Monday, December 27, 2010

Buenas y Feliz Año Nuevo!!!‏

Well hello everybody!
Well it was sure great talking with you guys even if it was just for a little bit. But I loved it. Well things are going good here and should be interesting this week. Well yesterday in church we had two investigators come and they said that they loved so we were happy to see them. We have been working with them for a while and it was great progressing in thier part for them to come to chruch. But it was good and then we spent most of the night with my comp saying goodbye to everyone. It was tuff for him to say goodbye but its good for him. And he will get used to it. other than that things are going good and this week should be really interesting.
Well as for me right now Im doing good. This morning we got up and I took my comp to the terminal at 7:30 and waited with the zone leaders untill the other elders came from the pension. Then we got Elder Ward´s new comp, Elder Araya from Chile. Then we went back to the pension and then went shopping and then just chilled until about now. But ya Im doing good and just waiting to get some news about my comp. From what I heard from Elder Michealson, the secretary, they wont leave Salta until about 3-3:30 and then its about seven hours so I wont probably get him until tuesday night or wendsday morning. So ya just playing the good old waiting game. So for tonight and tomorrow I will be working with the other elders. But ya just looking forward to see what happens.
Well it was sure great to hear from you all and to hear how you are all. Sounds like you guys are great and having fun and enjoying the good old cold and snow. I wish we had snow, its about 120 right now and Im sweating like crazy. Well like you guys said I dont have to much to say since we talked the other day. And mom I would also like some socks also thanks! But I love you all and I miss you and I cant believe that I only have one more call and thats in four months. Thanks for everything.

Les amo,
Elder Jarret Wade

Elder Roco and Elder Wade a.k.a. Cowboy..ha ha

Christmas fireworks

Family that they celebrated with Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well hello everybody and Feliz Navidad!!!

Well I honestly cant believe that this time is finally here. Its gone by way to fast for me. Well this week was good but not good in the same way. This week was by far one of my hardest weeks here. It started out good and then went completly bad. We only completed with one of the goals and the rest we didnt even come close. We only had three new investigators for the week. We were knocking basically all week and didnt get a single thing. All the people that we found said that they didnt want to listen and shut the door in our faces. But we are hoping that this week will be ten times better. But we have some people that are somewhat progressing and moving to baptism but it doesnt look like we are going to have any this transfer. All the people that we are teaching have a hard time coming to church but always have friends of members that always come, whats the deal here. But its going good and things should be getting better this week.

Well other than that things are going good for me and my comp. Elder Roca is doing good and is learnig alot, I guess the thing now that he does that bothers me is that he is always complaining about everything. But I just try to ignore it and just work. But he is doing good. As for me I could be better but theres not much I can do. My knee is about the same and doesnt seem to be getting bettter or worse. Other than that things are good. Like I said before things havent been so good. Now I know how you felt dad when we made fun of you being bald. I was walking in the street and there were a bunch of people and they started calling be baldy and then just started laughing, so I know how you feel now. But I dont care anymore its just a thing that I have here. Last friday we had zone confrence and it was awesome. It was good to see president and the Hermana. At the end we had a Christmas presentation and it was awesome. President was reading parts from the bible and there were some of the elders acting it out. So it was special and you could really feel the spirit during it. So that was about the only good thing that happend. But eveything is going good here and should be getting better. I dont know what we are going to do for christmas, other than call. So I let you know next week.

Well it sounds like everything is going good for you guys up there and that you are enjoying the cold. Oh this week we got to about 110 degrees this last week and it was hot. I wish we had snow, I miss it. But it sounds like you guys are fine, other than Jakes chin, thats sucks sorry bro. And Grandma Wade I did get your email, thanks a ton. I love you guys and Im excited to talk with you guys this week. Best wishes.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Las Termas

Elder Day and Elder Wade

Love the "shades"!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wow estamos en Diciembre‏

Well hello family and friends.

Well things were pretty crazy this week. But it was a good week. Elder
Roca and I worked hard this week to complete the goals and we
comlpeted with most of them. But we did it. So we started to teach a
bunch of young kids that are getting involved with everything and they
say that they want to listen to the lessons so we are happy and we are
getting a lot of help from the members to teach with us. So things are
going good. I dont know if we are going to have a baptism this
transfer but we are trying hard to get one. Just the thing is nobody
wants to come to church. So ya we are working with that. But things
are looking up and should be getting better.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good. Elder Roca is getting
better but is starting to complain about the heat, so thats kinda
bugging me but I think he´ll get used to it in time. But he is doing
good. Well the big thing this week was my knee. So I finally got my
results and nothing was really bad just a few things with my miniscus,
but the doctor says that all I have to do is push through it. So thats
what Im doing. Dont worry on sending anouther brace I bought one and I
dont like the thing, it bugs me and it gets really uncomfortable. But
oh well. But if it gets worse they say that I can get a shot that will
take the pain for about a month, so we will see what happens. But
things are going good and I cant believe that time is going by so
fast. But its going good.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying the cold
weather. I wish it would be a little cooler because its getting
hotter. But sounds like you guys are enjoying the seasons and
everything that comes with it. I miss you guys but I know that Im here
for a reason. I love you guys and I wish the best for all of you.

Les amo,
Elder Jarret Wade

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wow Time flies by!!‏

Well hello family.

Well hello everyone and I cant believe that we are almost in Dicember, it goes by way to fast. I honestly cant believe that two weeks have gone by here in Santiago. But things are going good. This last week we worked hard and completed all of the goals that we had set, so I was happy. In church was a little bit different but it was good. We had four kids that we didnt know show up for church and we found out that they are friends of two member kids, so that was really nice. Then all this week we were working hard but most of the appointments that we had fell through but we somehow improvised and did well. So it was a good week this last week. We have a couple people that are slowly improving and I like that. Last night we taught a lady and we talked and read 3 nephi 11 with her and she loved it and then we left The Testaments with her to watch with her husband, I just hope everything goes good with them. But everything is going good and Im slowly getting the hang of everything.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good. Everday we learn from each other and we are doing good. I can see him improve everyday and how he gets more confidence when he talks. But he is doing good. As for me things could be better. I went to the doctor wendsday and he was playing with my knee and he moved it a certain way and boy did it hurt, and after I reacted he told me that I most likely had a ligament tair and was working on my miniscus, so I wasnt happy after that. Then I had an appointment thursday for a MRI and then when I was there they told me that they didnt accept my card so I had to come back the next day and do it. So I went back and paid for the MRI and while I was waiting the doctor came out and told me that they couldnt do it because the Air conditioning broke so I arrainged for anouther time for saturday. Finaly on saturday I did the MRI but they told me that I wouldnt have the results until tuesday night. So tomorrow I will find out what has happend with by knee. So most of this week I have been frustrated with everything. But other than that things are going good. This morning we didnt do a whole lot we went shopping then we cleaned the pension. then Elder Brisolara and I got bored and built a golf course in the pension, it was fun and I ended up winning. But other than things are going good and time is going fast.

Well it sounds like you guys had a great thanksgiving and did a lot of fun things. Dad sounds like your getting your time on the radio and having fun. I love you guys and I love getting you letters and reading how you are. Thanks for all of the support. Good luck with everything.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Golfing with a machete

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well hello and wow

Well hello family and friends and what a week it was.

