is no hot water so its cold showers for now. But other than that its decently good. And there are only two of us living there so that will be interesting. The last transfer was cool and Im going to miss those guys. Yes Palpala is a city and its nicely sized and there are tons of parks there so thats why we went. For pday so far I have spent it traviling. I left at 730 this morning and got to tucuman centro at 1230 almost 1. So it was a good 5 hour drive in a bus. And the cool thing about the buses is that they are double decker buses. So thats cool. So thats that.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and staying busy as always. Jake nice job on getting that scholarship and stay of the unicycle. Dad I love the heels they really bring out the color of your eyes. Mom have fun with your break and with summer school. And have fun in Utah. But it sounds like your all doing fine other than the 10 something stiches in jakes leg. But I love you all and wish you guys the best of luck in all that you do. And tell everyone hi.

Love ya tons,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, May 24, 2010

Buenas! and last week of the transfer! oh my gosh‏

Well hello from good old Perico Argentina. Well things are going good this week and we are hoping to have a couple of baptisms this weekend. The work is going good we are finding new investigators and some of the investigators that we have are progressing very well. For example we have one named Marcos and he is a stud and loves listening to us and has been to church twice and is looking forward to being baptised in June. And the cool thing is that he sings the hymns, not everyone does that even the members. Rodrigos mom is going good and we plan on her being baptised this week so we have to talk with her about that. But as for Marisol and Cruciela things are going good for them but kinda tuff for Marisol. Last week we talked about forgivness and the importance of it, but that will be tuff for her. And she cant get baptised this weekend because she didnt come to church last week so that is tuff. But we hopr for Cruciela to get baptised. But things are going good and we are working hard. We had 3 people at church this last week and that was nice but we need four for the goal. But things are good. Well at Zone confrence President talked about using time wisely on pday and stuff that we could use with the members to help us. But that was that.

Well for me things are good. Well news this week is the last week of the transfer. Thats weird cause it went by crazy fast. So we all think that I will be that one that leaves cause I have been here the longest. So we will see in a couple of days. But things are good and today I finally got out and ran. IT FELT SO GOOD! For pday today we went to palpala and had a barbequ, my spelling sucks. And there we played some soccer and some frisbee so that was fun just to run. But things here are cool. Right now we are watching Argentina play Canada so I guess we might not get in to many doors today and with tomorrow being a holiday too will be difficult but oh well thats the life here. The weather is starting to get chilly but thats good cause Im not to fond of the heat. But its good. Well I got my hair cut today and so thats new. But everyone is giving me a hard time cause dads bad hair is slowly catcing up to me, but oh well I guess thats just a part of life. Well things are good and I love Argentina. But everytime I see the moutains here I miss the the moutains back home. Here they are really green with tons of jungle ish stuff. But oh well. Things are good Im slowly learning the language and when I feel comfortable here they might move somewhere else but I guess thats the mission. The people here are good and sometimes willing to listen sometimes it feels like we are pulling teeth just to have them listen. But its good and I love it.

It sounds like all of you are doing good and loving the wonderfull snow, ha ha. Have fun finishing school and having fun with work. I love you all and I wish the best of luck in all that you do. Oh and happy birthday Geana, Matt, And....MOM 41!!!!! Wow one step down the hill. but I still love ya and I pray for all of ya every night. Best of luck in all you do.

Te amo Tanto from the man down south with the Bolivians,

Elder Jarret Wade

Love ya

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well hello from good old Argentina!

Well things here are starting to get a little chilly but good. Well work here has been slowly progressing in a way. This last week we had to drop 2 investigators because they either didnt want to listen or they werent progressing. So that was a little hard this week but then last night we found 3 new investigators and they seem to be good so we will see. But we are working hard and have some that areslowly progressing. We are still working with Rodrigos mom and she has a fetcha for the end of the month and she came to church yesterday so that was good. And we had another family come to church yesterday. They are Marcos and Jesica and they are uncle and niece. And they are slowly progressing and they love what we teach so thats nice. But work this week should be good and hopefully rewarding. We ended up not having a baptism this last week, because Marisol still has a problem with coffee and then we were going to baptise the younger one and then she didnt show up for the baptism so hopefully we can find them and get somethin set up with them. But thats that. We had zone confrence and that was cool to see President and Hermana. During the confrence we talked about how the members can greatly help and we have a task this week to have a member that we eat with ask a friend of theirs and invite them to lunch the fowling week. So we will see if we can do that. Cause the members are realy important because if an investigator has a friend in the church they are most likely to get baptised. So that was cool. And then we got CELL PHONES. Cause we havent had cell phones for the last four months here in Percio. So that was cool. But the work is going good.

