Monday, August 29, 2011

What who said that I was 21 now!!!‏

I honestly cant believe that Im 21 now, but oh well and Greetings from down south!!

Well things have been pretty crazy this week, but it was a good one. We did a lot and we got a lot done. I think that this week was one of our best weeks, I loved it. We are still working with a lot of our investigators and some of them are closer than last time and some we have dropped. We are working with a lot of the same families and they are going good. The main family that we are teaching are progressing and they want to get baptized but they need to get married first. We found quite a bit of people and we taught quite a bit as well. Yesterday we had four people in church, three of them we were exptecting and the other we did not expect at all. But it was really nice and there were quite a bit of members there as well. But things went good this week and we are looking forward to this week being a good one.

We are doing go and we keep working hard here in Jujuy. My comp is pretty much amazing and keeps working hard like usual. This week was pretty hecktic and we ran all over the place. I did divisions with the zone leaders and then anouther companionship the next day. After that I was pretty dead tired and wanted to work in my own area. My comp and I worked hard this week and we completed with every goal except baptisms. We are looking to do it again this week and make bigger strides in everything. We taught 33 lessons this week and its the most that we have done here, I was happy. The weather here has been pretty crazy and pretty hot. It looks like we are in or going into summer, weird. There is wind but its a hot wind and it makes everything just misserable. But we still keep on pushing. In church I have a calling basically, music cordinator. So every sunday Im up front leading the music. Im learning to play the piano, so that may come in handy some time. You will never guess what I like now.... Peanut butter. I found it down here and every morning I eat some, wierd. Thanks for the package and I love it all, especially RUN FOREST RUN!! Today was interesting. We had a party/lunch with the family that lives in front. We made pizza and had a good time. Like every party, apparently I got hit with eggs, flour, and barbique sauce, it was mighty lovely. I got hit in the mouth with an egg and it cut up my gums a little bit, but its all good.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying everything up there. Thanks for everything. God luck with all that you do, and Jayson good job on soccer. Dad i loved the pics and Happy late birthday, I found you something here,dont worry. I love you all and Im greatfull for all that you do.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hola y saludos de Argentina!!‏

Well hello family and friends. I hope that youre all good!!

Wow, I cant believe that this last week went by this fast, too fast. But things are going good and we seem to be having some progress in a lot of areas. This week we had quite the week for us but it was a good hard week, but I felt good about it. We have many people who are progressing towards baptism but they lack just a little bit more. We taught and found quite a bit of people, so with most of the results I was happy with it. We have a few that are closer than others but they are all about there. Yesterday we had five people in church, I was happy. Sad thing is that we cant baptise a couple of them because theyre not married but we are working on that with them. I think the big problem is that most people dont get married because they think that they need a party or that there are a lot of people who get married and then a while later get divorced. So we have to tell them that its a commandment that we need to get married and there is no need for a party. But things are going good. We have an investigator that is amazing and we found here about three weeks ago and she is now in 2 Nephi in her reading, amazing!! So we have a lot going for us here in Jujuy.

And now as for my comp and I we are good. My comp is still doing good and still is pushing me to work hard these last months. He gets frustrated but he calms down and listens to help people. He is an amazing cook and he makes stuff out of nothing. This last week we didnt have lunch at all with any of the members, so we were by ourselves, but we survived. Im doing ok. This week was good and full of surprises for me, lots of them. My knee has been acting up but I just push through it and try to go on with it. I had to do a couple interviews this week and they went well and they got baptised. I worked with Elder Roca this week and it was like old times but better. But we are doing good and we keep going onwards. Today was a relaxing day and we did quite a bit. This morning my comp and I cleaned the whole pension, and its spotless. And then we are trying to fix a leak and we ended up having a fight we the plumbing, water everywhere. But it was a good day and a good week. Now I get to do divisions with two other companionships tuesday and wendsday in anouther area, what fun. But things are going good and seem to be getting better.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your time. Mom and Jayson good luck with school and have fun. Thats cool that seth and I might be traveling togeather, we will see. I love you guys and yes I got your package, but Im waiting till next monday to open it. Thanks for everything that you do.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tan rapido pasa el tiempo!!‏

Well hello family and friends from good old Argentina!!

Wow I cant believe that this week ended and that we are starting a new week. This week was a good week for us here in Maiano Moreno. Things aregoing good and we seem to have some things going for us here. This week was a better week than last week and I was happy with what we did. We found quite a bit of people that like what we teach and want to learn more. So Im happy to see that there is some what of progress here. Yesterday we only had one investigator come to church, the only consistent one. See came last week with her kids and yesterday as well. They love church and the kids, ages 8 and 7, love it and ask if they can come back every sunday. They are a really cool family and they love it. The husband is a member but hasnt gone in years and we are teaching the wife and the kids. They want to get baptised but the only thing that is hindering them is that they arent married, but we are working on that. So things are going good and I like what is happening. President changed the goals of the mission and made it so that we are focusing more in the people we teach and actually want to help them. So things are going good.

As for us in other news, we are good. My comp still is a stud and keeps pushing me to get better and Im pushing him as well. We have a good companionship going here and I hope that we continue to work hard these next weeks. We keep pushing each other and the other elders as well. For me Im doing good and trying to keep up with my comp. I did divisoins on monday and tuesday last week with the zone leaders and it went well. I was with Elder Oviedo, from chile, and we got quite a bit of work done and I was happy. We taught an older man who is almost deaf and it went rather interesting. We basically screamed the whole lesson but I liked it and I had fun doing it. My knee is doing alright and Im trying to hold on. It gets tired faster and starts to get sore but I try to push through it and keep working and my comp is helping me a lot with it. This week we got contacted quite a bit but it wasnt normal; the majority of them were drunk and wanted to talk with us and try to help them. All that we can do is tell them that they need to leave the alcohol and grow closer to God. But this week should be a good week and hopefully better than last week. We have interviews with President this week and Im looking forward to them.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your time before school starts, for those who go to school. Uncle Brian get better and try not to be to friendly to those wasps, they have one here that will put you in the hospital for a while. I love you all and I love your letters every week. the package is in Salta so I have to wait until wendsday to get it, should I wait till my b-day to open it? Thanks for everything you do and for your love. Tell everyone that I say hi.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Last week's letter .. Aug 8th

Well greetings good old family and friends!!

I cant believe that time keeps on flying by here in Argentina. Things are going good and we seem to have some things going for us. This week was a tough week, but it also was a good one. It was a harder week for us but we worked through it and we got some work done. We had a hard time working and finding new people to teach but we have some plans to help with that. We only found one new investigator this week and I got somewhat frustrated. We are working with some really good people and they seem that they have a huge desear to change for the better. Yesterday we had four investigators in church, all we different ones from last week. We even had one stand up and give his testimony. It was super cool and surprising. My comp and I werent expecting it at all but it was really nice. He asked for help from the members in his journey, so it was really good. So we have some things going for us here in Moreno but it will be sometime I think. We have people that are progressing but it will take some time but its all good.

Well as for my campanion and I are doing, we are doing good. He is a stud and loves to work and motivate me to work. We work good as a team and I like being here with him. The thing about this area is that we dont have a lot of lunches, so we end up cooking here at home. And another good thing about my comp is that he loves to cook and is an amazing cook. Yesterday we, mostly him, cooked up some good chicken and dumplings. So Im learning a lot from him about different foods and how to make them. Im doing alright, but like usuall could be better. My knee is doing alright, but its starting to give me more problems. Yesterday I had to stop working because I couldnt walk anymore. But Im trying to take care of it but its all a matter of time I believe. Yesterday I ran into Rodrigo`s mom, Helita. It was so good to see her, she even said that I´ve gotten bigger, I dont know? But things are going good here.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your time. I loved the pics and sounds like it was fun, so HAPPY B-DAY JAYSON!!! I love you all and I wish the best for all of you.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 1, 2011

What Agosto!!‏

Elder Wade, Elder Roco, and Elder Lessing and family of girl that he baptized

Elder Lessing- Birthday
Wow I honestly cant believe that we are now in August!! Greetings!!

Well hello family and friends and greetings from good old Jujuy! This week was a good week for all of us here in Jujuy. It was a good week but it had a few crazy trips in it as well. I love my new area and I believe that its going to be a good one. This area is in the middle class and its the first time that Im really, almost, in centro. We have quite a few investigators that look like they are making progress and are close to baptism. The are in reality is pretty small but the thing about it is its all on a hill. So everyday we are climbing or walking down the hill. So if you can tell my knee starts to get really tired towards the end of the day, but its all good. The craziest thing that I had to do this week was an interview. But it went well but she wanted me to baptise her, wierd, but I ended up baptising her. It was super wierd and kind of awkward, but it went well. But things are going good and they should be getting better here in Moriano Moreno.

Well as for my comp and I we are doing good. My comp is a stud and he loves to work and also have a good time. It was his birthday on saturday so we were trying to have a good time and we did. Today we celebrated his birthday with the member family that live in front of us. It was a good time and we ate asado, BBQ, and an awesome cake. The tradition here is to throw eggs, flour and whatever else at who ever is celebrating his birthday, so we did it to my comp. It was a blast and I took some pics so I will send them to you guys. As for me Im doing good. The interview was for the zone leaders, who are in my district, and they said that it was cool for them for me to baptise her. So I didnt even have a full week in my area and I was already baptising. But Im doing good and Im enjoying my time here in Jujuy. Our weather has been pretty crazy down here, first hot and then this weekend was super cold and raining. But it should be better this week.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your time up there. I loved the pics and you guys look good. Good luck with all that you do and enjoy everything. I love you guys anbd I wish the best for all of you.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade