Monday, March 29, 2010

Well hola!

Well hello from Perico. Things are going good for me down here, just staying busy. Things are going good with the investigators. We havent had to drop any lately, so that is good. And we keep finding some and they are mostly good. We are still teaching Rodrigo and his mom, and things are going good. But she says that she wants to do things on her own time, so thats always a tough thing. Yesterday we went over to Rodrigos house and talked with him about some of his questions. And most of his questions came from the fact that he looked up some anti-mormon stuff. But the fact that most of his family is Jehovas Witness and they are always trying to ruin the church. But oh well. So hopefully we cleared some of the stuff. But things are going good. We have a really good family that we are teaching. They are the Familia Ortega. And they are awesome. We first contacted the wife in the door and then last week we taught the husband and the wifes sister. It was an awesome lession and I felt that things went good. She came to church with their daughter but the husband and the sister had to work so that was a bummer. But this last week was good. We competed with all of out goals and had some extra also. For sunday we had 5 investigators show up so that was awesome. But things are going good the members are always willing to help, its just a matter of if they remember.

For life in Perico is pretty normal, other than this week is Holy week so we will see what will happen. We are still getting rain. On saturday night we had a huge storm and I didnt really fall asleep until 4 in the morning. And today seems like it might try to do something. But its good here just hot and humid as always. The weather is starting to drop but not by much. And they say that it doesnt start getting cold until the end of May sometime. But Im looking forward to that. So today we didnt really do anything. We cleaned the pinch for inspections and then went to the feria( were they sell everything) and went browsing for stuff. they have some pretty cool stuff. We found some Abercrombie stuff for 18 pesos, so four and a half dollars. So they have some pretty dang good deals on cloths. Today I bought a Harlem Gloabtrotters jearsy for 18 pesos. And they had an old Jeremy Shocky jersey when he played for the Giants for 18 pesos. So I thought of you Desi. But I didnt buy it. But thats what we did today. But for pdays we havent realy done anything. Last week we went to Jujuy central and went looking around at the stores. But for next week we are going to try to go to Palpala for some looking around.

Alright to awnser some questions. So when a member fodges us for lunch we either make something or buy some empanadas. For doing the weedly letter for you guys. There are cybers everywhre down here so thats where we go. and it would be nice to get Jazz reports. But I will try to send some pics. Sometimes the computers dont read the thing. So i will try. But it sounds like things are going good and are staying busy with everything. Tell Geana congrats on the wedding and good luck with everything. I love you all and I love reading what you have to say. I feel your love everyday and I pray for ya everyday. I wish the best for ya all.

Love ya and have fun,

Elder Jarret Wade

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