But things are going good here for me. The weather is starting to get a little chilly as we get closer to winter. We had slight rain yesterday and it was cool. But they say that it doesnt too cold here but the people freeze cause they arent used to it. But I can already tell that I will be a wimp when I come home. But oh well. But things are going good. The food is still treating me good and the language is slowly coming still and Im loving it down here. But things are good and Everyone is getting ready for the World Cup. So that is going to be interesting to work with down. But other than that things are going good and Im loving life.

Well it sounds like you all are doing good. Well congrats Jake on the run and I hope that you go to state in the 4x800 that would be good for you. Tell Michel congrats on the amazing time and that he is going to do good at state. Well its good to here that my time is still there and that nobody hasd beat it yet. But it sounds like you all are having fun a loving life. Well mom good luck with the school thing and dad nice job on Golf. And Jayson dont get in trouble its not good. Well I love you all and I love hearing what you have to say. ¡Buenos Suerte!

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ole Ouch! ... ha ha

Missionary Muscles :)
"B" Day
B Day


Well hello and greetings from good old Argentina. Well things are going good down here and we are working hard as usual. The weather down here is good and you can tell that we are in fall and slowly moving towards winter. This week was good but not great. We didnt finish all of our goals for the week but we did get most of them. Yesterday we had 5 investigators show up to church and they werent the ones that we were expecting, so that was nice. It was cool cause we are teaching a family that is very catholic and the showed up to church and loved it. And the daughter has a friend in the church already so thats nice. But we havent found a whole lot of `peòple this week and are teaching most of the same people. But things are going good and the investigators are slowly progressing. Well some great news.... Rodrigo finally told his mom that he was baptised yesterday!!!! and she accepted it. So now we can take things a little farther now. So we were happy about that and we are going to teach one of his gypsie friends tonight. Oh ya gypsies are everywhere down here and they are interesting. They dont know how to read, write and other stuff cause they dont go to school and they are always trying to steal your money, by any means posible. But ya things are good here for work. And we hope to have some baptisms this transfer. But thats that.

Well some news about me and our life down here. Well first the llama. Llama tastes pretty good and is quite healthy for you. The meat is lean and has a different taste and there is not a whole lot of fat on it. But it wasnt bad. that night we ate both beef and llama, so we could tell the taste and there is a huge difference in it. But dont worry I wont come home and kill the llamas. The food down here is good and Ive gotten used to it, and its good sometimes and other times you wonder what the heck you just ate but you dont ask. But its good, I love it. I got a little sick this and wasnt feeling to hot but still worked. I wasnt able to eat a whole lot and just felt an awfull ache in my stomach, but it has mostly passed so thats good. But things are going good and we are working hard. The other elders are awesome and we are always goofing around in the pinch at night. And its nice too cause we have some of the same tastes in stuff and always telling stories.

So for calling. I have calling cards that are for international and I think it would be more if you called me cause Perico is on a totally different program then anything else. So we will see. I think we are going to call a couple days before to set a time up with you guys so we know when to call. Be ready. So if I cant call or something we will figure something out. But it sounds like you guys have your hands full with all sorts of stuff. Dad congrats on the pups and have fun with them. And tell tiki not to eat his foot thats bad for him. Jake have fun at the dance with kylie<329.gif>. Mom have fun with your paper and Im sure that you will do fine. Tell Joe congrats on the baby. I love you all and I look forward to calling and talking with you. I love reading what you have to say about everything and Im sure that there is more to say but not enough time. I love you all very much.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

PS here are some pictures(finally)