Monday, March 29, 2010

Well hola!

Well hello from Perico. Things are going good for me down here, just staying busy. Things are going good with the investigators. We havent had to drop any lately, so that is good. And we keep finding some and they are mostly good. We are still teaching Rodrigo and his mom, and things are going good. But she says that she wants to do things on her own time, so thats always a tough thing. Yesterday we went over to Rodrigos house and talked with him about some of his questions. And most of his questions came from the fact that he looked up some anti-mormon stuff. But the fact that most of his family is Jehovas Witness and they are always trying to ruin the church. But oh well. So hopefully we cleared some of the stuff. But things are going good. We have a really good family that we are teaching. They are the Familia Ortega. And they are awesome. We first contacted the wife in the door and then last week we taught the husband and the wifes sister. It was an awesome lession and I felt that things went good. She came to church with their daughter but the husband and the sister had to work so that was a bummer. But this last week was good. We competed with all of out goals and had some extra also. For sunday we had 5 investigators show up so that was awesome. But things are going good the members are always willing to help, its just a matter of if they remember.

For life in Perico is pretty normal, other than this week is Holy week so we will see what will happen. We are still getting rain. On saturday night we had a huge storm and I didnt really fall asleep until 4 in the morning. And today seems like it might try to do something. But its good here just hot and humid as always. The weather is starting to drop but not by much. And they say that it doesnt start getting cold until the end of May sometime. But Im looking forward to that. So today we didnt really do anything. We cleaned the pinch for inspections and then went to the feria( were they sell everything) and went browsing for stuff. they have some pretty cool stuff. We found some Abercrombie stuff for 18 pesos, so four and a half dollars. So they have some pretty dang good deals on cloths. Today I bought a Harlem Gloabtrotters jearsy for 18 pesos. And they had an old Jeremy Shocky jersey when he played for the Giants for 18 pesos. So I thought of you Desi. But I didnt buy it. But thats what we did today. But for pdays we havent realy done anything. Last week we went to Jujuy central and went looking around at the stores. But for next week we are going to try to go to Palpala for some looking around.

Alright to awnser some questions. So when a member fodges us for lunch we either make something or buy some empanadas. For doing the weedly letter for you guys. There are cybers everywhre down here so thats where we go. and it would be nice to get Jazz reports. But I will try to send some pics. Sometimes the computers dont read the thing. So i will try. But it sounds like things are going good and are staying busy with everything. Tell Geana congrats on the wedding and good luck with everything. I love you all and I love reading what you have to say. I feel your love everyday and I pray for ya everyday. I wish the best for ya all.

Love ya and have fun,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a week! (dang no pictures!)

Well hello from down under and what a week it has been. This week was good and crazy at the same time. But everything is good and I’m still learning and progressing. Elder Donaldson and I are working harder and that’s always good. When we started the transfer we really didn’t have any lessons and now most of our days are filled. And I’m happy cause we are not knocking as much, which I like. But things are going good and it sounds like you are all doing well.

I guess I´ll start out by answering some questions. To do laundry we have a machine but it doesn’t work quite as well as the one in the states, but oh well. Oh and a cool fact is that we are one of the only missions that have them in South America. And then to dry them we have a little tiny dryer that doesn’t really work so we mostly air dry. Oh and what is your source of information about me. Oh and Elder Valdez is an elder from the MTC from my zone and Greg Downs was one of my teachers in the MTC. But I think that are some of your questions. So hopefully that helps, but things are good. The language is slowly coming and I’m getting more confident talking to people.

But things are going good with the people but could be better. We didn’t have anyone show up for church Sunday. But we are still teaching Andres, the one with the one leg, and Rodrigo’s mom. And Rodrigo’s mom still doesn’t know he is baptized. Which always makes it hard, but oh well. And most of the people we teach are the wives of the family and then when we meet the husbands they don’t want anything do deal with us, so that’s another thing we deal with. But things are good just hot and wet. The other day we had a good day and then the rest of the night was rain, and that sucked cause all the streets were flooded. And that’s always fun to deal with. Oh and the other day was the holiday for Perico for the Patron Saint, San Jose. That was different cause the catholic church set up speakers all around town and played music. It was weird cause they were broadcasting mass over the speakers.

But it sounds like you are all doing well and loving life. It’s good that you are all busy and staying well. Nice article in the paper Jake. Sounds like you had fun. Loved the photos of Jayson wrestling. Thanks. I love ya all and wish the best for ya.

Love ya and you all are in my prayers!

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, March 15, 2010

Buenos Dias

Hola from down under. Greetings from good old Perico. Things are going good and we´re working hard. The beginning of this week was rough cause we didnt have anyone that we set up lessons with and so that is what we did for most of the week was finding and teaching those that we found. It feels like we knocked our whole area and we still dont have a lot but oh well. But things are good we have some new people that we are teaching and they seem to like the lessons. One of the families that we found is pretty cool and its weird cause they are almost they almost look like they are from Italy or somewhere over there. But they are a cool family. Things are progressing with Rodrigo and He loves talking with us. He actually said that he has a friend that would be interested in our message and his mom also is now wanting to listen, so its pretty cool. We have a meeting with them tonight so we will see how that goes.

Things are going good, just the same. time here didnt change during the time change so I dont know whats going to happen. The weather is hot and muggy and we havent had a lot of rain. The most rain we have had was this morning and that wasnt a lot. But the things are going good. Im getting used to the things down here a little better and am loving it. The language is coming slowly but surely. The biggest news that I heard this last week was that Elder Stott, my comp from the MTC, went home because he had knee problems and they wont let him go foriegn. So I guess its pretty bad then if they wont let him. So Im just hoping nothing like that happens to me, ojala. But things are good and Im getting to know elder Donaldson. Hes a good kid and loves to work. He has the some time as Elder Rose so 16 months. he is from a small town just outside of Park City called Coleville. But we get along pretty well together.

