Monday, March 1, 2010

La vida hermosa de Argentina‏

Buenos Dias!

Well hello and what a week it has been. I guess for starters address the earthquake. Im fine and it really didnt hit here in Perico and it kinda just felt like I was on a boat, it was kinda cool. But we were at our bishops house having lunch when we felt it and heard about it. But things are good Im fine just hot and tired. We have had a lot of rain but it has stoped for the last couple days. So its just hot and muggy. Its crazy how fast time goes by and that this is the last week of the transfer.

Things are good. We had two of our investigators come to church and hopefully we have a baptism this week. Rodrigo is the one that we hope that he gets baptised on saturday. But the trials for a starting to show them selves. He got a call from his doctor that he had over all of his papers and his doctor called him and said that he lost them and that he wasnt going to do it anymore. Its said and he is pretty bummed cause we was closer to having surgery and then that happened. So hopefully he can get things figured out before the week end. And its kinda hard cause he is in Jujuy for the next couple days and our next appointment with him is Wednesday. But he is a good guy and an amazing cook. Every time we go over there he has made something for us.

But things are going good and Im staying busy running around to appointments and finding new people to teach. Things are good. My comp and I did divisions this week with another companionship in Monterico. It was a good experience and I was with a Latino the whole time so it was good to work on spanish. But while we were doing divisions my comp found some people to teach and they are pretty cool. One is missing a leg and the other has tattoos all over his body. They are good people and really want to change and become better people. Its amazing how much faith some of these people have and that they are willing to give every thing to change sometimes. I learn something new everyday from the people here.

Things are good and Im loving it down here, other than the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb. Its kinda funny what names they have for me. The one I have heard the most is rubio which is Blondie. So its funny. I love it here and I love hearing about your life's. It sounds like your all doing well and working hard and enjoying life. Jake Im happy to here that you did good at state, and stay safe in DC. And Jayson have fun with the headgear. Oh and the money I took out was for me to buy personal stuff. So Im doing fine. I love ya guys and pray for ya everyday and look forward to reading what ya say.

Love ya all and stay safe!

Elder Jarret Wade

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