Monday, August 1, 2011

What Agosto!!‏

Elder Wade, Elder Roco, and Elder Lessing and family of girl that he baptized

Elder Lessing- Birthday
Wow I honestly cant believe that we are now in August!! Greetings!!

Well hello family and friends and greetings from good old Jujuy! This week was a good week for all of us here in Jujuy. It was a good week but it had a few crazy trips in it as well. I love my new area and I believe that its going to be a good one. This area is in the middle class and its the first time that Im really, almost, in centro. We have quite a few investigators that look like they are making progress and are close to baptism. The are in reality is pretty small but the thing about it is its all on a hill. So everyday we are climbing or walking down the hill. So if you can tell my knee starts to get really tired towards the end of the day, but its all good. The craziest thing that I had to do this week was an interview. But it went well but she wanted me to baptise her, wierd, but I ended up baptising her. It was super wierd and kind of awkward, but it went well. But things are going good and they should be getting better here in Moriano Moreno.

Well as for my comp and I we are doing good. My comp is a stud and he loves to work and also have a good time. It was his birthday on saturday so we were trying to have a good time and we did. Today we celebrated his birthday with the member family that live in front of us. It was a good time and we ate asado, BBQ, and an awesome cake. The tradition here is to throw eggs, flour and whatever else at who ever is celebrating his birthday, so we did it to my comp. It was a blast and I took some pics so I will send them to you guys. As for me Im doing good. The interview was for the zone leaders, who are in my district, and they said that it was cool for them for me to baptise her. So I didnt even have a full week in my area and I was already baptising. But Im doing good and Im enjoying my time here in Jujuy. Our weather has been pretty crazy down here, first hot and then this weekend was super cold and raining. But it should be better this week.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your time up there. I loved the pics and you guys look good. Good luck with all that you do and enjoy everything. I love you guys anbd I wish the best for all of you.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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