Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well hello and greetings from Perico! Well things are going good and we are still working hard. For teaching, we are still teaching most of the same group and we have some news. We are still teaching Rodrigo and his mom and she is slowly making progress and she loves to have us over. She said that they could tell a difference when we were there and when we left. We watched the restoration movie yesterday and she loved it, but I wish we could take out a fetcha for her but thats hard with Rodrigo not telling her. We are teaching the Familia Sebedra and they are progressing very well and we have a fetcha with them. We are teaching a part member family and they are making progress. The two daughters are not members and the youngest loves the lessions and wants to get baptised, but ht e oldest not so much. She is making progress but we are making progress, but we keep finding things our about her that kinda bug ya. We found out that she was abused last year by her step dad and now doesnt have any trust in anyone. But she is progresing. Other than that we dont have anyone really progresing.

But things are going good here. We have nice weather and we are working hard with it. Yesterday we had stake confrence and we got a new stake president. But at the confrence we had two seventies and our mission president. We were in anouther building so we didnt get to meet them. But it was good. And we had two people show up for it, the part member family. But things are going good and things are moving. Its just crazy how fast time flies and how much your feel like you dont have enough time to do anything. But this week should be good. ITs crazy that in two weeks I get to call you and just tell you all the things we do. So I dont know what would be better for you. I got permission from president to call both of you so I was thinking that I would call your cell phones if that would work. Rodrigo has a land line so he said that we could use that to call. So just tell me what you think.

But things are going good. I know that I still havent sent any fotos, but all the cybers are closed and the only one open doesnt accept the usb port. So I will get a CD put togeather and see if I can send it. The weather is good. Its not so hot and not so cold but the nights are pretty chilly. But thats fall for ya. This week we are eating dinner at Rodrigos on thursday and guess what we are going to eat! Empanadas de llama!! so that will be interesting. But it should be good. Yes, I live in a four man appartment. And the other Elders are Elder Dibb from Minico, Idaho and Elder Shuman from Spanish Fork, Utah. So there are two of us from Idaho and two from Utah. So thats pretty cool. So thats them and they are pretty cool. We get along pretty dang good and we joke around a lot between the four of us.

But it sounds like you guys are going good and having fun. Sounds like the Jazz are doing good and that Jake is running amazing times, Just keep it up and earn the man cards. And tell stutz that he can do it and keep it up. And dad it sounds like your going to have fun with a whole ton of pups, good luck. Well I got a letter from Chance and it sounds like he is doing good and loving your class. Well it sounds like you all are doing good and always having fun. I love you and I love reading your letters. Good luck and have fun with your lifes and tell everyone hi for me.

Te amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

ps nobody believes that I had long hair, send some pics of home and other fun things.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well hello from Perico, Again! Well here is some news. I didnt get transfered so this might be my last transfer in Perico. But Im happy that Im staying here. We have some stuff set up for this transfer, so Im happy. But Elder Rowland left to his last area. Elder Rowland was one of the other Elders that are living with us. He was a good elder and friend. He is from Wyoming and guess what city.... Sheriden! But he was cool and its going to be weird without him. But other than that things are going good. Elder Donaldson and I are still working hard like always and are still teaching some of the same people last week. We are still teaching Rodrigos mom and she is slowly progressing, but we cant really set a baptism date with her cause Rodrigo still hasnt told her that he is baptised. But the family ortega is a bit of a disapointment. That is becuase everytime we set up a cita with them they are never there, so thats whats up with them. But we are finding and teaching more. We have a family that we have had for over a couple of weeks and they are nice, but super catholic and thats always hard. We are teaching the mom and the daughter, but the daughter goes to a super catholic university and is really good friends with the pastor. And they always say that they dont want to change religions and are really strong in the church. But we have one good family and they are the familia sabedra. We are teaching three of the sisters and all three of them have came to church but at different times. But they are good and always listening.

But thats that. But for news about me where to start. I am a little sick but not bad just a small cold. It is because the weather is crazy here. For example, we had a week where it was chily and then it sudenly changes to where it is 70-80 degrees and thats what has killed me. I got a nickname down here and everyone says it in the street. The name is El Polaco or Polish. It is because there is a singer down here whos name is el polaco and everyone listens to him and they think I look like him. So I get called that a good five or six times a day. I will send a pic of him so you can judge for yourself. But other than that not much has gone on here in Perico. Well I guess this morning after Elder Rowland left we started cleaning and we cleaned for about a couple of hours so I guess that proves that I do clean! HA!

But things are going good and we are always working. The language is coming and I like it. I had to give a talk yesterday in church and I had a lot of comments on my language and how I have improved. So it is coming. The food is always good, sometimes. I love the food and I almost died eating a pepper the other day. But things are going good, the cloths are still holding up and havent started to fade yet so thats good. I stopped sweating as much now, but it has gotten cooler now to and thats weird. So ya the only thing weird is the change in weather. It is almost may and the weather is cooling. But oh well I´ll get used to it. But things are going good and it sounds like things are going good in your lifes. Congrats on getting married Geana and good luck with everyting. Jake keep running hard and those times are amazing times, good luck and get that man card. I love you all and I love reading what is going on in your lifes.

Os deseo suerte y os amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, April 12, 2010

Well greetings from Perico. Well to start, Im doing fine just getting used to the weather changing. But things are going good. this past week we had some cool days. So that was nice cause it wasnt so hot. But today warmed up and is as hot as it usually is. but things are good and we are working hard as usual. So today we didnt really do anything. We found out last night that we werent going to Humauaca cause Pres said it was to far. So we stayed here in Perico and went shoping. We went and hit the argetina feria and bought some CDs and then went to the american feria and looked for cloths. Its cool cause the stuff is cheep. They sell cds that have around 100 songs for 5 pesos, thats one dollar. So I think thats pretty cool. And then we came here to email.

