Monday, September 26, 2011

Hola y wow almost october!!!‏

Well hello everyone and greetings from down south.

Wow can I say that its crazy how time flies when your busy doing good things. But things are going good and they seem to picking up. We continue to keep working and pushing hard to complete with the goals that president has set and may I say taht we are doing good. This week was another tough week but we did what we could and we did alright. We are still working with a lot of people to get them progressing towards baptism. We found some realy good investigators this week and they really want to get baptised. Then we are still working with some of our old investigators but things dont seem the same. We have a kid that is ready for baptism but we just have to teach him most of the stuff and get permision from his mom, but he is a good kid. Yesterday we had three investigators in church and they are super close to baptism. But things are going good and I am loving it down here.

As for my companion and I we are doing good and we are still working hard togeather. Honeslty my comp is such a stud and is amazing. I love working with him and he has so much energy to work and pushes me to have it too. We are doing good and Im loving it down here. Im doing good and I still try to push through the days. But things aregoing good for me. This week was really interesting because there is a guy here that is trying to convert us to the truth. It was interesting because he made us watch some anti-mormon movies and some other stuff like that. But other than that things have been normal down here, if you would call it normal. But things are going good and thats all that I can ask for. I super excited for General Confrence this weekend and I cant believe that its my last one here. But thats about it news down here.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are loving the good old fall weather. The weather down here has been hot adn just seems to be getting even hotter. I love that you guys are doing good. Jayson good job on your games this week and keep it up. Dad and Jake I love the shirt ideas and it should go good. I love the new color of carrots, super weird. I love you all and I wish all the luck in the world for you guys.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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