Monday, May 17, 2010


Well hello from good old Argentina!

Well things here are starting to get a little chilly but good. Well work here has been slowly progressing in a way. This last week we had to drop 2 investigators because they either didnt want to listen or they werent progressing. So that was a little hard this week but then last night we found 3 new investigators and they seem to be good so we will see. But we are working hard and have some that areslowly progressing. We are still working with Rodrigos mom and she has a fetcha for the end of the month and she came to church yesterday so that was good. And we had another family come to church yesterday. They are Marcos and Jesica and they are uncle and niece. And they are slowly progressing and they love what we teach so thats nice. But work this week should be good and hopefully rewarding. We ended up not having a baptism this last week, because Marisol still has a problem with coffee and then we were going to baptise the younger one and then she didnt show up for the baptism so hopefully we can find them and get somethin set up with them. But thats that. We had zone confrence and that was cool to see President and Hermana. During the confrence we talked about how the members can greatly help and we have a task this week to have a member that we eat with ask a friend of theirs and invite them to lunch the fowling week. So we will see if we can do that. Cause the members are realy important because if an investigator has a friend in the church they are most likely to get baptised. So that was cool. And then we got CELL PHONES. Cause we havent had cell phones for the last four months here in Percio. So that was cool. But the work is going good.

But things are going good here for me. The weather is starting to get a little chilly as we get closer to winter. We had slight rain yesterday and it was cool. But they say that it doesnt too cold here but the people freeze cause they arent used to it. But I can already tell that I will be a wimp when I come home. But oh well. But things are going good. The food is still treating me good and the language is slowly coming still and Im loving it down here. But things are good and Everyone is getting ready for the World Cup. So that is going to be interesting to work with down. But other than that things are going good and Im loving life.

Well it sounds like you all are doing good. Well congrats Jake on the run and I hope that you go to state in the 4x800 that would be good for you. Tell Michel congrats on the amazing time and that he is going to do good at state. Well its good to here that my time is still there and that nobody hasd beat it yet. But it sounds like you all are having fun a loving life. Well mom good luck with the school thing and dad nice job on Golf. And Jayson dont get in trouble its not good. Well I love you all and I love hearing what you have to say. ¡Buenos Suerte!

Te amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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