Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan. 20, 2010 - Last week in the MTC

Well hello again. To start off this last week has been realy cool and different. We got our flight plans on friday and things havent been the same since. But things are good just busy and trying to stay focused. This last week since we got pushed back an extra week our teachers have had us reviewing everything and going through everything with us. But for the TRC ( teaching appointment) our teachers gave us a tuff one. they have incorperating most of the lessons and teaching the Law of Chastity. So we will see how that goes tonight. But things are going good just the usual busy. Last night at the Devotional we had Elder Evans of the Seventy speak along with his wife. Elder Evans spent most of his talk focusing on the Book of Mormon. He was really pationant about and that kinda inspired me to focus more one the Book of Mormon and try to incorperate it more in teaching and even contacting. But other than that things are about the same other than I broke my shoe lace and the book store doesnt have any in. So I guess if you wanted to mom send me some black shoe laces to go with my docs. Other than that things are going good, just finishing up this last week. I guess to tell you my flight itenerary. We will leave the MTC at eight on monday and then we will fly out of Salt Lake a noon and then land in Dallas around 3:45 and we will have a four hour lay over in Dallas. So most likely I will call you from there. And then we will leave Dallas around 7:30 and arrive in Buenos Aires around nine in the morning. So hopefully that helps and hopefully I can remember your guys numbers, I think so. And do any of you know how to work the pay-phone, cause Ive never used one. So please send help! But ya so thats basically what Ive got to look forward to in the next couple days. I ran into ralphs nephew I think it was Justin but Im not sure. I havent seen Cameron yet but I will keep looking. I see Jake once and a while and he says that you always say to say hi through his sister. Oh well, Its crazy to think how fast time has flown by here. It doesnt seem that long ago I was being droped of and saying goodbye. I guess thats what happens when you really dont focus on the world. We'll see what happens in the next week. Our teachers keep telling us stories about their missions and everytime it makes we want to go out and start. But I love it here and Im going to miss it. But Im looking forward to leaving and actualy start what we have been learning. So hopefully my spanish is good enough just to have a decent conversation, but we will find out. I love you guys and I love the letters you send and what you have to say. I love ya all and I wish the best for all of ya. Jake just push through it and you will do better at districts. You all are amazing and I love ya all with all my heart.

Love YA!
Elder Jarret Wade

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