Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hola y Wow September‏

Well hello and greetings everyone from good old argentina.

Well I hope that your guys weeks are good and that your having fun. Things here are going good. This week was a tough week but it was very helpful for me to see what I can do to get better. We did well this week but it could have been betterbut at least we worked hard and got some things done. It was a crazy week for being the last week of the transfer and with stake confrence things just got thrown around. We are still working with some families that we have been and we found quite a bit more as well. We found a family that there son got baptised and served a mission and now lives in the states for more than 14 years. They are really cool and they like to listen. We have a couple more that are progressing towards baptism but they lack a little bit more. We have one that is really really close to being baptised in the coming weeks. He just needs to find his desear and follow it. But things are going good for us down here and we keep working hard, like usual. Yesterday we only had two investigators in church and they are two kids that we are teaching. They liked it and they want to go more. It was a really good meeting yesterday and they want to continue to progress so they want to do anything. Apparently in November Elder D. Todd Christopherson is coming down to jujuy to see how the work is going so everyone wants to make a good appearnce for him so we have our work cut out for us.

Maybe you are wondering what happened to my comp and I this transfer. So to let you guys know we are both staying here for anouther transfer. Im excited to be with him for one more, because we have a lot set up for this month and I really wanted to stay with him for one more. He is a good kid and loves working and Im glad to be his comp for one more. But we are doing good and Im doing good. Im doing good and I keep working hard. Im still district leader and Im excited to help my district for one more time. Its weird to know that I might actually end my mission here in Jujuy, I dont mind but its weird to know that its right there in front of me. But for now I just have to worry about whats going on at the moment and that the end will come in time. Honestly time is going by so fast and I almost dont like it and I wish it would go a bit slower. Its weird seeing everyone I know going home and knowing that its going to be me in a little bit, but oh well. This week was an interesting week and it was strange. Yesterday we got chased by a drunk guy for about five minutes and it was super weird and freaky. He kept yelling Gringo, Gringo and asked for money. But we got rid of him and went home a different way. But everything is cool know. Today was and continues to be interesting. We got a call from the zone leaders at five in the morning asking if we could go over to thier pension and stay with one of them. So we got over there about six but the front gate was broken shut so we couldnt get in the appartment. We finally got it open around seven thirty and I went directly over to the terminal and my comp stayed there with him. So Ive been running around town with Elder Silva and Elder Johnson all day and its been quite the ride. We got togeather with the other zone leaders and played some pool, air hockey and fusball. So ya thats it for us here at the moment. Sorry for writting so early.

Well I hope that you all are doing ok and that youre enjoying school and work. Jayson I loved the video of you and your amazing smile, keep working on your camara skills. I wish the best for you all and I wish you a happy september.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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