Monday, September 27, 2010


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Jarret and Rodrigo
Well greetings from good old Tucuman!

Well I honestly cant believe how fast time is going. And before we know it its october, crazy huh? Well things are good and work was good this week. We worked pretty hard this week and got a lot of things done. As for teaching some of the people we had was alright. The family that the mom is the only member we havent had the chance to teach them this last week. We went by and they werent there and then we came back about an hour later and still werent there, so we havent seem them at all this week. And the sister of the member, Marisol, is going good. She is reading more of the Book of Mormon and loves the lessions and the only thing keeping her from gettign bettter is going to church. She wants to but just lacks a bit of motivation, but we are going to work on that to get her to come to the confrence. Other than that things are going good. We have a guy that we found a while back. His name is Jesus and he came to church yesterday. We have been teaching him off and on for a while and then we challenged him to come to church and he came on his own so that was pretty awesome. So yesterday we had four investigators in church. Then one that we just started teaching kinda is in Lules, another area wich has its own branch. His name is Franco and is a friend of one of the members and seems to like going to chruch. So things are going good and the member that we have waiting to go on his mission still doesnt have his call and has been waiting for about two months now. So he should be getting it I hope.

Well other than this things are going good here in Manantial. Well this week is the last week of the transfer which means mostlikly my comp is out of here and I stay, but you never know what happens. Well some news from today is that I saw Rodrigo!! He came down this morning to chill with Elder Rose, Donaldson, me and our comps. It was pretty cool. We cooked tacos at the church in the other area and then chilled and talked about some cool things. It was so nice to talk to him and just to see how he was. I have honestly missed the guy and I was so happy to see him. He gave me a couple of gifts and we sat and talked. So that was cool and I will try to send some pics of us. Well we had the zone confrence this week and as usual it was good. President talked about obedience and then shared some ideas that we can use to help our investigators pray and make better commitments. So it was good. Then we went by the new pension to see if it was ready to move in. And when we went over it was dirty, because they were fixing a couple of things and were painting the walls so everything was dirty. But I think we are going to move in this week. So ya we got some things to do this week before everything comes to an end. But things are going good and should be better this week. We are going to do some divisions with the Elders in Prospero Mena and then go to confrence this weekend. Im excited to watch confrence. We have to go to the stake center and there they have a room for the missionaries that speak english so I get to watch it in both if I want. But Im excited. Well the weather is different as always. This last week we had a lot of cloud coverage and then some rain so everything was wet. And then today it was hot hot hot and its only going to get hotter. But things are going good and I love it here.

Well sounds like you guys are going good and congrates on the baby blessing Ben and Robyn. Dad the rooms look awesome and that you guys did a good job on them, and good luck with the other job. Mom sounds like you had fun in Boise and that things should be getting better. Jake keep running hard and keep improving. Jayson thanks for the testimony and I hope that you serve also. I love you guys and I love reading what you say. Good luck with everything this week and I will always keep you informed. Love ya all.

Te amo y un abrazo grandisimo,

Elder Jarret Wade
Elder Donaldson, Elder Rose, Rodrigo and Elder Wade

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