Well I dont know if I need anything from the states. I guess the thing I miss most is just being able to find things I need. But if you send a package send it through usps because it cheaper and faster and find ways to hide things if you do. But it sounds like everything is going good in your lifes and you are enjoying stuff there. It looks like Jake had a good time in DC, thanks for the pics. I will send pics next week of everything. But keep doing the things that you are doing and have fun. Jayson stay strong and wrestle hard. And Jake have fun with track. Im loving the letters you send and Ive gotten two more from grandma, thanks. But it sounds like you are all doing well and having fun. I love hearing from you guys and love reading the letters. Keep going and having fun. I miss you guys, but I know Im down here for a reason. I dont know if I awnsered all your questions, so if I didnt just tell me.

Love ya all and stay strong,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hola de Perico!

Well hello. Well it sounds like everything is going good and well in your lives and I love to hear it. Well trasnfers came and Elder Rose left this morning to go to Tucuman and I stayed here in Perico. My new comp is Elder Donaldson from Utah and so far he seems like a really good guy. But things are good and hot. The weather here has been hot and muggy and its weird cus Im not sweating as much any more but its still hot and we get up into the 90s everyday so far. But things are good. Well some exciting news is that we had a baptism this last weekend for Rodrigo and two others that the other elders had. But it was cool to have my first baptism on the last weekend of the transfer. It was nice and special for him and for me. He has made a lot of sacrifices to make the decision and he loves it. For example when we taught the Word of Wisdom he said he wanted to change right then and quit smoking and drinking that night. But its hard for him cause everyone around is either smoking or drinking so its hard but he is doing it. And then we started teaching his mom yesterday and she seems interested but is slow to act, so hopefully we can get here to listen.

Things are good and special things are happening. This last sunday Rodrigo wanted me to confirm him a member, so that was an awesome experience for me and for him. Its weird cause all the blessings you give in spanish have to be done in tú and we speak in ustead so its a change. But it was good and Elder Rose said that I did a good job so I was happy. But things are good and it sounds like you are all doing well. I guess to awnser some questions you have, my favorite food here would ether be empañadas or fried potato cakes with meat inside. They are really good and filling. But the most common thing I have eatan would be milanesa, which is like a chicken fried stake with out gravy and served with rice. Its good but gets really old really fast. A lot of the food is fried even some of the desearts. But they are good and hopefully I sweat of the pounds. But the food is good and rich sometimes. Yesterday we ate at a members house that is a chef. He´s not a practicing chef but he cooks at home like a chef. And yesterday we had beef and it was amazingly tender and jucie. One of the things was from the upper part of the leg and the other was from the underside of the ribs. And the way he cooks is good, sorry dad. But its weird how my eating habits have changed, like yesterday the meat was really bloody and it bled everytime you cut it and was really pink inside and I just ate it like normal and the other thing is that I can handle eating fat. Its wierd but good.

But enough of me. It sounds like you are good and staying busy and Jake way to go on standing up for the Church. In the states a lot of the people are stuck on their religion and dont want to change and just want to fight until they think they are right. But good job and keep having fun. Jayson have fun with wrestling and really have fun with the braces. And Ralph and Grandma thanks for the letters and grandma I got it last thursday. But thanks for everything and I love reading your letters every p-day. Love ya all and if you have more questions just ask its not that hard. Love ya and keep having fun!

Te amo con mi todo corozón,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, March 1, 2010

La vida hermosa de Argentina‏

Buenos Dias!

Well hello and what a week it has been. I guess for starters address the earthquake. Im fine and it really didnt hit here in Perico and it kinda just felt like I was on a boat, it was kinda cool. But we were at our bishops house having lunch when we felt it and heard about it. But things are good Im fine just hot and tired. We have had a lot of rain but it has stoped for the last couple days. So its just hot and muggy. Its crazy how fast time goes by and that this is the last week of the transfer.

Things are good. We had two of our investigators come to church and hopefully we have a baptism this week. Rodrigo is the one that we hope that he gets baptised on saturday. But the trials for a starting to show them selves. He got a call from his doctor that he had over all of his papers and his doctor called him and said that he lost them and that he wasnt going to do it anymore. Its said and he is pretty bummed cause we was closer to having surgery and then that happened. So hopefully he can get things figured out before the week end. And its kinda hard cause he is in Jujuy for the next couple days and our next appointment with him is Wednesday. But he is a good guy and an amazing cook. Every time we go over there he has made something for us.

But things are going good and Im staying busy running around to appointments and finding new people to teach. Things are good. My comp and I did divisions this week with another companionship in Monterico. It was a good experience and I was with a Latino the whole time so it was good to work on spanish. But while we were doing divisions my comp found some people to teach and they are pretty cool. One is missing a leg and the other has tattoos all over his body. They are good people and really want to change and become better people. Its amazing how much faith some of these people have and that they are willing to give every thing to change sometimes. I learn something new everyday from the people here.

Things are good and Im loving it down here, other than the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb. Its kinda funny what names they have for me. The one I have heard the most is rubio which is Blondie. So its funny. I love it here and I love hearing about your life's. It sounds like your all doing well and working hard and enjoying life. Jake Im happy to here that you did good at state, and stay safe in DC. And Jayson have fun with the headgear. Oh and the money I took out was for me to buy personal stuff. So Im doing fine. I love ya guys and pray for ya everyday and look forward to reading what ya say.

Love ya all and stay safe!

Elder Jarret Wade