Monday, February 7, 2011

ok .... Mom is not posting regular - I will try to do better :)

Well hello everybody.

Well things down here are going good and should be getting better. Well this week we didnt have a baptism but we are looking forward to having one this weekend. But things are going good. This week was a little bit better about the numbers but we could still do tons better. But it was an interesting week in its self. I dont know whats going on with not being able to find new people but I guess we will figure that one out in a while. But this week was a good week. We had 4 investigators and I was happy with that. And then we had a visitor that lived here forever ago and then got married and moved to the states and we were talking with him and he gave us a ton of refrences about different people that would be willing to listen to us. So that was really good and so things are slowly getting better.

Well as for Elder Schreiner and I we are doing good. Elder Schreiner keeps getting better everyday and its cool to see him progress. He is getting breaver and is teaching more of the lessons. Well as for transfers we are staying together for one more, so Im happy. I wanted to stay and to be with my comp and help him a little more. Well as for me Im doing good. My knee is giving me some problems and I hate that, but oh well. And then I just got frustrated about a couple things but sunday I just blew it off and got felling better. So Im doing better now. The visitor that we had now lives in Portland and is the vice president of verison. So it was really cool to get to talk to him and get to know him. But things are going good here and as always should be getting better. Well our weather down here has been weird. Its kinda like Rexburg, can never make up its mind. One day it was hot and supper muggy and then the next day it was overcasty and rainy. There was a day that it rained a ton that it flooded the streets and it was supper hard to cross. And right now it looks like its trying to rain or will rain later today.

Well I dont know whats going on with you guys but I hope that everything is alright. Im sorry Jake about your knee. Some times life just gives us crap and we dont know what to do, but that scrip is one of my favs. Keep working hard and everything will be alright. I always wonder how is it that the yonger brothers always seem to one up the olders, dang it. But Im fine with this one!! Good luck with everything. I love you all and I hope the best for you.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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