Monday, August 15, 2011

Tan rapido pasa el tiempo!!‏

Well hello family and friends from good old Argentina!!

Wow I cant believe that this week ended and that we are starting a new week. This week was a good week for us here in Maiano Moreno. Things aregoing good and we seem to have some things going for us here. This week was a better week than last week and I was happy with what we did. We found quite a bit of people that like what we teach and want to learn more. So Im happy to see that there is some what of progress here. Yesterday we only had one investigator come to church, the only consistent one. See came last week with her kids and yesterday as well. They love church and the kids, ages 8 and 7, love it and ask if they can come back every sunday. They are a really cool family and they love it. The husband is a member but hasnt gone in years and we are teaching the wife and the kids. They want to get baptised but the only thing that is hindering them is that they arent married, but we are working on that. So things are going good and I like what is happening. President changed the goals of the mission and made it so that we are focusing more in the people we teach and actually want to help them. So things are going good.

As for us in other news, we are good. My comp still is a stud and keeps pushing me to get better and Im pushing him as well. We have a good companionship going here and I hope that we continue to work hard these next weeks. We keep pushing each other and the other elders as well. For me Im doing good and trying to keep up with my comp. I did divisoins on monday and tuesday last week with the zone leaders and it went well. I was with Elder Oviedo, from chile, and we got quite a bit of work done and I was happy. We taught an older man who is almost deaf and it went rather interesting. We basically screamed the whole lesson but I liked it and I had fun doing it. My knee is doing alright and Im trying to hold on. It gets tired faster and starts to get sore but I try to push through it and keep working and my comp is helping me a lot with it. This week we got contacted quite a bit but it wasnt normal; the majority of them were drunk and wanted to talk with us and try to help them. All that we can do is tell them that they need to leave the alcohol and grow closer to God. But this week should be a good week and hopefully better than last week. We have interviews with President this week and Im looking forward to them.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your time before school starts, for those who go to school. Uncle Brian get better and try not to be to friendly to those wasps, they have one here that will put you in the hospital for a while. I love you all and I love your letters every week. the package is in Salta so I have to wait until wendsday to get it, should I wait till my b-day to open it? Thanks for everything you do and for your love. Tell everyone that I say hi.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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