Monday, January 3, 2011

Well hello everyone!

Well I cant believe that its now 2011 and that time is going by way too fast, but oh well. Well this week was interesting but it went by fast. So my comp left monday morning and then I was with Elder Ward, from Bountiful, and Elder Araya, from Chile. And I worked with them for untill wendsday and then my comp came. So his name is Elder Schreiner from Springville, Utah. He is a stud and speaks spanish pretty well. So this week we had four in church and that was awesome and we are looking forward to some baptisms this transfer. So this week was intersting because my comp isnt used to speaking and talking in spanish a whole bunch so I ended up teaching most of the lessons, but that was alright with me. But our investigators are doing great and there are a couple that are progressing a ton. We are teaching this kid named Jose and his mom and when we went over for the first time to teach he basically told us that he knew that this church is true and that he wants to get baptised. So we are stooked to be teaching him. So things are going good here in Cabildo, which is good.

So for me and my comp we are doing good. So Elder Schreirner is a stud. He speaks really good for how much time that he has and he loves to work and wants to learn more. So he is cool and super tall. He is about 6´5 and so its quite the sight to see two gringos a short cowboy and a tall blonde kid. But he is a stud and Im proud to be his trainer. As for me things are going good and Im learning some new things everday. So for new years this year was weird. We had to be in the pension at 8 at night before everything got crazy. And then we planned and then order some food and stayed up and watched the fireworks on top of the roof, just like christmas. So for me it felt like the same holiday, except there were more drunks during new years. But ya so that was that. And I guess this week on the 6th is the day of the three wise men, so that should be interesting. But things are going good here and Im loving it, except for the heat, its killing but my comp a little bit more. But ya. Just being with my comp reminds me of when I was first starting and getting used to everything, I love it.

Well it sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying that nice cold up there. So ya that earthquake we didnt feel a thing but we did hear about chile, thats sad for them. But we didnt feel a thing. Sounds like you guys have your handsful with everything but that your also enjoying it. Well I dont know what happend but I dont have to much to say to today. Oh ya dad we have church at 9 in the morning, so about 5 in the morning your time. Well I love you and I wish the best new year and that you accomplish what you want this year. Well see ya at the end of this year, that sounds wierd!

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

Ride 'em Cowboy! ha ha

Elder Schreiner from Springville, Utah

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