Well this week was a week full of crazy surprises. Well this week was a good week in almost all aspects. Well working this week with my new comp was interesting. You can tell that he has a little bit of time but not a lot. He is a good worker but needs just a little bit of motivation here and there. You can tell that he doubts a lot of things he does, but that will change with time. Well the area here is good and big also, but not as big as Manantial. In our church we have a branch and a ward and we are responsible to work in the two, so we will see how that goes. The members are nice and like to help a little here and there. Well the thing here is the people are known to be lazy and not want to do anything, so it will be fun and try to work with this. The people are really nice, nicer than tucuman, sometimes. We have a really rich neighborhood in our area and its tuff to work sometimes because the people aren´t to humble, but oh well. But other than that things are going good here in Cabildo.

Well as for my comp and things are going good. He is a stud and knows how to work but I dont understand him half the time becasue he mumbles, so I will try to break that. But he is good. We live in a pension of 4 and we live with two other gringos so its mostly english half the time. But the others are cool. Well as for Santiago things are good. Its starting to get hot and they say it gets hotter like 120-130, so I will probably die of heat down here. But its good. Well as for my knee Im just a little more that frustrated with everything down here. I went in on friday to get it checked out and the doctor I was supposed to see left while I was waiting and wasnt going to come back until wensday, so they told me to come back latter to do some testings. So I went back and I told them what was going on and that I thought it was something with the ligaments. So they had me do a X-ray, that shows nothing but bone. So they got the results back and told me that nothing was wrong and that I needed to by a anti-inflamitory. So I was a little more than frustrated, but this week Im going to see a different doctor in a different place and see what he says. So I will let you know. And they might want to do a MRI and that costs about 700-800 pesos, 150-200 dollars. Just to let you know. But ya other than that things are going good.

Well its sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying the SNOW!! How lucky you guys are. But ya I recieved the package and I looiing forward to getting the other. But it sounds like you guys are good. Enjoy thanksgiving thursday, I dont know what we will do. But I love you guys. Have fun


Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, November 15, 2010

Buenas y wow what surprises‏

Well hello family and friends!

Well as you all know this week is the big week for me 1 YEAR!!! Wow time flies by. But things went good and should be getting better. Well for work was good this last week we accomplished a lot of our goals except we with people in church, we had three. Well we had four but she didnt stay for sacrement, but oh well. But other that than that. Well before I go on I should say that Ive been transferd. But the Elders there are going to have at least two or three baptisms. Im kinda bummed but thats the way things work in the mission. But things were going good in Manantial. And Im excited to work in my new area.

Well as you know now Ive been transferd and Im now in Cabildo in Santiago Del Estero. Its a city just outside the capital so Im kinda of close to capital. And with the new transfer, new area I am now Senior Comp!! my comp is Elder Roca and he is from Chile and only has three months in the mission so Im his step-papi. Crazy huh. when I found out I was shocked and didnt know what to think but I hope things will be good. But of course Im kinda scared cause I dont know if I know what to do and take control. So I guess it will come with time. But it looks like its going to be a good transfer and Im excited. I live in an apartment with anouther companionship, but the appartment is pretty small but for the most part clean. But it was hard leaving Manantial. The ward announced that I was leaving right when church was getting over and there were many people that we surprised and sad that I was leaving. It was the primary program so I didnt have time to share anything so I said good bye and everything while the people were leaving. Its just crazy that I was there for six months and that it felt like 4 but oh well. I have a feeling that Im going to be here for awhile too. But the thing is that its almost summer and it gets to about 125-130 sometimes here in Santiago, so I might go home burnt and black. So we will see what happens in time. But Im excited and nervouse for the things that are going on. Also I havent done anything for my knee yet. Hermana Northcutt whated to wait until after transfers to do anything so I will most likely go to the doctors here in Santiago. And I will keep you posted on whats going on.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying the cold oncoming winter, with all the snow and everything. But it sounds like you guys are having fun. Dad I love the beard, but you have a lot of grays in there, sorry. Jayson good luck with the wrestling and take care of you arm, you need that. Mom have fun with school and everything else. I love you guys and I love reading what you guys write. And mom I should be getting the package, but I´ll let you know. I love you all.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buenas y fa Noviembre and it feels like July‏

Well seasons greetings from down south!

Well things were good this week in about everything. The only thing that I
dont like is that its passing too fast. Well the work this week went pretty
good. This last week was full of crazy stuff and fun stuff also. Well as for
the work we had a full week. We had lots of citas with a lot of our
investigators and it seems like they are progressing well and we
should have a couple baptisms in two weeks. Then we went to Lules to
do some service for Luigi. He hasnt been living there for about a
month and so the grass and everything is really high, so we went and
cut it for him. And in Argentina its completly different to mow the
lawn. You do it with a machete and a wanabe electric lawn mower. But
it was fun and we did most of it. But things are going good. Yesterday
we had 4 investigators in the chruch and they seemed to love it. Then
we spent about 3-4 hours knocking doors looking for new investigators.
And we only entered into one door and it was the last one we knocked
and she was pretty cool. She is a 60 year old lady from Germany. So it
was pretty cool to talk with her other than she is super catholic. But
things went good.

As for me and my comp we are doing good and enjoying our time
togeather. Well I honestly cant believe that this week is the last
week of the transfer, so maybe that means that someone is gone. But
you never know. And I cant believe that Elder Rose and Elder Donaldson
go home in one week, THats crazy. I was thinking and I was Elder
Rose´s comp when he had 14 months and now he is going home, wow time
flies. But its all going good and Im enjoying my time. Well this week
I didnt get to work with my comp too much. We did divisions wendsday
night to do a interview and then thursday we did divisions with the
Zone leaders and I finaly returned to Manantial Friday morning. So
that was kinda long couple days but it was all good and I learned a
lot. But the thing is that the weather is changing and its getting
hot. It starts getting hot around 9 in the morning and by 2-3 in the
afternoon its unbareingly hot. It gets around 80-85 and its not summer
yet. And they say that it gets up to 120 sometimes and this is with
humidity. I dont like it at all. But I guess I will get used to that
for sometime. But things are going good and I plan on working hard.
Well I talked with the doctor in Buenas Aires, for the missionaries,
about my knee and by the way its acting he said that I might have a
ligament tair so I have to go get it checked out this week. So I will
keep you updated.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your time.
I love the pics and wow things change so much in a year. So who is the
baby in the photo with Jake. and Jake you looked great and have fun
with the student body. Dad have fun doing all the sound and work hard.
Mom just relax and everything will be alright. Like Bob Marly said,
"Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing will be alright."
I love you guys and I love reading what goes on in your lifes.

Les amo,
Elder Jarret Wade

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buenas y Calor!!‏

Well hello everyone.

