Monday, April 19, 2010


Well hello from Perico, Again! Well here is some news. I didnt get transfered so this might be my last transfer in Perico. But Im happy that Im staying here. We have some stuff set up for this transfer, so Im happy. But Elder Rowland left to his last area. Elder Rowland was one of the other Elders that are living with us. He was a good elder and friend. He is from Wyoming and guess what city.... Sheriden! But he was cool and its going to be weird without him. But other than that things are going good. Elder Donaldson and I are still working hard like always and are still teaching some of the same people last week. We are still teaching Rodrigos mom and she is slowly progressing, but we cant really set a baptism date with her cause Rodrigo still hasnt told her that he is baptised. But the family ortega is a bit of a disapointment. That is becuase everytime we set up a cita with them they are never there, so thats whats up with them. But we are finding and teaching more. We have a family that we have had for over a couple of weeks and they are nice, but super catholic and thats always hard. We are teaching the mom and the daughter, but the daughter goes to a super catholic university and is really good friends with the pastor. And they always say that they dont want to change religions and are really strong in the church. But we have one good family and they are the familia sabedra. We are teaching three of the sisters and all three of them have came to church but at different times. But they are good and always listening.

But thats that. But for news about me where to start. I am a little sick but not bad just a small cold. It is because the weather is crazy here. For example, we had a week where it was chily and then it sudenly changes to where it is 70-80 degrees and thats what has killed me. I got a nickname down here and everyone says it in the street. The name is El Polaco or Polish. It is because there is a singer down here whos name is el polaco and everyone listens to him and they think I look like him. So I get called that a good five or six times a day. I will send a pic of him so you can judge for yourself. But other than that not much has gone on here in Perico. Well I guess this morning after Elder Rowland left we started cleaning and we cleaned for about a couple of hours so I guess that proves that I do clean! HA!

But things are going good and we are always working. The language is coming and I like it. I had to give a talk yesterday in church and I had a lot of comments on my language and how I have improved. So it is coming. The food is always good, sometimes. I love the food and I almost died eating a pepper the other day. But things are going good, the cloths are still holding up and havent started to fade yet so thats good. I stopped sweating as much now, but it has gotten cooler now to and thats weird. So ya the only thing weird is the change in weather. It is almost may and the weather is cooling. But oh well I´ll get used to it. But things are going good and it sounds like things are going good in your lifes. Congrats on getting married Geana and good luck with everyting. Jake keep running hard and those times are amazing times, good luck and get that man card. I love you all and I love reading what is going on in your lifes.

Os deseo suerte y os amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

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