Monday, September 12, 2011

Jarret looking pretty small  :)


Liver and noodles
Well hello and greatings from down south.

So things are going good and things seem to be progressing. We are working extreamly hard these last weeks and it has been crazy. We have a lot of the same investigators that seem to be improving quite a bit. But things are going good and I love working here. This week was tough working with some of the members but in all it was good. We are working with some of the same families from the last weeks. We found some new investigators and they seem pretty good. But things are going good. Yesterday was a sad day for us because we didnt have any investigators in church. But we have some big goals this week. Most of our investigators are going through some rough times but we promise that these things can help. So we will see what happens.

Well as for my companion and I things are going good. He is still a stud and loves to keep working. He still pushes me to become better and I like that and it honestly helps me to see what I can do. Im doing good and I still keep going no matter what. I just cant believe how fast things are going and that its too fast for me. But Im doing good. I worked with Elder A. this week and it went well.He is a good missionary . So the appartment staid the same and things seem to be even more relaxed here in the pension. My comp and Elder Roca keep goofing around and its hilarious most of the time. Today was really relaxed but also very crazy at the same time. This morning we climbed the hill right behind our house and it has a huge cross on top. It was really cool and you could see the city. It was a cool hike and we basically made our own trail. But we enjoyed it. This afternoon we went to centro to see the other missionaries and we had some amazing ice cream. I had rasberry, mantecol, dont know how to describe it, like a peanut butter crisp, and some amazing italian chocolate. So things are going good and they sould be getting better.

Well it looks like we had a birthday yesterday..... Happy birthday Cierra wow 15 your getting old.I just wish I was there to throw eggs and flour at you, haha. But it sounds like you guys are doing good and that your enjoying your time. Jayson good luck with soccer and mom and dad and jake have fun with work. I love you all and Im greatfull for all that you do.

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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