Monday, December 27, 2010

Buenas y Feliz Año Nuevo!!!‏

Well hello everybody!
Well it was sure great talking with you guys even if it was just for a little bit. But I loved it. Well things are going good here and should be interesting this week. Well yesterday in church we had two investigators come and they said that they loved so we were happy to see them. We have been working with them for a while and it was great progressing in thier part for them to come to chruch. But it was good and then we spent most of the night with my comp saying goodbye to everyone. It was tuff for him to say goodbye but its good for him. And he will get used to it. other than that things are going good and this week should be really interesting.
Well as for me right now Im doing good. This morning we got up and I took my comp to the terminal at 7:30 and waited with the zone leaders untill the other elders came from the pension. Then we got Elder Ward´s new comp, Elder Araya from Chile. Then we went back to the pension and then went shopping and then just chilled until about now. But ya Im doing good and just waiting to get some news about my comp. From what I heard from Elder Michealson, the secretary, they wont leave Salta until about 3-3:30 and then its about seven hours so I wont probably get him until tuesday night or wendsday morning. So ya just playing the good old waiting game. So for tonight and tomorrow I will be working with the other elders. But ya just looking forward to see what happens.
Well it was sure great to hear from you all and to hear how you are all. Sounds like you guys are great and having fun and enjoying the good old cold and snow. I wish we had snow, its about 120 right now and Im sweating like crazy. Well like you guys said I dont have to much to say since we talked the other day. And mom I would also like some socks also thanks! But I love you all and I miss you and I cant believe that I only have one more call and thats in four months. Thanks for everything.

Les amo,
Elder Jarret Wade

Elder Roco and Elder Wade a.k.a. Cowboy..ha ha

Christmas fireworks

Family that they celebrated with Christmas Eve

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