Monday, October 18, 2010

Buenas y wow 11 months!!!‏

Well hello and time flies by so fast!

Well I honestly cant believe that I have 11 months and its going so fast! Well this last week went by flying and were good. Well this last week started normal and went good. Well this week there was a meeting with all the leaders and the president. So my comp went and was taught how to be a better missionary and things we can use in our areas. So while he was there we did divisiones with the elders in anouther area, Monteros. So I was with Elder Swenson for wendsday to friday. He is pretty cool and really new. He is from Spanish Fork and so we talked about things we did at home and everything. And we worked pretty hard during that time. I can totally tell how my spanish was when I had his time and boy has it changed. But it was a good time and we are also working a ton with the young men in the ward to get them ready to serve. So we have a ton of help about everyday so thats awesome. But ya things went good this but we only had two investigators in church yesterday and not a whole lot of kinda sucks when a there is a holiday on sunday and then nobody comes to church, but oh well. But it was a good week for us.

As for my comp and I things are going good. We didnt get a whole lot of time to work togeather but we are still getting along. As for weird things that happend. Well while we did divisions on thursday my comp was with Elder Hendrikson, comp of elder Swenson, and they tried to take a taxi to get home and ended up getting lost in the worst barrio, neighborhood, in our area. They were trying to find thier way and got lost until 11 at night. Then a little member kid found them and took them to his mom and she took them to our house. It was kinda funny but spooky because that are is really dangerous. But I think my comp is learning the area. Well my face is better and my hair is slowly growing back, like normal. Other than my eyelashes are still burnt along with my eyebrows. But it will come with time I guess. But I havent touched the dang thing since that happend. Other than that things are good. We had a ton of rain this last week and it made everything wet and muddy, so it wasnt to fun to work. But I think that this week is goinig to be hot. Its hot but it also has humidity to go with it. So being from a place were there is no humidity its kind of a challenge. I dont like being muggy and feeling sweaty all day but we study during the afternoon. So for most of the time we are in the pension. But things are going good and Im enjoying my time here. But other than that things are going good and Im improving each week.

Well it sounds like everything is going good for you all. Jake good job on running and keep it up and districts and run Hard! Run Forest Run!!! Mom have fun with Parent teacher confrence, as always should be fun. And you asked were is La Banda del Rio Sali well its here in Tucuman so give me the name and I´ll tell the missionaries to pass by. Dad good luck with the work and have fun as the DJ. And Brian I cant believe that you shaved you beard!! Thats weird. I love you guys and I wish you luck with everything. And one thing yesterday was Mothers Day in Argentina. So to all mothers Happy Mothers Day!!!! I love you all. And jake I want to see the pic of me of being bald!

Les amo y un abrazo grande,

Elder Jarret Wade

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