Monday, July 19, 2010

Buenas! 8 months! and SNOW‏

Well hello family.

Well things are going good here in Tucuman. The work is progressing little by little and we should have a baptism this saturday. We didnt have our baptism but we have more planned in the next little bit. But its going good here. As for teaching things are going good. Last night we picked up a family that we dropped a while back and found one of thier friends is a member so we are going with her. So thats good that we are teaching them again. We are still teaching the family Aslan and we should have a baptism for the two girls next week and we have one of the bothers coming to church again and going to the actividades. And we are working on a couple of others also and we have more appointments with some new people this week. But the work is going good and is progressing here in good old Manantial. The baptism that we have planned for is the girl Rode. Her mom was baptised a little while back and now working on her getting baptised. The thing is that she has some fears about the whole thing. So we are going to try to work on that this week. But she is good and is excited for the baptism. Well thats about it for the news.

Things for me are going good. My knee is doing better,but as always could be better. Im working hard and trying to get things done.Elder Rivera and I are working hard and are getting along fine. Its a good thing that we get along or things would be tough. But he is good and is helping me with my spanish and Im helping him with english,so I guess it works both ways. My spanish is improving and I am learning new things everyday. And the members help sometimes also. Its cool we have a kid that is getting ready to go on his mission and speaks english pretty good,so he always helps. But its going good for me. Well on saturday while working we went to a house of a less active and while talking with her I started to feel dizzy and kinda sick when all the sudden I fell backward and then tried to stop and go forward and then I almost passed out but they caught me and help me. I guess my blood sugar was low or something. But now Im fine and eating and drinking to avoid it again. But now Im fine. Oh and also this week we had SNOW!!! It was crazy how it happend. The last couple of days were chilly and I guess it got cold enough that it snowed. It was cool and also was not fun to work cause no one wanted to listen cause it was too cold. But it was cool. And then today we went to the mountains and played in the snow and took pics to the big christ statue here, I will try to send some pics. And then we went to Burger King for lunch. It was weird cause I was actually excited to eat there. It was good to have something from the states. But all is good and things are going well and should be getting better. But I love it here and the people are good and the members are always willing to help.

Sounds like you guys are doing well and are getting to ready for the weekend. Im jealos of you guys but Im here. Mom and Jayson good luck with the race and dad have fun with all the sound and music gigs, at least your busy. I love ya all and I think of the wonderfull things you have done for me. Tell everyone hi for me and that Im fine.Tell everyone congrates and good luck with thier kids and soon to be kids. Its crazy how time flies but its for the better. I love ya all and miss ya. Good luck with all that you do and I pray for you guys everday. I love ya.

Te quiero,

Elder Jarret Wade

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