Monday, March 8, 2010

Hola de Perico!

Well hello. Well it sounds like everything is going good and well in your lives and I love to hear it. Well trasnfers came and Elder Rose left this morning to go to Tucuman and I stayed here in Perico. My new comp is Elder Donaldson from Utah and so far he seems like a really good guy. But things are good and hot. The weather here has been hot and muggy and its weird cus Im not sweating as much any more but its still hot and we get up into the 90s everyday so far. But things are good. Well some exciting news is that we had a baptism this last weekend for Rodrigo and two others that the other elders had. But it was cool to have my first baptism on the last weekend of the transfer. It was nice and special for him and for me. He has made a lot of sacrifices to make the decision and he loves it. For example when we taught the Word of Wisdom he said he wanted to change right then and quit smoking and drinking that night. But its hard for him cause everyone around is either smoking or drinking so its hard but he is doing it. And then we started teaching his mom yesterday and she seems interested but is slow to act, so hopefully we can get here to listen.

Things are good and special things are happening. This last sunday Rodrigo wanted me to confirm him a member, so that was an awesome experience for me and for him. Its weird cause all the blessings you give in spanish have to be done in tú and we speak in ustead so its a change. But it was good and Elder Rose said that I did a good job so I was happy. But things are good and it sounds like you are all doing well. I guess to awnser some questions you have, my favorite food here would ether be empañadas or fried potato cakes with meat inside. They are really good and filling. But the most common thing I have eatan would be milanesa, which is like a chicken fried stake with out gravy and served with rice. Its good but gets really old really fast. A lot of the food is fried even some of the desearts. But they are good and hopefully I sweat of the pounds. But the food is good and rich sometimes. Yesterday we ate at a members house that is a chef. He´s not a practicing chef but he cooks at home like a chef. And yesterday we had beef and it was amazingly tender and jucie. One of the things was from the upper part of the leg and the other was from the underside of the ribs. And the way he cooks is good, sorry dad. But its weird how my eating habits have changed, like yesterday the meat was really bloody and it bled everytime you cut it and was really pink inside and I just ate it like normal and the other thing is that I can handle eating fat. Its wierd but good.

But enough of me. It sounds like you are good and staying busy and Jake way to go on standing up for the Church. In the states a lot of the people are stuck on their religion and dont want to change and just want to fight until they think they are right. But good job and keep having fun. Jayson have fun with wrestling and really have fun with the braces. And Ralph and Grandma thanks for the letters and grandma I got it last thursday. But thanks for everything and I love reading your letters every p-day. Love ya all and if you have more questions just ask its not that hard. Love ya and keep having fun!

Te amo con mi todo corozón,

Elder Jarret Wade

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