Well things went good this last week and we had quite the week. Well to start off we had the baptism on Friday and it was amazing. There were only five of us there to do it. It was what Luigi wanted and so we did it. It was amazing and you could really feel the spirit there. So other than the baptism the week was like normal. We had a kid that was getting ready to on his mission helping us for most of the week. As for people that we are teaching. We have some people that are progressing and getting close to baptism. Well yesterday we recieved a refrence on the almost daughter in law of one of the members and so we went over and taught her and she said that she wants to get baptised so we put the date for the 20th of November. So we have things that are going good here in good old Manantial. Other than that we are still teaching some of the people that we had and we have anouther that is close but has a lot of doubts of everything but we are slowly resolving each of her questions. But other than that things are going good and we are looking forward to some more baptisms.

Well as for things that have happend in this last week. Well monday night after we were done teaching and the almost elder was helping us, decided that he needed a hair cut so what did we do. We sat him down and cut his hair. He thought that it was too short but its not realy short and his parents loved it. And now the kid is on his way to the MTC in Peru. And other than that things were pretty chill. Well one thing that happend is that we were living off of twenty pesos, thats like almost 5 dollars. For one week we werent buying anything and we did pretty good if I say so my self. We had a lot of help from some of the members. But things went good. Well I cant think of anything else that happend this week. It was pretty chill this last week. Well we are going to have interviews with president this week. So that will be pretty fun. I love the interviews and to get to talk with the Hermana. But things are going good and should be improving. And Dad I havent hit a year yet! Oh ya also on saturday one of the members took a pic of the top of my head and then started to laugh and then I saw the pic and noticed that my hair is really really thin up top so that is the new joke in the ward now. But oh well.

Well Im glad that you guys are doing fine and enjoying your time. Jake sounds like you did good a state and ran hard. Well now you got wrestling ahead and that should be awesome. Dad thanks for the photos they were great and Jake I didnt know that you cut your hair that short. And dad sounds like that concert was good and ya you should start running, I should too. I love you guys and I wish the best for you all. And mom I hope that everything is allright. I love you all.

Les amo

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, October 18, 2010

Buenas y wow 11 months!!!‏

Well hello and time flies by so fast!

Well I honestly cant believe that I have 11 months and its going so fast! Well this last week went by flying and were good. Well this last week started normal and went good. Well this week there was a meeting with all the leaders and the president. So my comp went and was taught how to be a better missionary and things we can use in our areas. So while he was there we did divisiones with the elders in anouther area, Monteros. So I was with Elder Swenson for wendsday to friday. He is pretty cool and really new. He is from Spanish Fork and so we talked about things we did at home and everything. And we worked pretty hard during that time. I can totally tell how my spanish was when I had his time and boy has it changed. But it was a good time and we are also working a ton with the young men in the ward to get them ready to serve. So we have a ton of help about everyday so thats awesome. But ya things went good this but we only had two investigators in church yesterday and not a whole lot of kinda sucks when a there is a holiday on sunday and then nobody comes to church, but oh well. But it was a good week for us.

As for my comp and I things are going good. We didnt get a whole lot of time to work togeather but we are still getting along. As for weird things that happend. Well while we did divisions on thursday my comp was with Elder Hendrikson, comp of elder Swenson, and they tried to take a taxi to get home and ended up getting lost in the worst barrio, neighborhood, in our area. They were trying to find thier way and got lost until 11 at night. Then a little member kid found them and took them to his mom and she took them to our house. It was kinda funny but spooky because that are is really dangerous. But I think my comp is learning the area. Well my face is better and my hair is slowly growing back, like normal. Other than my eyelashes are still burnt along with my eyebrows. But it will come with time I guess. But I havent touched the dang thing since that happend. Other than that things are good. We had a ton of rain this last week and it made everything wet and muddy, so it wasnt to fun to work. But I think that this week is goinig to be hot. Its hot but it also has humidity to go with it. So being from a place were there is no humidity its kind of a challenge. I dont like being muggy and feeling sweaty all day but we study during the afternoon. So for most of the time we are in the pension. But things are going good and Im enjoying my time here. But other than that things are going good and Im improving each week.

Well it sounds like everything is going good for you all. Jake good job on running and keep it up and districts and run Hard! Run Forest Run!!! Mom have fun with Parent teacher confrence, as always should be fun. And you asked were is La Banda del Rio Sali well its here in Tucuman so give me the name and I´ll tell the missionaries to pass by. Dad good luck with the work and have fun as the DJ. And Brian I cant believe that you shaved you beard!! Thats weird. I love you guys and I wish you luck with everything. And one thing yesterday was Mothers Day in Argentina. So to all mothers Happy Mothers Day!!!! I love you all. And jake I want to see the pic of me of being bald!

Les amo y un abrazo grande,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, October 11, 2010

Buenas y fa its october and super hot!‏

Well greetings family and friends.

Well this week went super good. Well we had the baptism and his name is Franco Vega and is a stud. It was a hassel just to get it done. We did the interview there in Lules and we had to wait for the Zone leaders to come and do it. We didnt get it done until just after 9. So we didnt get back until late. But it was well worth it. Saturday was awesome. We worked in the morning before the baptism and we found a pretty cool family and a old man that was really interested. Then we left and had the baptism in Lules. It was super cool and really spiritual. It was amazing we had more people there than we ever had in Manantial for a baptism. So thats pretty sad when we basically had the whole branch there. But it was super awesome. But ya. Next saturday we should be having anouther baptism in Lules of a kid named Luigui and he is also a stud. All the people we teach there are refrences for us and they are usually really good. But things are going good here in Manantial. This week I think was the best week I have had in my mission. My comp and I worked a ton and completed with all the goals, so that was super cool. But things are going good and I hope they stay that way.

But as for me and my comp things are going good. My comp is from Peru, so anouther one. But works really hard and I love it. He has been a member his whole life, but his parents are also divorced and lived mostly with his dad. But he is pretty cool. We got along togeather this whole week and we are comfortable with each other I think. It was weird without Rivera, because I was with him for so long, but Im happy.He has a pretty cool name Angel Moroni Remirez. So ya thats cool. And I think that this transfer is going to go well. Well as for me things are going good and improving. I am speaking better, so says every latino, and Im learning how to work better and harder also. So thats going good. Well the new pension is going good, other than one small little thing, the oven. The stove works but the oven doesnt, I learned the hard way. Lets just say that I went through a trial of fire, literaly. So as you can guess my hair is pretty short and I dont have to much eyebrows or eyelashes. So to just to say it I had the oven blow up in my face. Its a long story and I will tell it short. I tried to start the oven and I guess there was too much gas so when it lit it lit up everything. But I have recovered and will shortly grow the things that I am missing. But I need a haircut anyways. But other than that I am fine and working hard. Today we played soccer as zones and it was a blast. Im goalie the whole time becasue I cant run as I used to, but my blocking skills have improved and Im doing good as goalie. But ya things are good and are going to be better.

Well it sounds like you guys are good and enjoying your time. Sounds like the pumkins were a blast and that the baby blessing went well. Im glad to hear all of that. Jayson have fun with school and study hard. Mom Im sure that you did fine in your masters writting and things will turn out better. Jake have fun with potatoes and Im sure your dreaming of them constintly and keep running. Dad keep up the good work with your work, sounds like your having success. I love you guys and I wish you the best of luck with everything that you do!

Les amo y les deseo seurte!

