Monday, November 22, 2010

Well hello and wow

Well hello family and friends and what a week it was.

Well this week was a week full of crazy surprises. Well this week was a good week in almost all aspects. Well working this week with my new comp was interesting. You can tell that he has a little bit of time but not a lot. He is a good worker but needs just a little bit of motivation here and there. You can tell that he doubts a lot of things he does, but that will change with time. Well the area here is good and big also, but not as big as Manantial. In our church we have a branch and a ward and we are responsible to work in the two, so we will see how that goes. The members are nice and like to help a little here and there. Well the thing here is the people are known to be lazy and not want to do anything, so it will be fun and try to work with this. The people are really nice, nicer than tucuman, sometimes. We have a really rich neighborhood in our area and its tuff to work sometimes because the people aren´t to humble, but oh well. But other than that things are going good here in Cabildo.

Well as for my comp and things are going good. He is a stud and knows how to work but I dont understand him half the time becasue he mumbles, so I will try to break that. But he is good. We live in a pension of 4 and we live with two other gringos so its mostly english half the time. But the others are cool. Well as for Santiago things are good. Its starting to get hot and they say it gets hotter like 120-130, so I will probably die of heat down here. But its good. Well as for my knee Im just a little more that frustrated with everything down here. I went in on friday to get it checked out and the doctor I was supposed to see left while I was waiting and wasnt going to come back until wensday, so they told me to come back latter to do some testings. So I went back and I told them what was going on and that I thought it was something with the ligaments. So they had me do a X-ray, that shows nothing but bone. So they got the results back and told me that nothing was wrong and that I needed to by a anti-inflamitory. So I was a little more than frustrated, but this week Im going to see a different doctor in a different place and see what he says. So I will let you know. And they might want to do a MRI and that costs about 700-800 pesos, 150-200 dollars. Just to let you know. But ya other than that things are going good.

Well its sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying the SNOW!! How lucky you guys are. But ya I recieved the package and I looiing forward to getting the other. But it sounds like you guys are good. Enjoy thanksgiving thursday, I dont know what we will do. But I love you guys. Have fun


Elder Jarret Wade

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