Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow 20 years! y noticia de argentina‏

Buenas tardes de Argentina!

Well things were good this week and it was different all the same. Well we had a decent week its just crazy how fast it went by. Well as for the work it is going good and we have a couple more people progressing and thats awesome. So it looks like we are going to have a baptism on the 11th of september. His name is Pablo and he is the boyfriend of one of the members and loves listining to us and enjoys church, so thats always a good thing. Well yersterday we had 4 people in the church, that was nice. Its getting better and we have a kid who is 15 listening and came to church yersterday also and we have him involved with a lot of the youth so thats good and that he is involved. The work is going good and I enjoy it here. But ya we are finding new people and have the members helping us when ever so thats nice to have them. One of our members should be getting his call pretty soon so everyone is excited, even me. But everything is going good and I havent been yelled at as much this week, so thats good.

Well as for me and my comp we are doing good. My spanish keeps improving and his english is improving also. We still get along and I enjoy my time with him. Well for things new. Well we might be moving into anouther apartment this week. The one that we have right now is good but the owner is now rasing the price on us from 500-800 and then by january it goes to 1000 so they the elders in the office asked to find a new pension. So most of last week we spent looking for a new one, and have had little luck but I think we found one. So the goal for the week is to find one and to move in. So this week should be fun. But things are going good. oh also we saw two dogs get hit while walking, thought I would tell you that. But things are going good and I learn something new everyday. Well my birthday was a blast but different. We celebrated it in two different houses and I ate so much food. But it was fun, and I will try to send some photos of it. Each house had food, mainly pizza, and empenadas and then a cake. But the last house we went to was my favorite. The cake was a vanilla cake with choacoalate frosting and with strawberries so I basically loved it. But it was a fun night and the members made me feel better about it. But things are going good and things keep on going here. Well we get to do divisions today with the zone leaders since my comp is district leader, so it should be fun. I love it here. I got the package, thanks and I am enjoying the candy and Im using the highlighters and jake nice quote. I loved it. I guess what I need is a knee brace becasue the one Im using now is presidents so it would be nice to have my own, and it needs to be one that covers the whole knee and can support. So that would be nice and then send what ever you want.

But it was nice to hear from you guys and that you are all good. I always love hearing from all of ya that you're all good. Dad I got the videos but none of the computers have sound so I just saw them without listening and Jayson's bed looks cool. And if you need help with spanish Im here. Mom have fun with shcool and with the REA and Jayson just because mom is in the same school doesnt meen you have speacial rights and have fun. jake have fun keeping up with everything, I cant believe that your a senior, wow. I love you all and I wish you luck with whatever thing you do. Te amo

Te amo y hasta el proximo

Elder Jarret Wade

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  1. Hi Jarret!
    Argentina is a great country to do some missions.
    I've been in one of the Buenos Aires apartments last year with some friends of the church and had an amazing time in the city!