Monday, May 24, 2010

Buenas! and last week of the transfer! oh my gosh‏

Well hello from good old Perico Argentina. Well things are going good this week and we are hoping to have a couple of baptisms this weekend. The work is going good we are finding new investigators and some of the investigators that we have are progressing very well. For example we have one named Marcos and he is a stud and loves listening to us and has been to church twice and is looking forward to being baptised in June. And the cool thing is that he sings the hymns, not everyone does that even the members. Rodrigos mom is going good and we plan on her being baptised this week so we have to talk with her about that. But as for Marisol and Cruciela things are going good for them but kinda tuff for Marisol. Last week we talked about forgivness and the importance of it, but that will be tuff for her. And she cant get baptised this weekend because she didnt come to church last week so that is tuff. But we hopr for Cruciela to get baptised. But things are going good and we are working hard. We had 3 people at church this last week and that was nice but we need four for the goal. But things are good. Well at Zone confrence President talked about using time wisely on pday and stuff that we could use with the members to help us. But that was that.

Well for me things are good. Well news this week is the last week of the transfer. Thats weird cause it went by crazy fast. So we all think that I will be that one that leaves cause I have been here the longest. So we will see in a couple of days. But things are good and today I finally got out and ran. IT FELT SO GOOD! For pday today we went to palpala and had a barbequ, my spelling sucks. And there we played some soccer and some frisbee so that was fun just to run. But things here are cool. Right now we are watching Argentina play Canada so I guess we might not get in to many doors today and with tomorrow being a holiday too will be difficult but oh well thats the life here. The weather is starting to get chilly but thats good cause Im not to fond of the heat. But its good. Well I got my hair cut today and so thats new. But everyone is giving me a hard time cause dads bad hair is slowly catcing up to me, but oh well I guess thats just a part of life. Well things are good and I love Argentina. But everytime I see the moutains here I miss the the moutains back home. Here they are really green with tons of jungle ish stuff. But oh well. Things are good Im slowly learning the language and when I feel comfortable here they might move somewhere else but I guess thats the mission. The people here are good and sometimes willing to listen sometimes it feels like we are pulling teeth just to have them listen. But its good and I love it.

It sounds like all of you are doing good and loving the wonderfull snow, ha ha. Have fun finishing school and having fun with work. I love you all and I wish the best of luck in all that you do. Oh and happy birthday Geana, Matt, And....MOM 41!!!!! Wow one step down the hill. but I still love ya and I pray for all of ya every night. Best of luck in all you do.

Te amo Tanto from the man down south with the Bolivians,

Elder Jarret Wade

Love ya

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