Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 3 From Argentina

Well Im sorry for not getting an email out last week. We had a lot of different storms here so while I was typing the power went out and I wasnt able to send so sorry. But other than that things are going good. We have had a lot of rain lately so we get pretty wet, so thats always fun. I havent seen any cars move because of the water but the roads flood. Things are good but could be better. Yesterday we actually lost investigators but then we found a new one. It kinda sucks cause we normally find the wifes of the family and then when we talk with the husband he doesnt want anything to do with us. Its sad but its how things work here in Argentina. For news today was a lazy pday. We didnt do anything so we just cleaned untill the water went out. So our pench is pretty clean but we dont have any water. But last week we went fishing and then ate the fish tuesday. They were just little guys and they were interesting to eat. The family gutted them and then deep fried them and then you eat them head and all. They werent bad just crispy. but the food here is good, I havent found anything crazy in the food yet. But the latest thing Ive eaten is potato cakes with meat inside covered with flour and then deep fried. Theyre pretty good just really filling. For the language I feel like it could be better but it is slowly coming. I found out that my comps mom is from northern utah and she went to bear river high. I dont know her name but her maiden name is scott and she is from fielding Utah and her parents own a dairy farm up there. My comps the yongest so his moms around Dan or Brians age. Other than that things are going good as usual. About the only crazy thing thats going on is Carnaval. It is huge and its one big party everyday except sunday cause "everyone goes to church." Its crazy there are a bunch of drunk people covered in paint running around. So at night we throw water at them. Its fun. My stomach is doing fine its just hard staying away from some of the fruit. It sucks but I just dont want to get sick so I will go with juices. But things are going good, we dont have any fetchas for baptism yet but we are working with our investigators about that. We found a kid last night named Manuel. He is 18 years old and kinda has the Joseph Smith story going on. He was raised catholic but then left cause he didnt like it and then just started going to other churches looking for something and hasnt found it. So he sounds good we just hope we can keep him. But things are good just got to get used to the heat and humidity. It is insanly hot and I feel like I melt everyday. But today is nice day its overcast with a slight chance that it will try to rain. So its not hot or muggy just nice.

 I love ya all and I love hearing from you. I keep learning something new everyday and I love it. I started reading the book Lectures on Faith and I love it so far. I fits perfectly on what we are doing as a companionship this week. We started working on christlike attributes and the one we picked is faith. So it fits. I love it here and I keep meeting new and amazing people here. And they are willing and trying to help me learn spanish. Things are good and hard at the same time. and during the hard times I think of a scripture we share with some of our less actives the scripture is 1 Samual 12:24. i love it and it helps me realize what I need to do. I love ya all and look forward hearing from ya all.

 Love ya and always trust in the Lord cause he is always there. Alma 38:5

 Elder Jarret Wade

 Oh and Happy Valentines Day and Lazy Argentine Day also. (they are lazy they take a siesta from 1 to around 4. Its crazy) But oh well its the culture.


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