Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last week's letter

Well hello and what a week. I cant believe that in just under two weeks Im going to be on a plane to argentina. Its kinda exciting just to know that its comming. So we should be getting flight plans this week and I will let you know when and where were flying. It sounds like you all are doing awesome. I love the letters and I look forward to everything you send. This last week has been pretty good just the usual busy. This week we have been focusing on refreshing little things in spanish and just polishing up on a couple things. Well for the devotionals this week we had awesome speakers. Sunday we had Richard I. Heaton (one of the missionary cordinators) and then yesterday we had Elder L. Tom Perry and his wife for the second time. I guess there is a thing with Elder Perry and our district. As of now a third of our district has shaken his hand. Cause last night Elder Stott and Hermana Peniata said the prayers. But his talk last night was about the basic prinicples of teaching in the church. And he said if we didnt have a testamony about them; we should probably get one now. He is such a powerful speaker. Also with him were a couple seventy, one was Elder Hinckley. So there we a lot of big people at the MTC for the last couple days. But things are good just crazy how time flies by here. This morning at the temple was amazing and its going to be said that next week is the last time we get to go to the temple for two years. But this morning was amazing. While doing a session I could definantly feel the spirit and how peacfull it was. But Im doing good and it sounds like you are all doing good.


  1. He sounds great. You should be very proud.

  2. I am ... :) I am hoping that we hear when he is leaving tomorrow.