Monday, July 12, 2010

Buenas dias de Tucuman‏ and PICTURES!!

Well hello everyone!

Well things are going good here in good old Tucuman. Well this week for work was decint but could have been better. We didnt have our baptism, that sucks. His relatives showed up from Brazil and went on a tour of Argentina, and took him with. So he missed the baptism and then he was too tired to come to church that sunday but his mom and sister came. But we have the baptism set up for the next saturday, so wish us luck. We did divisions this week and I went to Tafi Viejo with Elder Day. It was fun and to work with him and to know his area. He had a interview to do so the Zone leaders came and we were with them part of the day, so that was cool. But it was fun. We are still working some families and hope to have some more baptisms this transfer. We are working with the Familia Aslan, two of the girls, Alexia and Allelin. They are coming to church and they love the lessons. Then we have anouther girl of a lady that was baptised before I come her name is Rode and she just needs permision from her dad and then we can baptise her so we are working on that. But things are going good here and Im loving it. So Im gald Im staying here this transfer. Cause we have a lot of stuff planned for this transfer.

Well my life is about the same as it has been. Nothing big is happining. Elder Rivera and I are working good togeather and I am learning from him and he helps with my spanish. So its good between us. As for me the weather has been good. This last week was warm and then today is cold with some wind, so it makes it colder. This morning we went to the terminal to say good bye to some of the missionaries and to see some of them come. It was cool to see them leave but sad also because they were some friends but I hope to see them sometime during the mission. The weird thing is that President took all the sister missionaries out of the province and put them up north. So there arent any sisters here in Tucuman or Santiago del Estero. So thats sad but I guess its for the safety. But its going good. My knee is alright but could be better. The pills Im taking are pain pills, dont ask me to spell cause I cant. And the brace is helping a bit, but my knee gets tired by the end of the night. It hurts to run, so thats not good. But Im fine and only hope it gets better. But things are going good down here. The other day it was independince day down here and they turned 200 years old so they had a huge party here in centro and the President showed up and gave a talk. Because here in Tucuman everything started for independence, so there is a lot of history in this province. So everyone was out partying and it was dificult to work but we did it anyway. But it was cool to see everyone celebrating 200 years. But thats about it for me and the things here. Oh ya I went to Wal-Mart the other day and oh my gosh it felt like I was home and I baught a Snikers bar, but havent eaten it yet.

Well it sounds like your lifes are busy like normal and your having fun. So dad have you passed it yet or you still have it? But it sounds like the derby was a success. And its sucks that Boozer and Korver are leaving but I guess it was time for Boozer. And Im sure they will find somebody. Mom have fun with the summer and have Jayson and Jake help you. I miss you guys and some things about home, but oh well I here and there is nothing I can do about it. But I love you all and I hope the best for ya. Have fun with whatever you do!

Te quiero

Elder Jarret Wade

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