Monday, April 5, 2010

Buenas Tardes‏

Greetings from down south. Well things were interesting this week. We didnt get to work a whole lot this week due to two things. First we had zone confrence on Friday and then general confrence saturday and sunday. So much of our work time was shot, but oh well it was good. This week on news we have found some new families and are teaching them, but the best family we are teaching would be the Familia Ortega. They are pretty cool. we found the wife a while ago and are starting to teach the husband. I... the wife has came to church once and loved it, but they missed yesterday. But things are going good. We are finding new people everyday, but we are dropping people every once and a while. Andres missed out on comming yesterday. But we had one really good investigator come to church yesterday, Rodrigo´s mom. That was cool. She came with him and the whole ward from Perico. And she loved it. During the first session of sunday I guess she was crying and loved every moment of it. Her and Rodrigo both have lots of questions about confrence so we are meeting with them later this week to discuss them. But things are good here.

This week was filled with a bunch of different events. First was zone confrence. The confrence was good and I learned a lot. Most of it was on how to get investigators to church. And it was good to see some of the other missionaries and talk to president. And then that night we were calling in the numbers to the zone leaders and they decided to play a joke on me for april fools. They said that I was getting emergency transford to an area in tucuman on the following monday. they got me pretty good. And then we had confrence. I loved it. We were in San Salvador Jujuy, the capital of Jujuy, for it. It was good and exciting. It was pretty cool, because they had a english room for the missionaries. So I got to watch it in english. that was awesome. I love listening to it and I learned a tons. To me it sounded like they were focusing more on the families and the youth of the church. Which is good cause more and more things are comming into the world. I loved it and probably my favorite talk would be ether Elder Holland or Pres. Monson on priesthood. They were all amazing talks and I loved taking notes on it. And then we talked with Rodrigo and his mom about it and they both loved it. Rodrigo went to all sessions with us and loved them all. But that was basically this week for me.

For easter here they have egg, but not much of the easter bunny. That morming there was a pararde in front of our appartment. and the weird thing was the parade was for the virgen mary and not for christ. I thought it was pretty funny, that on this day we celebrate the resurection of Christ and they, the catholics, celebrate the Virgen Mary. And its weird that the cultures are completly different. For today we went to Palpala and took some pics with the sculptures. Palpala is a city about 30 min. from perico. And there are tons of little statues around the city. And then next week the zone leaders said that we might go to Humahuaca and see the sites. But thats what we have done. Its just crazy how fast time goes and that we only have two more weeks of this transfer. But thats that. But I still cant get used to everyday there is a ciesta from 1-5 in the afternoon. During this everyone sleeps, except for the missionaries, and it sucks sometimes to knock during this time. But oh well its the life down here. But I love it down here and look forward to everyday. I know that this church is true with all my heart and that we are here for a special reason and purpose. I love to see how the church changes the lifes of the people and how it is correct no matter what opposition it faces. I love it and Im so gratfull for this chance that I have to be here in Argentina. I love hearing from you guys and that you are all doing fine. Congarats Jake on winning Spirit Leader. Again it sounds like your going to be busy as always. And Jayson keep kicking butt. I love you all and love reading what you have to say about your lifes. Good luck with everything and always remember that I am praying for you everyday.

I love ya and keep smilling and always have fun,

Elder Jarret Wade

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