Monday, May 31, 2010

¡Hola de Tucuman!

Well hello and greetings from my new area.

Well I got to my new area sooner than I thought. My area is called Manantial and its in the province of Tucuman. And things are good here. Oh and Im with a latino! He´s name is Elder Rivera and he is from Peru. He seems like a good guy and knows what he is doing. So Im glad and looking forward to this next transfer. SPANISH 24 HOURS! But things are good. So news on the baptisms. We had them I was so glad that we did. I feel that they needed to feel that. When Marisol was baptised she said that she felt happy and better. So that was good. Rodrigos mom didnt get baptised but she promised me before I left last night that she would get baptised in the following weeks. She said that she didnt feel that she was prepared enough to do it. But Im still happy for them and their decision to be baptised. Marcos showed up again at church and loved it even more. So he should be baptised on the 5th of june. but its kinda sad to leave that area behind and start up again somewhere else. But oh well I guess thats how the mission works.

But things are going good for me here in Argentina. This new area seems good and even bigger than my last. Im excited to work here. From what I have seen the people have more of a European look to them. So thats a change from bolivians to europeans. But its nice here. The pension is a bit of a down grade. We live above a dance studio and across from a dance club. And my comp said that it gets pretty load at nights sometimes. And the is no hot water so its cold showers for now. But other than that its decently good. And there are only two of us living there so that will be interesting. The last transfer was cool and Im going to miss those guys. Yes Palpala is a city and its nicely sized and there are tons of parks there so thats why we went. For pday so far I have spent it traviling. I left at 730 this morning and got to tucuman centro at 1230 almost 1. So it was a good 5 hour drive in a bus. And the cool thing about the buses is that they are double decker buses. So thats cool. So thats that.

But it sounds like you guys are doing good and staying busy as always. Jake nice job on getting that scholarship and stay of the unicycle. Dad I love the heels they really bring out the color of your eyes. Mom have fun with your break and with summer school. And have fun in Utah. But it sounds like your all doing fine other than the 10 something stiches in jakes leg. But I love you all and wish you guys the best of luck in all that you do. And tell everyone hi.

Love ya tons,

Elder Jarret Wade

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