Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well hello and greetings from Perico! Well things are going good and we are still working hard. For teaching, we are still teaching most of the same group and we have some news. We are still teaching Rodrigo and his mom and she is slowly making progress and she loves to have us over. She said that they could tell a difference when we were there and when we left. We watched the restoration movie yesterday and she loved it, but I wish we could take out a fetcha for her but thats hard with Rodrigo not telling her. We are teaching the Familia Sebedra and they are progressing very well and we have a fetcha with them. We are teaching a part member family and they are making progress. The two daughters are not members and the youngest loves the lessions and wants to get baptised, but ht e oldest not so much. She is making progress but we are making progress, but we keep finding things our about her that kinda bug ya. We found out that she was abused last year by her step dad and now doesnt have any trust in anyone. But she is progresing. Other than that we dont have anyone really progresing.

But things are going good here. We have nice weather and we are working hard with it. Yesterday we had stake confrence and we got a new stake president. But at the confrence we had two seventies and our mission president. We were in anouther building so we didnt get to meet them. But it was good. And we had two people show up for it, the part member family. But things are going good and things are moving. Its just crazy how fast time flies and how much your feel like you dont have enough time to do anything. But this week should be good. ITs crazy that in two weeks I get to call you and just tell you all the things we do. So I dont know what would be better for you. I got permission from president to call both of you so I was thinking that I would call your cell phones if that would work. Rodrigo has a land line so he said that we could use that to call. So just tell me what you think.

But things are going good. I know that I still havent sent any fotos, but all the cybers are closed and the only one open doesnt accept the usb port. So I will get a CD put togeather and see if I can send it. The weather is good. Its not so hot and not so cold but the nights are pretty chilly. But thats fall for ya. This week we are eating dinner at Rodrigos on thursday and guess what we are going to eat! Empanadas de llama!! so that will be interesting. But it should be good. Yes, I live in a four man appartment. And the other Elders are Elder Dibb from Minico, Idaho and Elder Shuman from Spanish Fork, Utah. So there are two of us from Idaho and two from Utah. So thats pretty cool. So thats them and they are pretty cool. We get along pretty dang good and we joke around a lot between the four of us.

But it sounds like you guys are going good and having fun. Sounds like the Jazz are doing good and that Jake is running amazing times, Just keep it up and earn the man cards. And tell stutz that he can do it and keep it up. And dad it sounds like your going to have fun with a whole ton of pups, good luck. Well I got a letter from Chance and it sounds like he is doing good and loving your class. Well it sounds like you all are doing good and always having fun. I love you and I love reading your letters. Good luck and have fun with your lifes and tell everyone hi for me.

Te amo tanto,

Elder Jarret Wade

ps nobody believes that I had long hair, send some pics of home and other fun things.

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