Elder Jarret Wade

Close up - burned hair

Jarret's new look - the Shaved head

Monday, October 4, 2010

Buenas !! wow time goes by!‏

Well greetings family.

Well news on transfers. So what do you think did I stay or did I go. Well if you choose the first you were right. So I am here in Manantial for six more weeks. And I got a new comp. His name is Elder Ramirez and is also from Peru. So we will see how things turn out. Well this week was interesting and went by super fast. We worked when we had time. We moved in on saturday and got everything set up wendsday morning. And then we had the confrence saturday and sunday that was awesome. I love confrence and I look forward to it everytime. I loved listing to the choir and seeing the pics at the beging. It was amazing and I loved all the talks. They seemed to talk alot about the Holy Ghost and the dangers of sin. You could tell that all the talks were recieved under revetation and that its stuff that we need to know now. The talk I enjoyed most was the talk by Ballard the last session. He made it pretty clear about the dangers of sin and that we can not let it destroy our lifes. Its good each time and we had three investigators at the church and they seemed to love it. The stuff we learn during the confrence is not only for members but for all people. Well we should be having a baptism this saturday in Lules. One of the kids we are teaching decided to move his baptismal date to this saturday so all we need to do is have the interview and the service. It will be the first baptism there in about two years. But things are going good and we have a couple people progressing. The sister of the member is doing good and just needs to go to church to progress more but we will work with her on that. But ya so thats about it.

Well as for me and my comps. Things are going good. Its going to be different with out elder rivera but I will get a long. I cant believe that we were togeather for four and a half months. Thats a ton of time togeather. But I learned a lot from him. And mom by teaching without problems is like we dont have weird pauses and we each knew our part to each lesson. But I get to work with my new comp Elder Ramirez. Im looking forward to it and he seems like he is a good worker. and he speaks pretty good english. But ya we moved in tuesday and it was crazy. We woke up and started to pack everything and get everything ready. Then we dropped of the duffel bags and came back for the big stuff. We loaded everyting in the back of a truck that we found and then drove to the pench. Its a nice pension and is really quiet and peacefull. The thing is that we dont have any place to put our clothes so the stay in the bags. But things went good and sunday night we spent saying good by to people with Elder Rivera. But as for anything else things went good and I enjoyed every session of confrence.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and that you are enjoying your lifes. Jake congrates on the race and continue to practice hard and run hard in districts. I know that I set a high bar but do your best. and have fun working in the dirty potatoes. Mom have fun with the masters tests and good luck with everything, you'll do fine don't worry. Dad the floors look awesome and that you guys stayed busy. Grandma the pie sounds amazing and good luck with all the birthdays. I love you all and I wish you luck with everything you do. Les Amo y les deseo Suerte.

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, September 27, 2010


one of my favorite drinks called Pritty Limon, almost kinda like Mountain Dew, with a sandwich called a Lomito, it has eggs, ham, beef, tomate, lettuce, mustard, and mayo. So its like a heart attack in a sandwich.

Jarret and Rodrigo
Well greetings from good old Tucuman!

Well I honestly cant believe how fast time is going. And before we know it its october, crazy huh? Well things are good and work was good this week. We worked pretty hard this week and got a lot of things done. As for teaching some of the people we had was alright. The family that the mom is the only member we havent had the chance to teach them this last week. We went by and they werent there and then we came back about an hour later and still werent there, so we havent seem them at all this week. And the sister of the member, Marisol, is going good. She is reading more of the Book of Mormon and loves the lessions and the only thing keeping her from gettign bettter is going to church. She wants to but just lacks a bit of motivation, but we are going to work on that to get her to come to the confrence. Other than that things are going good. We have a guy that we found a while back. His name is Jesus and he came to church yesterday. We have been teaching him off and on for a while and then we challenged him to come to church and he came on his own so that was pretty awesome. So yesterday we had four investigators in church. Then one that we just started teaching kinda is in Lules, another area wich has its own branch. His name is Franco and is a friend of one of the members and seems to like going to chruch. So things are going good and the member that we have waiting to go on his mission still doesnt have his call and has been waiting for about two months now. So he should be getting it I hope.

Well other than this things are going good here in Manantial. Well this week is the last week of the transfer which means mostlikly my comp is out of here and I stay, but you never know what happens. Well some news from today is that I saw Rodrigo!! He came down this morning to chill with Elder Rose, Donaldson, me and our comps. It was pretty cool. We cooked tacos at the church in the other area and then chilled and talked about some cool things. It was so nice to talk to him and just to see how he was. I have honestly missed the guy and I was so happy to see him. He gave me a couple of gifts and we sat and talked. So that was cool and I will try to send some pics of us. Well we had the zone confrence this week and as usual it was good. President talked about obedience and then shared some ideas that we can use to help our investigators pray and make better commitments. So it was good. Then we went by the new pension to see if it was ready to move in. And when we went over it was dirty, because they were fixing a couple of things and were painting the walls so everything was dirty. But I think we are going to move in this week. So ya we got some things to do this week before everything comes to an end. But things are going good and should be better this week. We are going to do some divisions with the Elders in Prospero Mena and then go to confrence this weekend. Im excited to watch confrence. We have to go to the stake center and there they have a room for the missionaries that speak english so I get to watch it in both if I want. But Im excited. Well the weather is different as always. This last week we had a lot of cloud coverage and then some rain so everything was wet. And then today it was hot hot hot and its only going to get hotter. But things are going good and I love it here.

Well sounds like you guys are going good and congrates on the baby blessing Ben and Robyn. Dad the rooms look awesome and that you guys did a good job on them, and good luck with the other job. Mom sounds like you had fun in Boise and that things should be getting better. Jake keep running hard and keep improving. Jayson thanks for the testimony and I hope that you serve also. I love you guys and I love reading what you say. Good luck with everything this week and I will always keep you informed. Love ya all.

Te amo y un abrazo grandisimo,

Elder Jarret Wade
Elder Donaldson, Elder Rose, Rodrigo and Elder Wade

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hola y 10 meses!!!!‏

Well hello family and friends.

Well I cant believe how fast time flies by. Well things keep on going here in Argentina. But everything is good and Im loving it. The work this week could have better but we made due. Well this was good and full of surpirses. We are finding more people. Last week we found a family where the mom is the only member and hasnt gone to church for years but we started teaching most of the family. They seem to be going good and also they have thier problems. But they seem to be progressing little by little. The father seems to be the most interested, which is a little bit different because most of the fathers are tradicional. But they are good. Then we are teaching the sister of a member. She was actually really surprising. This week we went by to see if she read the part we marked, not only did she read the part but started reading from the begining and is in second nephi. So she is going good and has been to two different baptisms and she loves them. Other than that most of our investigators are ok but could be better. But the hardest thing was seeing one investigator in church. Its been the same for two weeks and Im tired of it. But its the hardest thing to get them to do. But things are going good and should be getting better in the coming week. As for the kid in our ward that is waiting on his call, is still waiting. But there will be two that will be serving from the ward and the other is going to La Paz Bolivia.

