Monday, July 5, 2010

Feliz dia de independencia‏

Well hello from good old Tucuman. HAPPY FOUTH!!

Well things are going good and the work is progressing. We are teaching quite a few people and the work here is progressing. We are excited because we are going to have a baptism this saturdaya. His name is Manuel D and is 9 years old. He is an average kid and loves to play sports. But hes good and we are also trying to reactivate his family with it. So who knows and we are hoping also that we can have another one also on saturday. Tonight we have to talk with the parents on getting her baptised. The mom is already baptised and the girl wants to also. But we will find out tonight. We are also working with anouther less active family, Flia . All but three are members and two want to get baptised so they have fetchas for the 24 so I hope they make it. We are trying to work with anouther couple also. They have been investigators for awhile and the only thing keeping them from baptism is marrige. They are so close but yet they kinda procrastinate or something comes up. The other day they had a fight and said they didnt want to get married at the moment, so that kinda a hurt. But we are hoping in the next while that we can get them baptised. But the work is going good, we have many more investigators, but these are the most that are progressing.

But the things for me are going good. My comp and I still get along and my spanish is improving slowly but its improving. Well we find out transfers this week, wow how fast time flies. But Im kinda sure that Im staying, but who knows. My knee is good but could be better. Today we played soccer and it wasnt happy with me in the second game but I have a brace for it and Im taking pills also. So its all good for now. Well Argentina is out of the cup and everyone was shocked about that. And the people called me a german after the game and tried to throw stuff at me. But oh well I guess thats the life. But they thought that they were going to go all the way and win the cup, but I guess they have anouther chance in four years. But things are going good and I havent had any dogs try to hit me, so thats good. But things are good and the food is still good. But as of late I have ate somany potatoes but ya. I think I ate potatoes at almost every meal. But the food is still good. I love it here and the people are good. Lately it has felt like its summer. Its weird, the afternoons are hot but not as hot as in the summer, thats good. But its winter but I guess Im in south America. But ya.

It sounds like you all are doing good and loving life up there. Mom and Jayson good job on the run and I wish I could have done it with you but Im here. Jake nice job at the camp and Im sure you loved it. Grandma sounds like your garden is going good and your having a ton of success, I miss rassberies. and Grandma Wade I think I might have to take a painting class from you when I get back. Well it sounds like your doing fine and you all are enjoying your summers, well I hope so cause I am. I love ya all and miss ya but I know Im here for a reason. Love YA!

OS amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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