Monday, September 19, 2011

Hola y buenas días‏

Well hello everyone and greetings from down south.

Well things are going good and things seem to be getting better. This week was a tough week and things didnt go quite as planned, but it was still good. We worked hard but we still didnt complete with a couple of the goals, but oh well. This week we taught a lot of people who have a lot of potential for baptism and with some we confirmed when they are going to get baptised. So things are looking up but its going to happen with some time. We have a family that we have been working with for some time now and the kids said that they want to get baptised and set a date in like four weeks. They are a really cool family and they love it all and things are going good with them. Yesterday we had three investigatros in church and I was happy about that. But things are going good and they seem to be improving. We are teaching some wonderful people but they still lack a little bit of motivation.

For my comp and I things are going good. We are working hard and we have a lot of excitment about everything. Our ward is improving a ton and things are going good. They have a lot of excitement because in a month or so Elder Christopherson is coming. We keep working hard and we are doing good togeather. Im doing good and I just have to keep pushing through. Today was a very relaxing but fun day. I have spent today in centro with Rodrigo. He came up and we had some fun chilling around centro. We ate some pizza, with corn, and played pool and then we also took some tours of some cool places. But it was a good day. The weather here has been crazy, super hot and then cold and raining. But things are going good down here.

Joe I just want to tell you good luck with the mission and I honestly believe that youre going to learn a lot and your also going to love it as well. Youre going to have some tough days in that youre going to be tired but dont give up and push forward. I love you bro and I wish the best for you there in Ohio. Work hard and never look back.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and having fun. I love you guys and I wish the best for all for all fo you.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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