Monday, September 13, 2010

September 6th Letter

Well hello family and boy does time fly.

Well I honoslty cant believe that its september and that its just going by fast. Well this week was pretty good and we got a lot of the things done. So we should have a baptism this saturday. Pablo!!! So he is pretty excited for it and his girlfriend, who is a member has really been helping him progress. So it has been fairly good with him and I just hope that he wont have any problems this week, but its the week of and there is usually problems but we will see. As for the others they are going good. Victor is now proressing more and is more involved with more of the youth so thats always good. And we have anouther Cyntia she came to church yesterday and liked it and enjoyes the lessons, but with here we need to talk with here parents, which is always the hardest part. But its going good and we are continuing to find people and having people progress. And we had three people in the church yesterday and if they come consitently they will progress even more. But things are going good. I just wish they could go better, but thats the life.

As for me and me comp we are doing good and still working togeather. This week was good and as usual we enjoyed it. This week we watched a new movie for missionaries called The District 2 and it was about how we can improve things in the areas and shows how other missionaries are working. It was good and to learn some things that maybe me as a missionary can improve and continue to work on. But it was nice. Then on tuesday we did divisions with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Lockheart. It was a blast to work with him. He is from San Diego and he went to BYU-I so we talked about rexburg and what we like there. So it was fun but I also learned many things that I can use while working. I love going on divisions with the zone leaders because they seem to know a lot and things that we can use to improve. But its going good for me down here. Well my spanish keeps improving and I keep learning different tricks I can use. But its going good, there are times where I feel frustrated but I just learn to deal with it and do my best. But I love it here and the people are amazing and the members are nice and willing to help. But for me its going good. The food is treating me good once and a while. My favorite fruit down here would be the manderin oranges and the mangos are recently growing so in a little bit we are going to have mangos. But I love it down here.

Well it sounds like you all are doing good and loving the three day weekend. Dad I hope that finding wood was fun and that you enjoyed your time. And I think mom got me a brace but talk with her. Mom have fun with school and keeping up with jake and jayson. Jake good luck with the ankle and a fact of me is that I never threw up during or after a race, so feel special. Jodi and Maria have fun up in Alaska and Maria keep running sounds like your doing awesome and your times are good, keep it up. I love you guys and I look forward to reading and writting you guys. Te amo tanto

Te amo y tengas suerte,

Elder Jarret Wade

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