Monday, September 20, 2010

Hola y 10 meses!!!!‏

Well hello family and friends.

Well I cant believe how fast time flies by. Well things keep on going here in Argentina. But everything is good and Im loving it. The work this week could have better but we made due. Well this was good and full of surpirses. We are finding more people. Last week we found a family where the mom is the only member and hasnt gone to church for years but we started teaching most of the family. They seem to be going good and also they have thier problems. But they seem to be progressing little by little. The father seems to be the most interested, which is a little bit different because most of the fathers are tradicional. But they are good. Then we are teaching the sister of a member. She was actually really surprising. This week we went by to see if she read the part we marked, not only did she read the part but started reading from the begining and is in second nephi. So she is going good and has been to two different baptisms and she loves them. Other than that most of our investigators are ok but could be better. But the hardest thing was seeing one investigator in church. Its been the same for two weeks and Im tired of it. But its the hardest thing to get them to do. But things are going good and should be getting better in the coming week. As for the kid in our ward that is waiting on his call, is still waiting. But there will be two that will be serving from the ward and the other is going to La Paz Bolivia.

Well as for us this week was good. Well this week was a week full of surprises. Well Rivera and I are still working togeather and we teach without problems now so thats good for us. Well on monday I went and bought me a gift. I got a real argentina jersey, so thanks for the gift. Well as for the new pension, we are still working on things. We will know what happens by wendsday. Well for most of this week we have been without power. They shut off the power on friday and we didnt find out till friday night and then we went to go pay on saturday and the place was closed so we had to wait until today to pay. So we should have power by now. But ya that was a fun experience. Then on saturday we did divisions with the elders in Tafi viejo. And I was with Elder Silva most of the day. He is a cool kid. he is from west jordan and his mom is from venezuela and his dad is from el salvador, I think. But we had fun and did some good work. Then that night we went to Tafi to get my comp and we didnt get back to manantial hasta, forgot the word, a little past midnight. So it was late and we had to get up early to get ready for chruch. Then at church I had to give a talk and it went well. I talked about the responsiblity of the members in fellowshipping investigators and new members. And a lot of people said they liked it so I was happy. But this week was good and I just cant believe how fast its going.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and I enjoy reading whats going on in your lifes. Well I forgot that the weather down here is getting warm and we are now officialy in spring and they tell me that it gets hotter like 120 so Im not happy about that. Jake good luck with running and run hard, you too Maria. Dad I hope everything was good with the docter. And mom thanks for the news on the stake presidency. I love you guys and I wish you luck in all the things you do.

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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