Well as for us this week was good. Well this week was a week full of surprises. Well Rivera and I are still working togeather and we teach without problems now so thats good for us. Well on monday I went and bought me a gift. I got a real argentina jersey, so thanks for the gift. Well as for the new pension, we are still working on things. We will know what happens by wendsday. Well for most of this week we have been without power. They shut off the power on friday and we didnt find out till friday night and then we went to go pay on saturday and the place was closed so we had to wait until today to pay. So we should have power by now. But ya that was a fun experience. Then on saturday we did divisions with the elders in Tafi viejo. And I was with Elder Silva most of the day. He is a cool kid. he is from west jordan and his mom is from venezuela and his dad is from el salvador, I think. But we had fun and did some good work. Then that night we went to Tafi to get my comp and we didnt get back to manantial hasta, forgot the word, a little past midnight. So it was late and we had to get up early to get ready for chruch. Then at church I had to give a talk and it went well. I talked about the responsiblity of the members in fellowshipping investigators and new members. And a lot of people said they liked it so I was happy. But this week was good and I just cant believe how fast its going.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and I enjoy reading whats going on in your lifes. Well I forgot that the weather down here is getting warm and we are now officialy in spring and they tell me that it gets hotter like 120 so Im not happy about that. Jake good luck with running and run hard, you too Maria. Dad I hope everything was good with the docter. And mom thanks for the news on the stake presidency. I love you guys and I wish you luck in all the things you do.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, September 13, 2010

Elder Rose with his "Kids"
Elder Foster and Jarret's zone

Sept 13

Well hello family!

Well I cant believe how fast time flies by here. Im trying to think of the things I was doing a year ago and it doesnt feel like it was that long ago. Well things went good this week. First of all we had our baptism this week and it was awesome. The spirit was so strong during that time. His name is Pablo J... and he is such a stud. During the service he was crying just a little bit. But he was way excited to be baptised. And then last night we were talking with him and he is thinking about serving a mission so we will see what he wants to do. but that was such an awesome experience. Then on thursday we had a zone confrence with three two other zones. And Elder Foster of the seventy and he talked to us about Ward council and how we can help improve things. He kind of droped it hard on the people here. He said that people think that things from the states dont apply to them down here, but he said that the church is the same everywhere. But it was a good time to see people I havent seen for awhile. For work it has been going pretty good. Last night we found a family where the mom is less active and no one else is members and she has five kids and her husband that are interested. So it will be interesting to see what happens with them. Then a couple of our investigators that are improving just a little bit are strugguling so I hope we can improve that. But things are going good.

As for us things are going good. The baptism help get us excited for more things to come and things are going good. Well the weather is hot and seems to be getting hotter. We hit around the 90s this week and there is humidity so its just plain uncomfortable to work but we get through it. Well as for the new house we found one and we are just waiting for the people in the office to talk with the owner and we might be moving this week, but I´ll let you know what happens. But things are going good. Well I found out this last week that "my brother" elder rose´s last kid has family from rexburg and you wont believe who they are. Brian Larsen is his uncle so that meens that his grandparents are the Frankmens. When I was talking with him it was wierd to here that. His name is Elder Graham. He is a cool kid. Oh I forgot to tell you that Elder Foster is from Rigby, so that was cool and I talked with him about home and what you guys do. So thats cool. Other than that things are the same. But this means that we only have two weeks left of the transfer. So we will know who is gone by general conference. But things are going good and Im fine.

Well I always love hearing from you guys cause I learn new things each time. It sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying yourselfes. Well Cierra happy late birthday and I cant believe that your 14, thats wierd. And Jake good luck with that ankle get it better then you can kick butt. Dad sounds like you have your hands full with everything I wish you luck with everything. Mom and Jayson have fun in school. I love you guys and Im gratefull to have you as my family. Good luck with everything you do.

Te amo y te extraño

Elder Jarret Wade

Pictures ....

September 6th Letter

Well hello family and boy does time fly.

Well I honoslty cant believe that its september and that its just going by fast. Well this week was pretty good and we got a lot of the things done. So we should have a baptism this saturday. Pablo!!! So he is pretty excited for it and his girlfriend, who is a member has really been helping him progress. So it has been fairly good with him and I just hope that he wont have any problems this week, but its the week of and there is usually problems but we will see. As for the others they are going good. Victor is now proressing more and is more involved with more of the youth so thats always good. And we have anouther Cyntia she came to church yesterday and liked it and enjoyes the lessons, but with here we need to talk with here parents, which is always the hardest part. But its going good and we are continuing to find people and having people progress. And we had three people in the church yesterday and if they come consitently they will progress even more. But things are going good. I just wish they could go better, but thats the life.

As for me and me comp we are doing good and still working togeather. This week was good and as usual we enjoyed it. This week we watched a new movie for missionaries called The District 2 and it was about how we can improve things in the areas and shows how other missionaries are working. It was good and to learn some things that maybe me as a missionary can improve and continue to work on. But it was nice. Then on tuesday we did divisions with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Lockheart. It was a blast to work with him. He is from San Diego and he went to BYU-I so we talked about rexburg and what we like there. So it was fun but I also learned many things that I can use while working. I love going on divisions with the zone leaders because they seem to know a lot and things that we can use to improve. But its going good for me down here. Well my spanish keeps improving and I keep learning different tricks I can use. But its going good, there are times where I feel frustrated but I just learn to deal with it and do my best. But I love it here and the people are amazing and the members are nice and willing to help. But for me its going good. The food is treating me good once and a while. My favorite fruit down here would be the manderin oranges and the mangos are recently growing so in a little bit we are going to have mangos. But I love it down here.

Well it sounds like you all are doing good and loving the three day weekend. Dad I hope that finding wood was fun and that you enjoyed your time. And I think mom got me a brace but talk with her. Mom have fun with school and keeping up with jake and jayson. Jake good luck with the ankle and a fact of me is that I never threw up during or after a race, so feel special. Jodi and Maria have fun up in Alaska and Maria keep running sounds like your doing awesome and your times are good, keep it up. I love you guys and I look forward to reading and writting you guys. Te amo tanto

Te amo y tengas suerte,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow 20 years! y noticia de argentina‏

Buenas tardes de Argentina!

Well things were good this week and it was different all the same. Well we had a decent week its just crazy how fast it went by. Well as for the work it is going good and we have a couple more people progressing and thats awesome. So it looks like we are going to have a baptism on the 11th of september. His name is Pablo and he is the boyfriend of one of the members and loves listining to us and enjoys church, so thats always a good thing. Well yersterday we had 4 people in the church, that was nice. Its getting better and we have a kid who is 15 listening and came to church yersterday also and we have him involved with a lot of the youth so thats good and that he is involved. The work is going good and I enjoy it here. But ya we are finding new people and have the members helping us when ever so thats nice to have them. One of our members should be getting his call pretty soon so everyone is excited, even me. But everything is going good and I havent been yelled at as much this week, so thats good.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good. My spanish keeps improving and his english is improving also. We still get along and I enjoy my time with him. Well for things new. Well we might be moving into anouther apartment this week. The one that we have right now is good but the owner is now rasing the price on us from 500-800 and then by january it goes to 1000 so they the elders in the office asked to find a new pension. So most of last week we spent looking for a new one, and have had little luck but I think we found one. So the goal for the week is to find one and to move in. So this week should be fun. But things are going good. oh also we saw two dogs get hit while walking, thought I would tell you that. But things are going good and I learn something new everyday. Well my birthday was a blast but different. We celebrated it in two different houses and I ate so much food. But it was fun, and I will try to send some photos of it. Each house had food, mainly pizza, and empenadas and then a cake. But the last house we went to was my favorite. The cake was a vanilla cake with choacoalate frosting and with strawberries so I basically loved it. But it was a fun night and the members made me feel better about it. But things are going good and things keep on going here. Well we get to do divisions today with the zone leaders since my comp is district leader, so it should be fun. I love it here. I got the package, thanks and I am enjoying the candy and Im using the highlighters and jake nice quote. I loved it. I guess what I need is a knee brace becasue the one Im using now is presidents so it would be nice to have my own, and it needs to be one that covers the whole knee and can support. So that would be nice and then send what ever you want.

