Monday, August 22, 2011

Hola y saludos de Argentina!!‏

Well hello family and friends. I hope that youre all good!!

Wow, I cant believe that this last week went by this fast, too fast. But things are going good and we seem to be having some progress in a lot of areas. This week we had quite the week for us but it was a good hard week, but I felt good about it. We have many people who are progressing towards baptism but they lack just a little bit more. We taught and found quite a bit of people, so with most of the results I was happy with it. We have a few that are closer than others but they are all about there. Yesterday we had five people in church, I was happy. Sad thing is that we cant baptise a couple of them because theyre not married but we are working on that with them. I think the big problem is that most people dont get married because they think that they need a party or that there are a lot of people who get married and then a while later get divorced. So we have to tell them that its a commandment that we need to get married and there is no need for a party. But things are going good. We have an investigator that is amazing and we found here about three weeks ago and she is now in 2 Nephi in her reading, amazing!! So we have a lot going for us here in Jujuy.

And now as for my comp and I we are good. My comp is still doing good and still is pushing me to work hard these last months. He gets frustrated but he calms down and listens to help people. He is an amazing cook and he makes stuff out of nothing. This last week we didnt have lunch at all with any of the members, so we were by ourselves, but we survived. Im doing ok. This week was good and full of surprises for me, lots of them. My knee has been acting up but I just push through it and try to go on with it. I had to do a couple interviews this week and they went well and they got baptised. I worked with Elder Roca this week and it was like old times but better. But we are doing good and we keep going onwards. Today was a relaxing day and we did quite a bit. This morning my comp and I cleaned the whole pension, and its spotless. And then we are trying to fix a leak and we ended up having a fight we the plumbing, water everywhere. But it was a good day and a good week. Now I get to do divisions with two other companionships tuesday and wendsday in anouther area, what fun. But things are going good and seem to be getting better.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your time. Mom and Jayson good luck with school and have fun. Thats cool that seth and I might be traveling togeather, we will see. I love you guys and yes I got your package, but Im waiting till next monday to open it. Thanks for everything that you do.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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