Monday, March 15, 2010

Buenos Dias

Hola from down under. Greetings from good old Perico. Things are going good and we´re working hard. The beginning of this week was rough cause we didnt have anyone that we set up lessons with and so that is what we did for most of the week was finding and teaching those that we found. It feels like we knocked our whole area and we still dont have a lot but oh well. But things are good we have some new people that we are teaching and they seem to like the lessons. One of the families that we found is pretty cool and its weird cause they are almost they almost look like they are from Italy or somewhere over there. But they are a cool family. Things are progressing with Rodrigo and He loves talking with us. He actually said that he has a friend that would be interested in our message and his mom also is now wanting to listen, so its pretty cool. We have a meeting with them tonight so we will see how that goes.

Things are going good, just the same. time here didnt change during the time change so I dont know whats going to happen. The weather is hot and muggy and we havent had a lot of rain. The most rain we have had was this morning and that wasnt a lot. But the things are going good. Im getting used to the things down here a little better and am loving it. The language is coming slowly but surely. The biggest news that I heard this last week was that Elder Stott, my comp from the MTC, went home because he had knee problems and they wont let him go foriegn. So I guess its pretty bad then if they wont let him. So Im just hoping nothing like that happens to me, ojala. But things are good and Im getting to know elder Donaldson. Hes a good kid and loves to work. He has the some time as Elder Rose so 16 months. he is from a small town just outside of Park City called Coleville. But we get along pretty well together.

Well I dont know if I need anything from the states. I guess the thing I miss most is just being able to find things I need. But if you send a package send it through usps because it cheaper and faster and find ways to hide things if you do. But it sounds like everything is going good in your lifes and you are enjoying stuff there. It looks like Jake had a good time in DC, thanks for the pics. I will send pics next week of everything. But keep doing the things that you are doing and have fun. Jayson stay strong and wrestle hard. And Jake have fun with track. Im loving the letters you send and Ive gotten two more from grandma, thanks. But it sounds like you are all doing well and having fun. I love hearing from you guys and love reading the letters. Keep going and having fun. I miss you guys, but I know Im down here for a reason. I dont know if I awnsered all your questions, so if I didnt just tell me.

Love ya all and stay strong,

Elder Jarret Wade

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