But it was nice to hear from you guys and that you are all good. I always love hearing from all of ya that you're all good. Dad I got the videos but none of the computers have sound so I just saw them without listening and Jayson's bed looks cool. And if you need help with spanish Im here. Mom have fun with shcool and with the REA and Jayson just because mom is in the same school doesnt meen you have speacial rights and have fun. jake have fun keeping up with everything, I cant believe that your a senior, wow. I love you all and I wish you luck with whatever thing you do. Te amo

Te amo y hasta el proximo

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, August 23, 2010

Buenas! y wow‏

Greetings my beloved family.

Well things are going good and boy has time gone by. I cant believe that I hit nine months and then this sunday I turn twenty. Wow! Well Im still in the same town good old Manantial and Im with Elder Rivera still so thats weird, but should be fun. Well this week was good and flu by. Our numbers were good but we didnt have anyone in church so that was not good. This last week we did divisions and I was with Elder Day and we had fun. He is from Arizona and loves to run so what do you think we talked about mostly, running. But it was a good time with him. And then I did a family home evening about missionary work, because it was with a family that one of the kids is getting ready to serve and that was fun. And on saturday we went to the hospital to give a blessing to on of the members nieces and when we got there we couldnt give the blessing because the hospital didnt allow. So we went down to the lobby and said a prayer and then right after that one of the nurses ran down and told the father that she woke up and started talking so that was cool. But it was a good week and this week sould be better.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good and looking forward to working once again this transfer again together. Well I didnt give my talk on sunday. I guess they forgot they had other people doing talks so they asked me not to give it, I was fine with that. But other than that Im doing good. My knee is fine but bugs me everyonce and a while. Well Im not sick anymore but Im plenty hot. The weather this last week has been hot. It has been around the 80s and I think winter is over here, so here comes more summer. But the thing with summer here in Tucuman is that its muggy and has a lot of humidity. So this sould be fun trying to work. But the good thing is that we are starting to work during the morning and then study in the afternoon. So it sould be a new fun experience. But its going good. So we started a new transfer today and boy did the other one fly by. Well a lot of people are gone from the zone and our district and my comp is district leader this transfer, so I get to do divisions with the zone leaders. But it should be fun to see what happens. My spanish is improving and my work ethic is improving also, so i guess thats good. I talked to Rodrigo the other day and sounds like he is good just a little bummed that he cant get surgery and that he spent the trip in Buenos Aires with his friends and all they did was party, but other than that he is good. But thats about it. The package is here and I should get it thursday and Grandma I got the card, thanks.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying the last bit of summer you have. I loved the pics dad and looks like the trip was fun. Jake get that ankle better and enjoy your senior year, wow thats not wierd at all. I love hearing from you guys every week and seeing what you have to say. I miss you guys but Im here , "working for Jesus" and I will enjoy my birthday with the members, they already have something planned. But I love you guys and wish the best for you. Te amo

Te amo y te extraño,

Elder Jarret Wade

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buenas y Feliz dia del Niño‏

Well greetings family.

Well things were good this last week. We had a baptism again! It was Manuel Dez... and he is 9 years old and boy was it a fight to finally get him in the water. But it was good. To get him baptised we had to do the interview twice and then wait anouther week and then finally we could do it. It was nice and small. But it was nice to finally get one and I did the baptism so that was even cooler. But as for work this week was kinda of tough. We couldnt get in alot of doors and the only new investigators we got are refrences from mombers. But its coming along. We have a couple of investigators that are progressing but its kinda tough to get them to make the commitment and come to church. But yesterday we had two in the church and they werent people we were expecting to come, so I guess thats good. But the work is good. But as always could be better.

Well for things that are going on down here in Argentina. Well for me things are going good. Elder Rivera and I are still working hard and we are starting to work with members that are about to leave for thier missions, so we have some help there. Well yesterday was Dia del Niño so everyone was celebrating, but it was more the parents celebrating than the kids. But its kinda like chrstmas and everyone gives a gift or toy to the kids. It was kinda cool but just different. It seems like down here they have a holiday for about everything. Dia del amigo, dia del vecino, and even dia de los animales. Its crazy how many holidays they have down here and its all about partying. But thats the life down here. Well my spanish is coming along and with help with the members its moving faster. The weather has been so weird down here. It changes about everyday and doesnt know if it wants to be cold or hot, so once again I have a cold. But oh well. But Im doing good and I love it down here. Well the dance club in front of the pension decided to upgrade the roof. It was a piece of tarp but know its sheet metal but its a domned shape and the sound goes out the sides so the sound of the music is even stronger now and I dont sleep at nights. But oh well thats my life. As for the fainting I think Ive got it under control and Im drinking more and eating more, sometimes. I cant believe how fast time passes and that this transfer is almost done. But Im doing good and I cant think of anything that you could send. And the members say Hola.

Well sounds like this week was a crazy week for you guys. Jayson again happy birthday and "dont shoot your eye out" with the bow and have fun in Iowa. Dad sounds like you stayed busy with everything and that finaly you got that kidney stone out and as for D&C 136 I dont know anything that would help. Safe traviling this thrusday and have fun. Mom sounds like your going to have fun in Utah and enjoy the garden for me. But I love ya guys and I look forward to writting you guys everyweek. I miss ya but I know Im here for a reason.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, July 19, 2010

Buenas! 8 months! and SNOW‏

Well hello family.

Well things are going good here in Tucuman. The work is progressing little by little and we should have a baptism this saturday. We didnt have our baptism but we have more planned in the next little bit. But its going good here. As for teaching things are going good. Last night we picked up a family that we dropped a while back and found one of thier friends is a member so we are going with her. So thats good that we are teaching them again. We are still teaching the family Aslan and we should have a baptism for the two girls next week and we have one of the bothers coming to church again and going to the actividades. And we are working on a couple of others also and we have more appointments with some new people this week. But the work is going good and is progressing here in good old Manantial. The baptism that we have planned for is the girl Rode. Her mom was baptised a little while back and now working on her getting baptised. The thing is that she has some fears about the whole thing. So we are going to try to work on that this week. But she is good and is excited for the baptism. Well thats about it for the news.

Things for me are going good. My knee is doing better,but as always could be better. Im working hard and trying to get things done.Elder Rivera and I are working hard and are getting along fine. Its a good thing that we get along or things would be tough. But he is good and is helping me with my spanish and Im helping him with english,so I guess it works both ways. My spanish is improving and I am learning new things everyday. And the members help sometimes also. Its cool we have a kid that is getting ready to go on his mission and speaks english pretty good,so he always helps. But its going good for me. Well on saturday while working we went to a house of a less active and while talking with her I started to feel dizzy and kinda sick when all the sudden I fell backward and then tried to stop and go forward and then I almost passed out but they caught me and help me. I guess my blood sugar was low or something. But now Im fine and eating and drinking to avoid it again. But now Im fine. Oh and also this week we had SNOW!!! It was crazy how it happend. The last couple of days were chilly and I guess it got cold enough that it snowed. It was cool and also was not fun to work cause no one wanted to listen cause it was too cold. But it was cool. And then today we went to the mountains and played in the snow and took pics to the big christ statue here, I will try to send some pics. And then we went to Burger King for lunch. It was weird cause I was actually excited to eat there. It was good to have something from the states. But all is good and things are going well and should be getting better. But I love it here and the people are good and the members are always willing to help.

Sounds like you guys are doing well and are getting to ready for the weekend. Im jealos of you guys but Im here. Mom and Jayson good luck with the race and dad have fun with all the sound and music gigs, at least your busy. I love ya all and I think of the wonderfull things you have done for me. Tell everyone hi for me and that Im fine.Tell everyone congrates and good luck with thier kids and soon to be kids. Its crazy how time flies but its for the better. I love ya all and miss ya. Good luck with all that you do and I pray for you guys everday. I love ya.

Te quiero,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, July 12, 2010

Buenas dias de Tucuman‏ and PICTURES!!

Well hello everyone!

Well things are going good here in good old Tucuman. Well this week for work was decint but could have been better. We didnt have our baptism, that sucks. His relatives showed up from Brazil and went on a tour of Argentina, and took him with. So he missed the baptism and then he was too tired to come to church that sunday but his mom and sister came. But we have the baptism set up for the next saturday, so wish us luck. We did divisions this week and I went to Tafi Viejo with Elder Day. It was fun and to work with him and to know his area. He had a interview to do so the Zone leaders came and we were with them part of the day, so that was cool. But it was fun. We are still working some families and hope to have some more baptisms this transfer. We are working with the Familia Aslan, two of the girls, Alexia and Allelin. They are coming to church and they love the lessons. Then we have anouther girl of a lady that was baptised before I come her name is Rode and she just needs permision from her dad and then we can baptise her so we are working on that. But things are going good here and Im loving it. So Im gald Im staying here this transfer. Cause we have a lot of stuff planned for this transfer.

Well my life is about the same as it has been. Nothing big is happining. Elder Rivera and I are working good togeather and I am learning from him and he helps with my spanish. So its good between us. As for me the weather has been good. This last week was warm and then today is cold with some wind, so it makes it colder. This morning we went to the terminal to say good bye to some of the missionaries and to see some of them come. It was cool to see them leave but sad also because they were some friends but I hope to see them sometime during the mission. The weird thing is that President took all the sister missionaries out of the province and put them up north. So there arent any sisters here in Tucuman or Santiago del Estero. So thats sad but I guess its for the safety. But its going good. My knee is alright but could be better. The pills Im taking are pain pills, dont ask me to spell cause I cant. And the brace is helping a bit, but my knee gets tired by the end of the night. It hurts to run, so thats not good. But Im fine and only hope it gets better. But things are going good down here. The other day it was independince day down here and they turned 200 years old so they had a huge party here in centro and the President showed up and gave a talk. Because here in Tucuman everything started for independence, so there is a lot of history in this province. So everyone was out partying and it was dificult to work but we did it anyway. But it was cool to see everyone celebrating 200 years. But thats about it for me and the things here. Oh ya I went to Wal-Mart the other day and oh my gosh it felt like I was home and I baught a Snikers bar, but havent eaten it yet.

Well it sounds like your lifes are busy like normal and your having fun. So dad have you passed it yet or you still have it? But it sounds like the derby was a success. And its sucks that Boozer and Korver are leaving but I guess it was time for Boozer. And Im sure they will find somebody. Mom have fun with the summer and have Jayson and Jake help you. I miss you guys and some things about home, but oh well I here and there is nothing I can do about it. But I love you all and I hope the best for ya. Have fun with whatever you do!

Te quiero

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, July 5, 2010

Feliz dia de independencia‏

Well hello from good old Tucuman. HAPPY FOUTH!!

Well things are going good and the work is progressing. We are teaching quite a few people and the work here is progressing. We are excited because we are going to have a baptism this saturdaya. His name is Manuel D and is 9 years old. He is an average kid and loves to play sports. But hes good and we are also trying to reactivate his family with it. So who knows and we are hoping also that we can have another one also on saturday. Tonight we have to talk with the parents on getting her baptised. The mom is already baptised and the girl wants to also. But we will find out tonight. We are also working with anouther less active family, Flia . All but three are members and two want to get baptised so they have fetchas for the 24 so I hope they make it. We are trying to work with anouther couple also. They have been investigators for awhile and the only thing keeping them from baptism is marrige. They are so close but yet they kinda procrastinate or something comes up. The other day they had a fight and said they didnt want to get married at the moment, so that kinda a hurt. But we are hoping in the next while that we can get them baptised. But the work is going good, we have many more investigators, but these are the most that are progressing.

But the things for me are going good. My comp and I still get along and my spanish is improving slowly but its improving. Well we find out transfers this week, wow how fast time flies. But Im kinda sure that Im staying, but who knows. My knee is good but could be better. Today we played soccer and it wasnt happy with me in the second game but I have a brace for it and Im taking pills also. So its all good for now. Well Argentina is out of the cup and everyone was shocked about that. And the people called me a german after the game and tried to throw stuff at me. But oh well I guess thats the life. But they thought that they were going to go all the way and win the cup, but I guess they have anouther chance in four years. But things are going good and I havent had any dogs try to hit me, so thats good. But things are good and the food is still good. But as of late I have ate somany potatoes but ya. I think I ate potatoes at almost every meal. But the food is still good. I love it here and the people are good. Lately it has felt like its summer. Its weird, the afternoons are hot but not as hot as in the summer, thats good. But its winter but I guess Im in south America. But ya.

It sounds like you all are doing good and loving life up there. Mom and Jayson good job on the run and I wish I could have done it with you but Im here. Jake nice job at the camp and Im sure you loved it. Grandma sounds like your garden is going good and your having a ton of success, I miss rassberies. and Grandma Wade I think I might have to take a painting class from you when I get back. Well it sounds like your doing fine and you all are enjoying your summers, well I hope so cause I am. I love ya all and miss ya but I know Im here for a reason. Love YA!

OS amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Friday, July 2, 2010

Buenas dias‏

Well hello family.

