Friday, July 2, 2010

Buenas dias‏

Well hello family.

Well things are going good down here in Argentina. So its good that the US is out and Argentina is still winning, but they play Germany next and the thing is that every now and then people think that Im from Germany, dang blonde hair and blue eyes. But things are good here. Other than when they play we dont get anything done so we usually study during that time. But we have a couple of new families that we are teaching. And we found a barrio, neighborhood, that we havent seen before. So this area just keeps growing and growing for me, ITS HUGE. We had a family but we went by yesterday and they decided that theyt didnt want to listen anymore, so thats sad. But we have found a couple more people to teach. And we are still working with the partmember family and the kids have somewhat settled down. But the work is going good down. Slow but good. This last sunday was Stake Confrence and we had three investigators show up so that was good. And at the confrence we had Elder Avila an area seventy and there was also our mission president. So it was good. But we have some investigators but we need more. And yesterday after the game we didnt get anything done. Everyone was out partying and didnt want to listen. So thats the work down here.

But for me Im doing good and working hard. My spanish is improving and my comp and I are working hard. Well we also had zone confrence this last Wednesday and President talked alot about the rules and how they were made by the first presidency and we need to respect that. And we also have a new project to do. Because for the last four months we have been reading in the Book of Mormon and we had to highlight every reference of the Lords name in red and in Blue was gospel princeples. So it was good project and this new project is in the Bible. We are reading the four gospels. And we have to highlight in red every refrence that Christ is the son of God and in blue whenever he teaches or his teachings. So it should be good. But ya. Im good and just a little sick with a cold but it should pass over. But Im having problems with my knee again, but dont get worried. Last night we were walking down this street about to turn a corner and this dog came running at me and I didnt have time to move so it ran staight into my knee and of course it was my bad knee. But Im taking care of it. But Im kinda frustraited by it. But oh well I guess thats life. But Im doing good and just working. Well I got a story of the week. This last thursday we did service for a sister in the other area. All it was was to cut off a bunch of branches that were hanging over house. So it wasnt so bad but when we decided to cut of one of the big branches it fell through the roof. So that sucked and then we spent most of the time looking for a new thing to fix it. We eventually found a metal sheet the same sheets that I worked with during the summer. So eventually we got it fixed and the sister was happy with it. But it was just a crazy day in its self. It started at 9 in the morning and finished at 7 at night it was crazy. So thats my story. But that was crazy.

Well thats my life so far down here. But it sounds like you guys are having fun and enjoying the summer. Jake keep working hard at the camps and Im sure that you will do great during the season. Mom have fun at school and Jayson keep helping mom and dad. Dad have fun with the pups and the demo durby and dont go to the hospital again. And grandma and Brian sounds like the garden is coming like crazy and I miss fresh vegitables. But oh well. I love it here and the people are good and loving. Oh and those pics were of Rodrigos mom and the other is of a bunch of placs of tucuman. So ya and Im going to try to send some more. But I love ya all and I love reading about you guys.

Os amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

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