Monday, March 22, 2010

What a week! (dang no pictures!)

Well hello from down under and what a week it has been. This week was good and crazy at the same time. But everything is good and I’m still learning and progressing. Elder Donaldson and I are working harder and that’s always good. When we started the transfer we really didn’t have any lessons and now most of our days are filled. And I’m happy cause we are not knocking as much, which I like. But things are going good and it sounds like you are all doing well.

I guess I´ll start out by answering some questions. To do laundry we have a machine but it doesn’t work quite as well as the one in the states, but oh well. Oh and a cool fact is that we are one of the only missions that have them in South America. And then to dry them we have a little tiny dryer that doesn’t really work so we mostly air dry. Oh and what is your source of information about me. Oh and Elder Valdez is an elder from the MTC from my zone and Greg Downs was one of my teachers in the MTC. But I think that are some of your questions. So hopefully that helps, but things are good. The language is slowly coming and I’m getting more confident talking to people.

But things are going good with the people but could be better. We didn’t have anyone show up for church Sunday. But we are still teaching Andres, the one with the one leg, and Rodrigo’s mom. And Rodrigo’s mom still doesn’t know he is baptized. Which always makes it hard, but oh well. And most of the people we teach are the wives of the family and then when we meet the husbands they don’t want anything do deal with us, so that’s another thing we deal with. But things are good just hot and wet. The other day we had a good day and then the rest of the night was rain, and that sucked cause all the streets were flooded. And that’s always fun to deal with. Oh and the other day was the holiday for Perico for the Patron Saint, San Jose. That was different cause the catholic church set up speakers all around town and played music. It was weird cause they were broadcasting mass over the speakers.

But it sounds like you are all doing well and loving life. It’s good that you are all busy and staying well. Nice article in the paper Jake. Sounds like you had fun. Loved the photos of Jayson wrestling. Thanks. I love ya all and wish the best for ya.

Love ya and you all are in my prayers!

Elder Jarret Wade

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