But for this week for work we did decent. We didnt complet with our goal for member present but for everything else we did decent. We are still teaching Rodrigos mom and she is slowly progressing. She has had a lot of questions about Jehova. And if it is christ or God. The main reason she is confused is that she is reading out of the "santas escrituras" the bible of the Jehovas Witnesses. So that messed up things and she still doesnt know that Rodrigo is baptised, so thats anouther wall to get over. But she is good. We found anouther family that is related to a member family in the ward and we started to teach them last night. We keep finding new families and I hope everyday that they continue to progress. And there are always the people that we find that quite arent there. But the things are going good. Yesterday was good. During sacrement meeting I got called on to give a baby blessing. That was crazy but awesome. The kid I did it for is about 4 years old and is super funny. But the blessing was unexpected and i was unprepared. Cause I figured I wouldnt give one untill I had a kid but oh well. His name is Damian Flores and is super funny and cool. He doesnt have a dad so I was honored to give it. But things are going good and people are slowly progressing.
I love it here in Argentina and I love to see the sights around us everyday. Some of the time the mountains and everything remind me of the pictures from the book of mormon. Just everything is green and lovely. The food is always something to get used to but it is usually good. We ate at Rodrigos for lunch yesterday and we had empenadas arabic. They are amazingly good. But lately the thing that I have eaten is milanesa. Its a really fine cut meat that is breaded and deep fried. So its kinda like chicken fried steak. But thats good. Im glad that I havent gotten sick yet, knock on wood. But the things are going good and Im still getting along with my comp and we always joke around. Its jsut crazy that this week is the last week of the transfer. So who knows if I get transfered or not. Elder Rowland thinks that him and I are getting transfered this time. But who knows. The language is coming but slowly, but Im getting enough confidence to talk to the members more and I usually have conversations with Rodrigo. But things are good and I am continuing to learn new things everyday. Its nice to hear from you guys and I love to read about the things that are going on.

I love you guys and I feel your love everyday. Tell everyone hi from me and that I love them and miss them too.
Te amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, April 5, 2010

Buenas Tardes‏

Greetings from down south. Well things were interesting this week. We didnt get to work a whole lot this week due to two things. First we had zone confrence on Friday and then general confrence saturday and sunday. So much of our work time was shot, but oh well it was good. This week on news we have found some new families and are teaching them, but the best family we are teaching would be the Familia Ortega. They are pretty cool. we found the wife a while ago and are starting to teach the husband. I... the wife has came to church once and loved it, but they missed yesterday. But things are going good. We are finding new people everyday, but we are dropping people every once and a while. Andres missed out on comming yesterday. But we had one really good investigator come to church yesterday, Rodrigo´s mom. That was cool. She came with him and the whole ward from Perico. And she loved it. During the first session of sunday I guess she was crying and loved every moment of it. Her and Rodrigo both have lots of questions about confrence so we are meeting with them later this week to discuss them. But things are good here.

This week was filled with a bunch of different events. First was zone confrence. The confrence was good and I learned a lot. Most of it was on how to get investigators to church. And it was good to see some of the other missionaries and talk to president. And then that night we were calling in the numbers to the zone leaders and they decided to play a joke on me for april fools. They said that I was getting emergency transford to an area in tucuman on the following monday. they got me pretty good. And then we had confrence. I loved it. We were in San Salvador Jujuy, the capital of Jujuy, for it. It was good and exciting. It was pretty cool, because they had a english room for the missionaries. So I got to watch it in english. that was awesome. I love listening to it and I learned a tons. To me it sounded like they were focusing more on the families and the youth of the church. Which is good cause more and more things are comming into the world. I loved it and probably my favorite talk would be ether Elder Holland or Pres. Monson on priesthood. They were all amazing talks and I loved taking notes on it. And then we talked with Rodrigo and his mom about it and they both loved it. Rodrigo went to all sessions with us and loved them all. But that was basically this week for me.

For easter here they have egg, but not much of the easter bunny. That morming there was a pararde in front of our appartment. and the weird thing was the parade was for the virgen mary and not for christ. I thought it was pretty funny, that on this day we celebrate the resurection of Christ and they, the catholics, celebrate the Virgen Mary. And its weird that the cultures are completly different. For today we went to Palpala and took some pics with the sculptures. Palpala is a city about 30 min. from perico. And there are tons of little statues around the city. And then next week the zone leaders said that we might go to Humahuaca and see the sites. But thats what we have done. Its just crazy how fast time goes and that we only have two more weeks of this transfer. But thats that. But I still cant get used to everyday there is a ciesta from 1-5 in the afternoon. During this everyone sleeps, except for the missionaries, and it sucks sometimes to knock during this time. But oh well its the life down here. But I love it down here and look forward to everyday. I know that this church is true with all my heart and that we are here for a special reason and purpose. I love to see how the church changes the lifes of the people and how it is correct no matter what opposition it faces. I love it and Im so gratfull for this chance that I have to be here in Argentina. I love hearing from you guys and that you are all doing fine. Congarats Jake on winning Spirit Leader. Again it sounds like your going to be busy as always. And Jayson keep kicking butt. I love you all and love reading what you have to say about your lifes. Good luck with everything and always remember that I am praying for you everyday.

I love ya and keep smilling and always have fun,

Elder Jarret Wade