Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well hello everybody and Feliz Navidad!!!

Well I honestly cant believe that this time is finally here. Its gone by way to fast for me. Well this week was good but not good in the same way. This week was by far one of my hardest weeks here. It started out good and then went completly bad. We only completed with one of the goals and the rest we didnt even come close. We only had three new investigators for the week. We were knocking basically all week and didnt get a single thing. All the people that we found said that they didnt want to listen and shut the door in our faces. But we are hoping that this week will be ten times better. But we have some people that are somewhat progressing and moving to baptism but it doesnt look like we are going to have any this transfer. All the people that we are teaching have a hard time coming to church but always have friends of members that always come, whats the deal here. But its going good and things should be getting better this week.

Well other than that things are going good for me and my comp. Elder Roca is doing good and is learnig alot, I guess the thing now that he does that bothers me is that he is always complaining about everything. But I just try to ignore it and just work. But he is doing good. As for me I could be better but theres not much I can do. My knee is about the same and doesnt seem to be getting bettter or worse. Other than that things are good. Like I said before things havent been so good. Now I know how you felt dad when we made fun of you being bald. I was walking in the street and there were a bunch of people and they started calling be baldy and then just started laughing, so I know how you feel now. But I dont care anymore its just a thing that I have here. Last friday we had zone confrence and it was awesome. It was good to see president and the Hermana. At the end we had a Christmas presentation and it was awesome. President was reading parts from the bible and there were some of the elders acting it out. So it was special and you could really feel the spirit during it. So that was about the only good thing that happend. But eveything is going good here and should be getting better. I dont know what we are going to do for christmas, other than call. So I let you know next week.

Well it sounds like everything is going good for you guys up there and that you are enjoying the cold. Oh this week we got to about 110 degrees this last week and it was hot. I wish we had snow, I miss it. But it sounds like you guys are fine, other than Jakes chin, thats sucks sorry bro. And Grandma Wade I did get your email, thanks a ton. I love you guys and Im excited to talk with you guys this week. Best wishes.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Las Termas

Elder Day and Elder Wade

Love the "shades"!

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