Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept 13

Well hello family!

Well I cant believe how fast time flies by here. Im trying to think of the things I was doing a year ago and it doesnt feel like it was that long ago. Well things went good this week. First of all we had our baptism this week and it was awesome. The spirit was so strong during that time. His name is Pablo J... and he is such a stud. During the service he was crying just a little bit. But he was way excited to be baptised. And then last night we were talking with him and he is thinking about serving a mission so we will see what he wants to do. but that was such an awesome experience. Then on thursday we had a zone confrence with three two other zones. And Elder Foster of the seventy and he talked to us about Ward council and how we can help improve things. He kind of droped it hard on the people here. He said that people think that things from the states dont apply to them down here, but he said that the church is the same everywhere. But it was a good time to see people I havent seen for awhile. For work it has been going pretty good. Last night we found a family where the mom is less active and no one else is members and she has five kids and her husband that are interested. So it will be interesting to see what happens with them. Then a couple of our investigators that are improving just a little bit are strugguling so I hope we can improve that. But things are going good.

As for us things are going good. The baptism help get us excited for more things to come and things are going good. Well the weather is hot and seems to be getting hotter. We hit around the 90s this week and there is humidity so its just plain uncomfortable to work but we get through it. Well as for the new house we found one and we are just waiting for the people in the office to talk with the owner and we might be moving this week, but I´ll let you know what happens. But things are going good. Well I found out this last week that "my brother" elder rose´s last kid has family from rexburg and you wont believe who they are. Brian Larsen is his uncle so that meens that his grandparents are the Frankmens. When I was talking with him it was wierd to here that. His name is Elder Graham. He is a cool kid. Oh I forgot to tell you that Elder Foster is from Rigby, so that was cool and I talked with him about home and what you guys do. So thats cool. Other than that things are the same. But this means that we only have two weeks left of the transfer. So we will know who is gone by general conference. But things are going good and Im fine.

Well I always love hearing from you guys cause I learn new things each time. It sounds like you guys are doing good and enjoying yourselfes. Well Cierra happy late birthday and I cant believe that your 14, thats wierd. And Jake good luck with that ankle get it better then you can kick butt. Dad sounds like you have your hands full with everything I wish you luck with everything. Mom and Jayson have fun in school. I love you guys and Im gratefull to have you as my family. Good luck with everything you do.

Te amo y te extraño

Elder Jarret Wade

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