Monday, November 15, 2010

Buenas y wow what surprises‏

Well hello family and friends!

Well as you all know this week is the big week for me 1 YEAR!!! Wow time flies by. But things went good and should be getting better. Well for work was good this last week we accomplished a lot of our goals except we with people in church, we had three. Well we had four but she didnt stay for sacrement, but oh well. But other that than that. Well before I go on I should say that Ive been transferd. But the Elders there are going to have at least two or three baptisms. Im kinda bummed but thats the way things work in the mission. But things were going good in Manantial. And Im excited to work in my new area.

Well as you know now Ive been transferd and Im now in Cabildo in Santiago Del Estero. Its a city just outside the capital so Im kinda of close to capital. And with the new transfer, new area I am now Senior Comp!! my comp is Elder Roca and he is from Chile and only has three months in the mission so Im his step-papi. Crazy huh. when I found out I was shocked and didnt know what to think but I hope things will be good. But of course Im kinda scared cause I dont know if I know what to do and take control. So I guess it will come with time. But it looks like its going to be a good transfer and Im excited. I live in an apartment with anouther companionship, but the appartment is pretty small but for the most part clean. But it was hard leaving Manantial. The ward announced that I was leaving right when church was getting over and there were many people that we surprised and sad that I was leaving. It was the primary program so I didnt have time to share anything so I said good bye and everything while the people were leaving. Its just crazy that I was there for six months and that it felt like 4 but oh well. I have a feeling that Im going to be here for awhile too. But the thing is that its almost summer and it gets to about 125-130 sometimes here in Santiago, so I might go home burnt and black. So we will see what happens in time. But Im excited and nervouse for the things that are going on. Also I havent done anything for my knee yet. Hermana Northcutt whated to wait until after transfers to do anything so I will most likely go to the doctors here in Santiago. And I will keep you posted on whats going on.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying the cold oncoming winter, with all the snow and everything. But it sounds like you guys are having fun. Dad I love the beard, but you have a lot of grays in there, sorry. Jayson good luck with the wrestling and take care of you arm, you need that. Mom have fun with school and everything else. I love you guys and I love reading what you guys write. And mom I should be getting the package, but I´ll let you know. I love you all.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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