Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter- Hola !

Well hello family and friends up north!!

Well can I say that it has been a crazy week for us down here. We had a pretty good week but as always it could have been better. Well we didnt have our baptism because her family took to Tartagal, a city up north about 5 hours from here. But I really dont know what is going on with her. You can kinda tell that her family is kinda opposing the whole thing, but we just need to talk with her. Other than that things went well. We completed with most of our goals and we seem to have things going here. But the only thing hard for us is having people come to church, but we are working on that. We didnt have anyone come but I hope that this weekend we do. But things are going good, but I just cant believe that they are going this fast.

Well as for my comp and I we are doing good. This week was not as hard as I thought it would have been, for easter and everything. Its kinda funny to see that its about the only time that people here go to church. Basically this whole week was a holiday for everyone, the whole Holy Week. But it went well. AS for me Im doing good. My knee has been giving me some problems but its doing alright. This week has been interesting to see all the reactions to everyone. Its about the only week that people really "think" about christ, sadly. And we saw some many different views of everything. During lunch we saw a couple movies about christ and they both showed different views, especially baptism. But it was a good week for everything. Our weather has been really nice this week and you can really tell that its almost winter. The nights are getting chilly and there is some wind, but I cant complain. Well this week is the last week of the transfer, crazy huh? Its going by way to fast for me. Today we went to the mission ofices and I talked with the Hermana Nortcutt. Its so weird that they go home in just over six weeks. Today was fun and we didnt do a ton. I guess the only thing we really did was play tennis. I played a little bit but not hard. But ya that was about it.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying the spring time. Im sorry to here about Aunt Laurna I hope that she gets better. Well I hope that you enjoy this week and that you have fun. I love you guys and I look forward to reading what you say everyweek. Im sorry that I havent sent any pics. I have been having a problem with the memory card but Im getting it figured out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally today :)

Well I honestly hope that this one works.

Well sorry for last week. The Cyber that we went to didnt work to well and I couldnt get anything through, so thats why I didnt write, sorry. But everything is going good and Im enjoying this area. Well these last two weeks have been pretty good and we have been working pretty good together. We have had some success finding new investigators and having the ones we have progress. I guess the hard thing here is having investigators get to church. Last week we only had one in chruch and yesterday we didnt have anybody at conference. It has been tough but its been fun. We have a couple people that are progressing towards baptism. We have a baptism planned for this week. Here name is Celeste and is 18 and is the cousin of a member. She is really cool and loves everything. We are trying to see her desire to be baptized. I believe that she will do it. But other than that we dont have a ton. But things are going good down here in good old Salta.

Well now time about us!! Well my comp is Elder Grzelak and he is from Buenas Aires, last name is polish. He is a stud and loves to work. He has about 7 months in the mission, but he knows how to work. I live in an apartment with two other elders, Elder Luthi, Florida, and Elder Orê, from Peru. We live on the fourth floor so its always a climb up. Our area is Santa Ana and is the south part of Salta capital. It is actually a pretty small area, but we have a couple of areas that are just outside that we have to go in Bus. But it is a good area. The people area great and very loving. So Im looking forward to see what happens here. Well Im doing good just loving and enjoying life. We watched all five sessions of confrence, and they were amazing. Both days some of the members brought us lunch and we ate it between sessions. Its nice because us, the gringos, we have a room all to ourselves to watch in English. I loved the conference and I just hate that it goes by way to fast. Its cool to hear that they announced another temple in Idaho, I guess that will be number five, yay. But things are going good. Well today for our Pday we went to a place called Campo Quijano and chilled as a zone. We didnt do much but we still had fun. Since I couldnt do much I sat and help cook and we played UNO and Monopoly but in cards. It was fun to chill with the zone. Afterword we went to Libertad and went bowling, but I played pool and Air hockey with Elder Luthi. It was fun and the weather has been great down here. It hasnt been too hot or to cold but you can tell that its starting to cool down, almost winter! But things are going good down here and Im loving it.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing well and enjoying your lifes. Congrats Jake on getting off the crutches, I bet you were happy to get off them. Sounds like you guys are getting ready for spring and everything. I love you guys and Im sorry for not writting last week. I wish the best for you all and good luck.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade