Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buenas y fa Noviembre and it feels like July‏

Well seasons greetings from down south!

Well things were good this week in about everything. The only thing that I
dont like is that its passing too fast. Well the work this week went pretty
good. This last week was full of crazy stuff and fun stuff also. Well as for
the work we had a full week. We had lots of citas with a lot of our
investigators and it seems like they are progressing well and we
should have a couple baptisms in two weeks. Then we went to Lules to
do some service for Luigi. He hasnt been living there for about a
month and so the grass and everything is really high, so we went and
cut it for him. And in Argentina its completly different to mow the
lawn. You do it with a machete and a wanabe electric lawn mower. But
it was fun and we did most of it. But things are going good. Yesterday
we had 4 investigators in the chruch and they seemed to love it. Then
we spent about 3-4 hours knocking doors looking for new investigators.
And we only entered into one door and it was the last one we knocked
and she was pretty cool. She is a 60 year old lady from Germany. So it
was pretty cool to talk with her other than she is super catholic. But
things went good.

As for me and my comp we are doing good and enjoying our time
togeather. Well I honestly cant believe that this week is the last
week of the transfer, so maybe that means that someone is gone. But
you never know. And I cant believe that Elder Rose and Elder Donaldson
go home in one week, THats crazy. I was thinking and I was Elder
Rose´s comp when he had 14 months and now he is going home, wow time
flies. But its all going good and Im enjoying my time. Well this week
I didnt get to work with my comp too much. We did divisions wendsday
night to do a interview and then thursday we did divisions with the
Zone leaders and I finaly returned to Manantial Friday morning. So
that was kinda long couple days but it was all good and I learned a
lot. But the thing is that the weather is changing and its getting
hot. It starts getting hot around 9 in the morning and by 2-3 in the
afternoon its unbareingly hot. It gets around 80-85 and its not summer
yet. And they say that it gets up to 120 sometimes and this is with
humidity. I dont like it at all. But I guess I will get used to that
for sometime. But things are going good and I plan on working hard.
Well I talked with the doctor in Buenas Aires, for the missionaries,
about my knee and by the way its acting he said that I might have a
ligament tair so I have to go get it checked out this week. So I will
keep you updated.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your time.
I love the pics and wow things change so much in a year. So who is the
baby in the photo with Jake. and Jake you looked great and have fun
with the student body. Dad have fun doing all the sound and work hard.
Mom just relax and everything will be alright. Like Bob Marly said,
"Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing will be alright."
I love you guys and I love reading what goes on in your lifes.

Les amo,
Elder Jarret Wade

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