Monday, February 22, 2010

Another week in Argentina

Well hello from down under.

Its sounds like you are all doing amazing with everything and are having fun. Congrats Jake for qualifying for state and I'm sure you will do awesome. Thanks for the pics I loved them and I love reading whats going on. By what you are saying it sounds like your staying busy and having fun. Well I guess to answer some of your questions. We did take a plane from Buenos Aires to Salta and then we took a bus from Salta to Jujuy and then a Remis to Perico. So that was a trip in of itself. And we just keep getting rain and rain and its just hot as hot. WE it rains it just doesn't sprinkle it pours and you get soaked just stepping outside. But its been nice other than the last couple days have been really hot again. But things are good.

Well the church decided to change the email system. They partnered with gmail to do it. So they gave me a new email so here it is So theres that. So far its pretty nice and works pretty good. just got to get used to a new email thats all.

So for this week we kinda stayed the same in investigators and lost some that didnt want to change. We picked up a new one and his name is Rodrigo and is really loving the lessons and wants to change. The only problem other than smoking is that he cant read. He has a tumor in one of his eyes and his other eye is misshaped so it makes it really hard to read and some of the other stuff we normally do with investigators. But we got the Book of Mormon on CD for him to listen to and for lessons we sometimes watch movies with him. He is a really good guy and really wants to change. Other than that we are teaching one other family that is really nice and willing to do what we ask them to do, except come to church. But they are nice and listen to the lessons. Its kinda cool cause if Rodrigo goes to church this sunday and is willing to change he can be baptised right before the transfer. So thats what Im praying for. But things are going good. Nothing really big has happened this week just consistently shut down in contacts. I laughed when you talked about Seth´s adventures so far down in the Philippines. Cause I dont have to deal with huge bugs in my appartment, other than cockroaches and we normally kill them with some raid and then burn them with body spray and a lighter. And Im lucky enough to have a toilet with a seat. The only thing I had to get used to was the budea.

But things are good. Elder Rose and I are continually working and striving to be better. Its crazy how fast things go and how this transfer is almost done. Its gone by so fast and its been nice that way. I always love hearing from you and love seeing whats happining with life. I love ya all and I wish the best for you all. And Jake wrestle hard at state and especially have fun with it.

I love ya all and Your always in my prayers,

Elder Jarret Wade

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