Monday, August 29, 2011

What who said that I was 21 now!!!‏

I honestly cant believe that Im 21 now, but oh well and Greetings from down south!!

Well things have been pretty crazy this week, but it was a good one. We did a lot and we got a lot done. I think that this week was one of our best weeks, I loved it. We are still working with a lot of our investigators and some of them are closer than last time and some we have dropped. We are working with a lot of the same families and they are going good. The main family that we are teaching are progressing and they want to get baptized but they need to get married first. We found quite a bit of people and we taught quite a bit as well. Yesterday we had four people in church, three of them we were exptecting and the other we did not expect at all. But it was really nice and there were quite a bit of members there as well. But things went good this week and we are looking forward to this week being a good one.

We are doing go and we keep working hard here in Jujuy. My comp is pretty much amazing and keeps working hard like usual. This week was pretty hecktic and we ran all over the place. I did divisions with the zone leaders and then anouther companionship the next day. After that I was pretty dead tired and wanted to work in my own area. My comp and I worked hard this week and we completed with every goal except baptisms. We are looking to do it again this week and make bigger strides in everything. We taught 33 lessons this week and its the most that we have done here, I was happy. The weather here has been pretty crazy and pretty hot. It looks like we are in or going into summer, weird. There is wind but its a hot wind and it makes everything just misserable. But we still keep on pushing. In church I have a calling basically, music cordinator. So every sunday Im up front leading the music. Im learning to play the piano, so that may come in handy some time. You will never guess what I like now.... Peanut butter. I found it down here and every morning I eat some, wierd. Thanks for the package and I love it all, especially RUN FOREST RUN!! Today was interesting. We had a party/lunch with the family that lives in front. We made pizza and had a good time. Like every party, apparently I got hit with eggs, flour, and barbique sauce, it was mighty lovely. I got hit in the mouth with an egg and it cut up my gums a little bit, but its all good.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying everything up there. Thanks for everything. God luck with all that you do, and Jayson good job on soccer. Dad i loved the pics and Happy late birthday, I found you something here,dont worry. I love you all and Im greatfull for all that you do.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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