Monday, April 12, 2010

Well greetings from Perico. Well to start, Im doing fine just getting used to the weather changing. But things are going good. this past week we had some cool days. So that was nice cause it wasnt so hot. But today warmed up and is as hot as it usually is. but things are good and we are working hard as usual. So today we didnt really do anything. We found out last night that we werent going to Humauaca cause Pres said it was to far. So we stayed here in Perico and went shoping. We went and hit the argetina feria and bought some CDs and then went to the american feria and looked for cloths. Its cool cause the stuff is cheep. They sell cds that have around 100 songs for 5 pesos, thats one dollar. So I think thats pretty cool. And then we came here to email.

But for this week for work we did decent. We didnt complet with our goal for member present but for everything else we did decent. We are still teaching Rodrigos mom and she is slowly progressing. She has had a lot of questions about Jehova. And if it is christ or God. The main reason she is confused is that she is reading out of the "santas escrituras" the bible of the Jehovas Witnesses. So that messed up things and she still doesnt know that Rodrigo is baptised, so thats anouther wall to get over. But she is good. We found anouther family that is related to a member family in the ward and we started to teach them last night. We keep finding new families and I hope everyday that they continue to progress. And there are always the people that we find that quite arent there. But the things are going good. Yesterday was good. During sacrement meeting I got called on to give a baby blessing. That was crazy but awesome. The kid I did it for is about 4 years old and is super funny. But the blessing was unexpected and i was unprepared. Cause I figured I wouldnt give one untill I had a kid but oh well. His name is Damian Flores and is super funny and cool. He doesnt have a dad so I was honored to give it. But things are going good and people are slowly progressing.
I love it here in Argentina and I love to see the sights around us everyday. Some of the time the mountains and everything remind me of the pictures from the book of mormon. Just everything is green and lovely. The food is always something to get used to but it is usually good. We ate at Rodrigos for lunch yesterday and we had empenadas arabic. They are amazingly good. But lately the thing that I have eaten is milanesa. Its a really fine cut meat that is breaded and deep fried. So its kinda like chicken fried steak. But thats good. Im glad that I havent gotten sick yet, knock on wood. But the things are going good and Im still getting along with my comp and we always joke around. Its jsut crazy that this week is the last week of the transfer. So who knows if I get transfered or not. Elder Rowland thinks that him and I are getting transfered this time. But who knows. The language is coming but slowly, but Im getting enough confidence to talk to the members more and I usually have conversations with Rodrigo. But things are good and I am continuing to learn new things everyday. Its nice to hear from you guys and I love to read about the things that are going on.

I love you guys and I feel your love everyday. Tell everyone hi from me and that I love them and miss them too.
Te amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

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