Well things are going good down here in Argentina. So its good that the US is out and Argentina is still winning, but they play Germany next and the thing is that every now and then people think that Im from Germany, dang blonde hair and blue eyes. But things are good here. Other than when they play we dont get anything done so we usually study during that time. But we have a couple of new families that we are teaching. And we found a barrio, neighborhood, that we havent seen before. So this area just keeps growing and growing for me, ITS HUGE. We had a family but we went by yesterday and they decided that theyt didnt want to listen anymore, so thats sad. But we have found a couple more people to teach. And we are still working with the partmember family and the kids have somewhat settled down. But the work is going good down. Slow but good. This last sunday was Stake Confrence and we had three investigators show up so that was good. And at the confrence we had Elder Avila an area seventy and there was also our mission president. So it was good. But we have some investigators but we need more. And yesterday after the game we didnt get anything done. Everyone was out partying and didnt want to listen. So thats the work down here.

But for me Im doing good and working hard. My spanish is improving and my comp and I are working hard. Well we also had zone confrence this last Wednesday and President talked alot about the rules and how they were made by the first presidency and we need to respect that. And we also have a new project to do. Because for the last four months we have been reading in the Book of Mormon and we had to highlight every reference of the Lords name in red and in Blue was gospel princeples. So it was good project and this new project is in the Bible. We are reading the four gospels. And we have to highlight in red every refrence that Christ is the son of God and in blue whenever he teaches or his teachings. So it should be good. But ya. Im good and just a little sick with a cold but it should pass over. But Im having problems with my knee again, but dont get worried. Last night we were walking down this street about to turn a corner and this dog came running at me and I didnt have time to move so it ran staight into my knee and of course it was my bad knee. But Im taking care of it. But Im kinda frustraited by it. But oh well I guess thats life. But Im doing good and just working. Well I got a story of the week. This last thursday we did service for a sister in the other area. All it was was to cut off a bunch of branches that were hanging over house. So it wasnt so bad but when we decided to cut of one of the big branches it fell through the roof. So that sucked and then we spent most of the time looking for a new thing to fix it. We eventually found a metal sheet the same sheets that I worked with during the summer. So eventually we got it fixed and the sister was happy with it. But it was just a crazy day in its self. It started at 9 in the morning and finished at 7 at night it was crazy. So thats my story. But that was crazy.

Well thats my life so far down here. But it sounds like you guys are having fun and enjoying the summer. Jake keep working hard at the camps and Im sure that you will do great during the season. Mom have fun at school and Jayson keep helping mom and dad. Dad have fun with the pups and the demo durby and dont go to the hospital again. And grandma and Brian sounds like the garden is coming like crazy and I miss fresh vegitables. But oh well. I love it here and the people are good and loving. Oh and those pics were of Rodrigos mom and the other is of a bunch of placs of tucuman. So ya and Im going to try to send some more. But I love ya all and I love reading about you guys.

Os amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hola de Tucuman‏

Well hello from good old Argentina.

Well things are going good down here. The work is going good and we are having some progress with some of the investigators. This week was actually tougher than the others. We didnt find a lot of new investigators and the investigators that we have now are slowly progressing. Yesterday we didnt have any investigators show up to church and then we knocked doors last night and everyone was either gone or they had visitors. Apparently they take fathers day pretty seriously. Everyone was partying and drunk so we couldnt really do anything so we went back to the pension early. It kidna sucked when none of our investigators wanted to come to church. We passed by all of them in the morning and then went back around to pick them up and none wanted to go. But we are going to try harder this week to get them to come. But other than that the week went good. The part-member family that we are teaching are doing good and the kid is nine years old, but they have tons of energy and wont settle down for anything. But we are working on that. But its going good.

But things are going good from me. Im still healthy and working hard. The talk I gave yesterday went well and everyone commented and said that they loved it. So Im happy with that. It was on the talk given by Russel T. Ogsthorpe in the last October confrence on Teaching helps save souls. It was good. Last night was rough because the dance club in front was having a megadisco and it was crazy and then at 1 in the morning everyone was leaving and then someone started a fight and it was so loud. It was tough to sleep last night but oh well its over until friday. The weather here has been ok. Its been cloudy and overcasty all week and it has rained three times this week. But its good weather other than the fact that there is mud everywhere. That sucks cause everything is dirty. Argentina is doing good in the world cup and thats a good thing but it also sucks. Because when there is a game on nobody wants to listen. And even when argentina isnt playing nobody still wants to listen cause they are watching fútbol. But its seems like the US is doing good also and everyone is surprised by that too. I just hope that the US and Argentina dont play against each other cause we wont get anything done. But oh well what happens happens. But Im good and my comps good also so thats good. we still get along and he says that my spanish is improving. So hey there´s something good. But its going good. oh and Hey 7 meses!!!!! Wow how time flies. But in a good way. Well we have zone confrence coming up and Im looking forward to that. But ya.

Well it sounds like you guys are having fun and staying busy. Dad it sounds like your having fun selling the pups and That you had fun at the campout and the new disign is different but cool, so why did they change it? Mom sounds like your doing well with your students and carefull with that one and ya talk with officer allen about that. Well have fun with the heat as we here get cooler. But I love it here. I love ya all and have fun and good luck with everything.

Os amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week number two in good old Tucuman‏

Well hello!

Greetings from good old Manantial. Well things are going good and are continuing to work hard, so thats good. Well the work here is going good and we have a couple of investigators that are progressing, but we still need to find more but we will eventually do that. Yesterday in the church we had 6 investigators and that was awesome.Two of investigators are a mom and daughter, Adriana and Gabriela. They are Seventh day Adventistas and they were are strougle to get them to church but they finally came so that was cool and then the saturday before we invited them to a baptism in the other area and they loved it and loved the design of the church so ya thats cool. And then we are teaching a part member families kids. Two of the kids havent been baptised and the family also is inactive so we are trying to do both teach and reactivate. But ya so thats basically it and I dont know what else to write. Other than the people here are good people you just have to find what they need or they will shut you down. But ya.

Well things for me are good. The dance club in front is no fun at all. Saturday night I didnt fall asleep until at least 1 in the morning because of the music, motos, and people fighting. So ya thats always fun. yes there are areas where we have to avoid at night because the are dark and you really cant see anything. But ya the Hermanas got robbed last week. Some guy jumped them and stole the cell phone and went and gave them a blessing. So ya. But dont worry we stay away from those areas at night. But ya Argentina won the other day and the city was dead during the game and we were the only ones in the street. But I hope that USA and Argentina dont play against each other, cause it would be dangerous for us to work. And also the people here are very pridefull and they love thier soccer, fútbol. But ya. But things are going good for me. I think today we are going to go to centro and look around. But things are good and I love it here. The weather here the last week was overcasty with a little rain, but its not so bad other than there is a ton of mud. And I got called on sunday to give a talk next week, at least they gave me a head start on it. So we will see how that goes.

So it sounds like you guys are doing good. Ralph good job on the Marathon thats a good time. Mom have fun in summer school and have fun. Jayson have fun with whatever you are doing and Jake sounds like you had fun a boys state and your loving the politic stuff. And Im super jealous of your pic with the Pres. How did you get so close? Grandma have fun with the garden and dont have too much rain. I love ya all and wish you the best of luck and tell everyone hi for me. Love ya

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade